Monday, 30 January 2012

Hear that roar...?

Did you hear it? I'll bet it was audible all the way to the other side of the world. That would be my very HUNGRY stomach telling me that it wants yet more food. Today was first day back at work day after being off ill. First of all it was pretty yay as I had a desk full of cards and presents and totally delicious French macarons to enjoy from the very lovely and talented T. As the day wore on and I started to get tired and a wee bit flagging, I got more and more hungry. It's like there's some giant hungry monster resting inside my stomach that is shouting FEED ME! FEED ME NOW! *munches English buttered muffin rapidly*

I'm sat waiting for Wavey to return from work. In England! For one whole week! Shocker! Typically I suspect he is stuck in traffic. But I wish he'd hurry home so that we can have real food, not just quickie English muffin snacks, snarf! 

Best thing about today? Totally being back with my girlies and making plans for yummy food treats (catching the theme here?) in the next couple of weeks. Worst thing about being back? Freezing! Totally. Bear in mind I've been a pampered pooch for the past week and have been snuggled under my duvet keeping warm and watching quality daytime TV. After just one week I'd had some kind of mental block and forgot how cold it gets in libraryland and was woefully under prepared in my thin shirt and vest top, but it matches my new shiny sparkles so what can I say? A gal has to suffer for her fashion. 

English muffin now totally consumed and am still ravenous! Come on Wavey boy, this hungry gal needs her food! 

Saturday, 28 January 2012


Finally starting to feel human again, despite prolific nose blowing and cough-cough-coughing (that goes for both of us as Wavey now has a cough too). To celebrate we went to the Thai shop to get us some yummy ingredients for making yummy thai, bit of lunch, Wavey went to the footy, I met my ma for a coffee with some charidee shopping on the way (2 shirts, bonus!) before coming back to some weekend kitchen antics. 

As we are finally celebrating our birthdays tonight I'm making us up a birthday pudding of bannoffee pie, yummo! Then I made a fruit and nut bar - always on the hunt for alternatives to shop bought cereal bars. They're so expensive and usually not that tasty. Finally I did my usual of throwing some ingredients in a pan to make soup, today's offering is shallots, garlic, grated ginger, carrots, butternut squash, and I've just chucked in a bit of grated apple too. Not sure what the end result will taste like but it smells good! 

It feels good to be feeling human again. This cold/virus thing was utterly pants. Being suck totally sucks. Boo to germs, BOO!

Thursday, 26 January 2012


Excitement for today: who knew that there were two, yes two, different lorries for the recycling! Life just doesn't get better than that...

...OMG this virus is trying to kill me with boredom! Still snotty. Still achey. Still weird swollen glands. What is up with that?! Oh and I still look like death warmed up, oh happy joy. 

I tried eating half a box of orange Matchmakers last night to send the virus away. It didn't really work, but I appreciated everyone suggesting that the orange would count as vitamin C :D Perhaps I should try the other half today just to double check. 

I'm going to go out for a walk today (wrap up warm, warns my ma) to try to make myself look more alive. I need some more tissues and I need some fresh air and I need to get out of this house!! And I need to go to my old house this evening as I have another agent coming round for a valuation. A person! To speak to. Wow! 

Begone evil virus begone. I cannot be doing with this stuck inside life.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

(S)not a whole lot going on

I have discovered two things: 
1. London town is a big carrier of germs
2. 3 year olds and 4 month olds are also big carriers of germs

As a direct result of both 1 and 2 I have a killer cold. And it's rubbish. I'm all on my lonesome as Wavey is of course, travelling. And! It was my birthday yesterday so on the day I should have been celebrating and eating cake, I was curled up under a duvet sneezing, sniffling, taking drugs every 4 hours, and drinking as much fluid as my body can contain. Rock and chuffin' roll. Nice things did happen - my ma came round with chicken soup (good for the soul or so the book says) and red tulips and she cooked me birthday tea with apple crumble and custard for pud, not too shabby. My friend D turned up unexpectedly and we had a right old laugh and natter. And then Fizz came round with my lovely presents, can't wait to make some SUPERMASH! All in all the day could have been much worse. It could have so been much better too but I don't want to appear ungrateful. 

