Friday, 30 March 2007


okay so this is the situation: I didn't get the job that I was going for, which would have given me extra pennies to spend. And even though I didn't think that I stood an earthly chance of getting it, I'd already fantasized in my head what I was going to buy with the extra 300 quid a month. Now don't get me wrong, I don't often covet things, but this is something that I've wanted ever since they brought them out in such pretty colours, it's in my Amazon wishlist, I just pawed the monitor and whimpered slightly cos I know I can't have it. This is what I really really want:
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So if anyone's feeling really kind and generous and has a spare £120 to spend on a delightful friend then I'd be really really grateful.

PS. I know this is never going to happen, I am a realist. But hey you never know, there might be an anonymous reader out there who is wadded and needs to spend his millions...if so and said anonymous person is feeling REALLY generous, I'd also kinda like a house with a pool as well

Mwah! x

New Amber Necklace

How prdy is my new necklace? Just made it last night. Amber and gold wire. I'm loving it.

Thursday, 29 March 2007


Due to some humorous larks on the part of Dizz, everyone at our theatre group now thinks that I'm engaged to the lovely Wavey.
This causes huge amusement to most of us, but there is one laydee who is most put out by it. You know who I meeeeean.

It all came about because I happened to offer to make some curtains for Wavey's new house ('cos I enjoy doing stuff like that), and I also generously offered him the use of my teeny telly while his is out of action. So I went round the other evening to 1) deliver the telly and 2) discuss the curtains. We decided we'd go looking at material this weekend (he can't be trusted to choose on his own). As it happened, when I arrived his Mum and Dad were just leaving, so I met them very briefly.

SO. During our tea break, Dizz, bless her, blurted out all of the above. She cleverly included all the incriminating evidence (met the parents, going curtain shopping) without any of the extenuating circumstances. And hey presto, you-know-who put two and two together, came up with five, and now probably has a voodoo doll of me, bristling with pins, just like this one.

Monday, 26 March 2007


I have recently added Daniel to the clutter on my workstation. Until now I have resisted the temptation to put hunky men all over my monitor, but Daniel just wore me down. So now I have the flying aviator pig, buddha and the zen pebble/shell garden.

What's on your workstation?

Saturday, 24 March 2007

but is it cool?

I have a confession to make. I've become drawn into something on the tv that has two elements of my most hated things: reality tv and musicals. The programme in question: Musicool on T4. It all started last week when I was still in flu-mode. I got up on Saturday morning, switched the tv onto Channel 4 and laid in my duvet for most of the morning watching all the quality T4 programmes. And one of them was Musicool.

So the basic premise of this programme is that 3 musical experts have put together a group of young people who all want to break into the music biz. But none of them wanted to do musicals. Like the guy who worships death metal music and his audition piece consisted of roaring for the judges, wow! And there's a lot of hip-hop and rock and indie and a total mish-mash of peeps who could only be described as being in with the kids, they're cool. One of them has pink and blonde hair and wears tiaras, funkay. And I'm LOVING it! Loving it to the point that I was upset I missed the first 20 minutes of this morning's show. Loving it to the point where I was holding my breath to see who was going to be the best in their group challenge today (come on group 2!) Loving it to the point where I cheered when group 2 won the challenge (come on, they had the most personality by far...) Loving it to the point when they did their piece on T4 I clapped from my sofa, got up, pranced into the kitchen singing "there's no business like showbusiness..." and even did a wee dance and some jazz hands as I waited for the kettle to you see how much I love it?

Is anyone else watching this? Is anyone else loving it? Anyone...?

Friday, 23 March 2007

Daniel Craig - Move over Dr. McDreamy

I watched Layer Cake (with Daniel Craig) last night because it came highly recommended by Dizz. Her exact words were 'He's dirty'. Mmmmmm. Move over Dr. McDreamy.

I don't quite see why Dizz thinks he's dirty though. Isn't that how everyone does sex? I mean the anonymous hotel room, champagne and kinky underwear, not the guy leaving before you even get started.

And when I say that I watched a film with Daniel Craig, I don't mean he was on my sofa, I mean he was in the film. If he'd been on my sofa, I would not have seen the film. Just to clarify.

Monday, 19 March 2007

Hot Fuzz

For weeks, I've been going on and on about Hot Fuzz to everyone I know, and I keep meaning to blog about it and then forgetting/being lazy. This is a shame, because it's probably the funniest film I've EVER seen. That's quite an extravagant claim, but I'm sticking to it.

It stars and was written by Simon Pegg, who did Spaced and Shaun of the Dead. It's the story of an over-achieving London cop whose colleagues, from sheer jealousy, send him off to a tiny little village deep in the English countryside. He brings his big-city attitude with him, and eventually uncovers a homicidal plot.

There were so many bits that were funny - but my favourite was the gung-ho, hard-ass, no-holds-barred attitude he had to paperwork. Yes. Each time he has to do any, he pulls out (draws?) his twin ballpoints and clicks (cocks?) them. This is accompanied by a little 'whoosh' sound. The 'whoosh' sound accompanies quite a lot of seemingly inappropriate actions - such as taking out his notebook. Hilarious.

