Monday, 24 September 2012

Publicity hound

I recently found myself having one of those conversations where you're kind of out of your body and not really thinking about what you're saying which resulted in me offering to help with the publicity for my theatre group. I didn't think much more about this initial weird conversation cos I went on holiday and switched off my brain for 2 weeks. Upon my return I was given a list of email addresses, oh what are these, says I? These are the people you must contact and tell them all about how fab and groovy our theatre group is and please come and see all our shows this season. Actually that's not what was said at all but this is how I have chosen to interpret what was actually said as that was to be honest rather blah and not really very encouraging. 

Tonight was the night. From this very laptop, sitting in this very seat where I now type this blog, I have written, attached and despatched emails to several publicity folk out there in the real life meeedja world! Eep! I have to admit it was kind of buzzy. I couldn't resist putting in a bit of my cheeky mischievous ways and I was struck by an ingenious idea that what these emails also needed was a bit of bribery. Couple of phone calls later and I'm offering these people complimentary tickets to come and see our fab and groovy shows for themselves! I am now crossing everything in the hope that something comes out of at least one of the emails or I'm going to look like a total sap who can't do anything other than paint walls in battered jeans (which admittedly I do make a mighty fine job of but expanding one's world is always a good thing). 

So in honour of this I'm also putting the pulicity information out there to you all, my wonderful blog friends, who will read and perhaps be inspired by how we have managed to recreate practically all of Whitby town in our small but perfectly formed theatre; how you can come and have a welcome drink in our "bijou" bar before the show starts at 7.30pm; how said show: The Good Hope, runs from Monday 8th - Saturday 13th October and tickets are very reasonably priced and available from several outlets, all of which are detailed on our (in development) website which is found here.  

What do we reckon? Will the charm of me be enough to secure these meeedja people in my pocket? It's a tough world, I'm not sure that I'm entirely ready for it but I'll give it a blimmin' good go! Come on nice publicity people, be kind to a newbie! 

Tuesday, 18 September 2012


I would hardly say it's breaking news but this work lark is a bunch of old balls. I've been back there for two days, it already feels like I've never left the place, I'm sooooo sleepy because after two weeks of sleeping in and no alarms the beep-beep-BEEP is a smidge too much at 6.30 in the a.m, it's cold and windy, and I'm still not entirely convinced that I've fully remembered how to be at work. On Monday morning I tried to get into the car on the wrong side to drive it. I had 242 emails, most of which were just rubbish and were promptly deleted. I genuinely couldn't get my head around the idea of what I was supposed to be doing, and we had moved back to the ground floor so I was totally disorientated. Summing up, tis all a bit rubbish really. Perhaps some photos of the holiday will explain why I am feeling this way...

Please can I go back? Please?

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Adventures in holiday reading

Always thinking about new posts for blogs I started off just taking photos of the books that I'd finished on holiday:

Then I decided it was time to get a bit more adventurous and add a book to the shelf to take a photo:
Then I just got photo happy and started putting books into strange places:

Number 7 is still being read but I shall honour it with some kind of holiday type photo once I'm done. 

2 weeks.
6 books.
Holidays are truly the bestest!