Throughout my sofa and duvet time I've watched some serious amounts of tv, some good, some bad, some just nyeh. I gotta say that starting your day with a bit of Frasier is actually a kinda good way to start the day. As is watching some of The Food Hospital and feeling inspired to eat fruit and veg and colour colour colour and drink copious amounts of water. A bit of trash with Unforgettable, some baking tips from baldy Heston and the Fabulous Baker Brothers. New Girl for some kookie and hair admiration with Zooey Deschenal. Oh and throw in AdventureLand for some film joy too. I fear I may have square eyes...

To counteract that I did a bit of reading. Finished off Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood, one of my most favourite authors and I'm just about to start in on the Tesco magazine for some food and lifestyle tips. My Gardeners World mag is tempting me for tips on what I should be doing in the garden right now, and I got 3 new books for my birthday (good haul!). 

I'm hoping to go back to work tomorrow, as long as everyone can put up with my ACHOOs and general sniffling. Otherwise I fear not only square eyes but total insanity from being stuck to sofa. I'm so not a patient patient, which is pretty funny as in all other areas of life I'm totally chilled. Forced sofa time makes me grumpy! Humph to colds, humph humph humph! 

Sunday, 22 January 2012

A gal with a plan

Cast your minds back long long ago to when I first moved in with Wavey, and how we were getting my house ready to be rented out and I was going to be a landlady. Well I did that. And I didn't really like it that much. Turns out that the agents I was with were, to put it politely, a bunch of robbing gits who tried to take me a for a total ride. I know all this as they've now been taken over by a much nicer bunch of folk who couldn't be more helpful, but all that's by the by as we have a new plan. And this plan is to put my house up for sale. 

After the rental there was a little bit of work to do which we've started but not completed. If there were 48 hours in every day we would have a serious chance of accomplishing some of the things on our to-do lists, but there aren't and so things are not quite finished. But today I woke up with this determined head on me and thought why are we waiting? Half the trouble is that we watch all these house programmes and so we are pretty savvy at knowing what will sell and what won't and what the deal breakers might be to interested buyers. But at the moment the work we're doing is totally cosmetic and I reckon that people valuing the house can see past that to give me an idea of what it's worth. 

The gal with the plan has sprung into action. I've emailed 2 estate agents, one of them has already got back to me at 6pm on a Sunday to tell me that one of his team will call me in the morning - now that's service! Get them round, see what they say. If I'm not satisfied I have one online option that I'm looking into and then make a decision from there. It feels so good to actually take some action. It's too easy to let stuff like this slide and then months later I'll find that I'm wasting most of my money on the upkeep of an empty house. In these times a gal has to be sensible. I am a gal with a plan - my pops will be so proud, he loves a good plan he does.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Number crunching

2.5 days in London.
1 little train.
2 BIG trains.
5 buses.
12 tubes - BONKERS!

It can't really be true that this week I turn 37...

...but it can be true that this week, Wavey's pops turns 80!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Business trip

At the end of last year Wavey took a brand new job, same company, same grade, but on a new project that would mean more challenges, more exciting times, and more travelling. Little did we realise that the travelling was going to be quite so extensive. It started with a 2 night trip to Paris...then it was 3 nights...then it's a whole week away in Paris, followed by a training course for a week in London, followed by yet another week in Paris, including being away for my birthday next week! All that is pretty sucky and we do not likey very much at all.

What we do likey on the other hand is me being able to find reasonably priced train tickets down to London town and coming to join him for a few days, yay! I arrived in London town on Tuesday evening and have been flitting here there and everywhere, visiting friends, going to interesting places I've never been before in London, but most importantly enjoying precious evening time with my special man. 