I had a hard time breathing at some points, because I was laughing so much. Dizz nearly wet herself, although she denies this now. So if you have asthma or bladder weakness, best not go (or take your inhaler/Tena Ladies). It's also quite gory, so if you don't like chunks of gore, rotting corpses or splattering arterial blood, give it a miss. But I warn you, you'll be missing a real treat.

It's actually quite difficult to explain why this film was so funny. I need to watch it again and take notes (whoosh). Next time though, I think I'll get something from the shop. Maybe a Cornetto?

Saturday, 17 March 2007

going to the chapel...

...and you're going to get married. I have to shout a hearty CONGRATULATIONS to K and M who tied the knot at lunchtime today. Ordinarily I wouldn't use the blog for such an occasion but as I'm still totally wiped out from this flu bug I am not able to attend the celebrations tonight. And very upset I am about this too. So I'm going to tell you why I'm so upset to not be there.

I work with K and have done for the past 6 years. We had what can only be described as a sticky beginning, a wee bump in the road that they call life. However, we got over this and I believe that we have cemented a firm friendship. Throughout the many conversations we've had we discovered that we share a lot of the same thoughts and opinions and her K-ism's are frankly hilarious (salami anyone?); summing up, K gets filed under my "fab" folder. I'm sure she'd agree that bumps in the road had been a regular thing but when she met M, it seems to have been plain sailing all the way. He's from a lovely family who have embraced K lovingly, as have his firmly established and loyal friends, he's totally grounded, in other words, he's lovely husband material. I was thrilled when they got engaged in Rome last year and equally delighted to be invited to share in their celebrations. There has been one other thing that has set K apart from most brides-to-be: I think I can count on one hand the number of wedding-related conversations I've had with her over the past year. She's gone about it quietly, being super organised without relating every single detail. I can honestly say that the conversations I've had have been delightful, and the excitement over what she's had to show me or tell me has been totally genuine.

So K and M, here's to you both. I hope you've had a wonderful day, and from the bottom of my sentimental old heart, I wish you much more of the long, silly, merry and laughter-filled life that you obviously share. You're a fab couple and I don't think I'll ever be more disappointed than I am that I'm not there to share your special day xx

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

horse racing?

Am v. fed up. Have been struck down by some mystery bug that has made its way round my work and probably the bus that I get on each day too. Without going into too much detail symptoms are not pleasant and I am proper fed up. And bored stiff! I love being off work but when you're ill with it, well that's just pants. Especially when the only thing that the tv has to offer is magazine style programmes where some fashionista hadn't even heard of Dorothy Perkins, say again. And horse racing. Oh and for some real excitement, a Columbo movie where he goes to college. Hmmm. The choices, the choices. So I thought I'd blog. Send me amusing jokes to cheer me up. Pretty please...

Sunday, 11 March 2007

Sunday sun

Had one of those great Sundays today. It started off with a sleep-in. It continued with yet another episode of "Alias" last season (oh Tizz, you really have to watch it, it's so freaking good!) whilst eating a leisurely brekkie of Shreddies with my omega 3 seeds on top. Got dressed into puffball skirt (cos volume is the new thing for Spring dontcha know) and drove myself into town. The reason for this visit was a black jacket. I know exactly what I want: 3/4 sleeves, collar, big buttons, swing style. Could I find one that I liked? Could I buggery. And just ask Fizz, it was making me v.grumpy. I think I might have frightened Fizz as she's never seen me in that grumpy grrrr I can't find what I want in the shops mood. Luckily, I pulled myself out of it by purchasing some skimpy vests (come on summer!), some funkay little pump-style trainers, and a red tee to clash with my red hair, booby gravy. My other purchase was some black liquid eyeliner.

There's a reason for this: I'm channelling Amy Winehouse. I've played "Back to Black" so many times now that she's in my head, all the time. And I just think she's fab. She's absolutely flaming bonkers. But she has the most wonderful voice, whenever I hear it I think of cocktail lounges, with red round tables, 4 seats round them, smokey haze, waitresses mooching round's just an awesome cd. I've just ordered her debut "Frank" on Amazon marketplace so hope that will also amaze me. If you haven't yet, seek out "Back to Black". The song of that name is, well, wow. And I love her made up words: what kind of fuckery is this? Indeedy Amy, indeedy. Anyhoo, black eyeliner=Amy, so I'm going to give it a go. Not as bonkers as she has it obviously, but I like that look a lot. Sure beats the smock top/leggings brigade that the rest of the world is channelling. You are all so WRONG!

Sunday will be topped off by the wonderful Grey's Anatomy any moment now. Fizz is hearting Dr McDreamy so just for her:
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Ta-ta x

Monday, 5 March 2007

it don't impress me much

see this is why I hate Shania Twain. Because once you hear one of her godawful songs, they're in there, trapped in your head for days and days afterwards. Man I feel like a woman...aaaarrrrgggghhhh! How could he? But really, how could he? I went to this party on Friday night and all was going swimmingly until the dreaded Shania. I had to leave the room, I hate her so much. She's the one, that if I had a shotgun and a death wall, I'd have no hesitation in pulling the trigger. Harsh? Maybe, but come on. Her music sucks! Big style. It really would be a blessing to the music world.

And today, I'm sat at work and I started humming the opening bars to said Man etc etc. Nooooooo! Rescue me. Quick, someone sing something else...anything...please?