Friday, 31 December 2010


Can you hear that noise? Listen really carefully...there...did you hear that very faint noise getting louder and louder as the ring of cash tills dings all over the land. Yep, it would seem that old Blighty has gone completely bonkers and peeps are rushing, yes rushing, out to make expensive purchases before the VAT rises up to 20% on 4th January. And we are one of them.

The oven was an obvious purchase. No-one can really live without an oven, unless they want to blitz everything to death in a microwave. Clearly we are not those people. The oven that we bought is truly beautiful, if such words can be used to describe a necessary appliance. It's energy A which is something I always aspire to. And it has all these jazzy things on it which means you can cook things like pizza and cake and bread without having to preheat the oven, very environmentally conscious. It breaks down into two ovens as well and according to the diagram, in this snazzy double oven you can be cooking a turkey in the bottom and muffins in the top. Erm, is there anyone who would actually do that?! Surely right there are two things that shouldn't go in an oven together, but maybe they now can. The future is apparently here, raw meat and cake rejoice in your same space!

And so to our next purchase. I did blog about how we got distracted when shopping for ovens by looking at the biiiiig televisions. And how we drooled. Well, we quit drooling and went and bought one!!!! And OMG it is gorgeous. It's 40 inches which just seems ma-hoooosive compared to what we had before. And it's so shiny and so flat and so god-damned clever that Wavey and I are a wee bit stumped how to make it work. Like right now for instance, he's just put his USB in the back of it with our holiday photos and now they're right up there on our 40 inch screen in glorious colour. A-mazing! How does this shit work? Anyone? Not that I really want an answer you understand, basically I'm just in love with it. New technology is truly fabulous and I embrace it fully and wholly and bugger it I'm just going to say it, lustfully!

It's nearly 2011. Hard to believe that a whole year has flown by. A whole year since I've lived and loved in this very house with Wavey. A truly fabulous year! And a whole year that we've contributed to the economy very much as we seem to break appliances at an astonishing rate. In this year we've had to replace:

  • Washing machine
  • Oven
  • Kettle
  • Hoover

We didn't have to replace the television but we did anyway. And I think we're going to get biiiiig enjoyment from our biiiiiig shiny new television!

Happy New Year one and all and I'll see ya in 2011 x

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