We're staying in a swanky 4* hotel at Heathrow airport which is a pretty strange place to be. It's full of people dragging very large suitcases around and trekking from one place to the next looking thoroughly fed up. And who can blame them - London travel is, to be frank, bat shit crazy. Yesterday I went to Richmond for the day. On the map it's probably about 4 miles away. In reality that meant 4 changes and about 1.5 hours of travelling! Totally bonkers! Nowhere else in England would peeps consider it normal to travel somewhere for 1.5 hours, just to see a place or person for a few hours before getting back on board for another 1.5 hours. I feel like I've been in constant motion since I arrived on Tuesday. But it's been fabby to see my friends, hang out with the babies and the little folk, go to places I've never been and see areas of London I've never seen. There are photos a-plenty! 

But this business trip malarkey - it's not for me. Staying in hotels is all very nice when you're on holiday or doing something special but sat in the dining room last night looking around at all the other business folk, they all looked thoroughly miserable, and a bit sick of eating so many business dinners; some of them even had their laptop at the dinner table for company. I know Wavey doesn't like it much at all so it's been brillo for him to have me here to keep him company. 

Next week will be tough, it's a full week, it's my birthday, and it's not payday til Thursday. If I was a pouter now would be a full on sulk-fest. Lucky for all I'm not like that at all, but I know I'll be counting down the days until Friday when Wavey walks back through our front door- it won't be able to come round fast enough! 

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Hap-hap-hap-happy birthday!

It's Wavey's birthday today but this month is totally bonkers as he's away practically every week travelling. I dropped him off earlier this evening as he's in London on a course all week. Disrupting birthday celebrations like that is just a wee bit pants so I thought I'd do a special blog post to wish him a hap-hap-hap-happy birthday! 

So here it is. 

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Waaaaaavey
Happy birthday to yooooooouuuuuuu! 

See you Tuesday in London town - yippppeeee! XxX

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Food food glorious food!

I like to set little challenges for myself - keeps life interesting. This year I decided that every single weekend I was going to try something brand new to cook out of my many cook books. It started last weekend and I made this rice dish out of a veggie cookbook which was really nice, but I kind of ate it really quick as we were going out and didn't have time to digest, and by the time we go to Fizz's house I thought I was actually going to hurl every single grain of rice back up. Turns out I didn't which I was grateful for as I really hate hurling for one and secondly that would have been such a waste of good basmati. 

And so tonight we have something totally new. Not out of a cookbook but from the far flung land of Scoooootland. Fizz brought us a Haggis back and so that's what we're having for tea tonight. Haggis, neeps and tatties. I have no idea what to expect from it at all. I've read the ingredients and there's some mention of offal...but also oatmeal (must be good for you then) and it's wrapped in some weird skin that is clipped at the sides. Never let it be said that we are unadventurous in our food. 

Over the next year there could be all manner of foodie treats. You never know I may even post some photos and recipes on the blog to keep you all entertained, and general drooling over the yumness of food will surely happen. But for the moment I'm holding onto the drool (ugh gross) over the Haggis...stay posted for the verdict!

Thursday, 12 January 2012


One number! One lousy number away from a £500 full house. Epic fail:


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Big shout out to the Pops in the room!

My pops is totally ace! Not only did he do a really fantastic job of bringing me up, challenging me every step of the way, and encouraging discussion and open minded opinions. He also did the really important pops stuff like teaching me to ride a bike, read a map, and drive a car. Oh and speaking of cars, did you know that I've got my own now? 

What's that? You didn't get the facebook message that went to the world of friends, or hear the giant WHOOOOOP that was yelled out loud when I got confirmation of the purchase, and you missed the dance of joy? Sheesh. Well yep, after being on this planet for 37 years this year (eep!) and driving for 20 of those years, I have finally got me my own car. He's red. And he's called Zippy, because he is, very zippy indeedy. 

Unfortunately Zippy wasn't so Zippy yesterday. In fact, he was feeling a bit under the weather. I turned the key and this pathetic little uh-huh cough came out and that was it. Noooooooo! I knew it, pride always go-eth before a fall. I was so busy crowing and whooping it up how great it was to have a car and that I didn't have to get the stinky bus anymore then there I was, 8am on a Monday morning, back on the freakin' bus again. I almost cried I was so upset (note to self: wuss)

And so I rang my pops. Because not only is he my pops, he's also my personal mechanic and car purchaser chief dude. Many kind words later he told me that it was probably the battery and he'd do his best to get his hands on one and come round and fix it that very evening. "I'll have you mobile again by tomorrow, don't worry". You see those magic words? Don't worry. This is why pops are so bloomin' ace. Because I was totally worried. I was worried that I'd broken Zippy even though I'd only had him 5 minutes and I was worried my pops was going to shout at me for breaking him. But he didn't. Not one little bit. 

Fast rewind to 7pm yesterday, it's pitch black outside and Zippy is parked on a very busy main road where we live. My pops pitches up his car in front, gets his torch out and starts changing the battery in the dark, cold night. About 30 minutes later it's all done and revving hell out of Zippy he sets off to give him a test drive. Returned and locked up safely I get the talk about seeing how the car is tomorrow and only drive it if it feels safe and if this light comes on and that light comes know the drill, I'm pretty certain you've all been there. 

Fast forward to this morning and Zippy starts up first time and gets me to work and back. In the warm and the dry. And free of skanky stinky people. And this my friends is why I'm doing a big shout out to pops, not just mine but to all who have fabby pops, cos they truly are the bestest ever! 

Saturday, 7 January 2012


Sitting in the cinema waiting for Sherlock Holmes to start, so excited! Have been waiting ages to see it, turned up for the 7.45 showing and it was sold out, how rude! So after waiting weeks and weeks, I had to wait nearly a whole hour more. It's about to start...

Old school shopping

Wavey and I went mattress shopping this morning. We hadn't realised quite how totally and utterly knackered our current one is until we went in a shop and started lying down on shiny new ones. No wonder we always roll into that hole in the middle of the bed when we get in! 

Anyhoo, there we are wandering around this shop, looking at details like memory foam, open coil, pocket sprung, when this old guy in a red v-neck jumper arrives to help us. And right at that point it was like I didn't exist anymore. All comments were addressed to "Sir", all information about each mattress were made to Sir, and any question that I asked, the answer was directed to Sir. Erm hello Mr Shop Sir but do you not realise that this is the 21st Century?! Both parties can be addressed in the shopping! 

What this guy clearly didn't realise was that the more he addressed Wavey and simpered Sir at him, the more put off I was by this shop. And even though there was one mattress in there that we're hoping to buy, there was no effing way it was going to happen in that shop. How can people like that still exist? A mattress is a big purchase, if someone is spending hundreds of pounds on something then make sure you talk to both parties. It's an equal world in our partnership!

I started to think then about other shopping experiences when we've bought big stuff and I think it's the other way round, the sales guy talks to the laydeez! To be honest we haven't really bought anything that huge in an actual shop as we are very 21st century and look around online to get the best deals, as we will be doing for the dream mattress. 

Old school Saturday shopping. I wish that guy luck as I wonder quite how many laydeez take the same stance as me. Maybe not that many? Maybe I'm the weird one here? Maybe...but I doubt it somehow. I open it to the floor, comment freely.  

Monday, 2 January 2012

Out of practice

The holidays this year were 11.5 days long. 11.5 days of delicious sleeps in, lazing around, watching lots of rubbish tv, reading books and trashy magazines, eating too much, drinking too much, hell we even did smoking! It wasn't all lazing around as we did go on some lovely strolls through and around the village, and we started work in my old house, and we did bits and pieces here too, but let's face it, it was mainly lazing. 

But now it's Monday. Which means tomorrow is back to work day. And I have to admit, I actually feel a bit sick at the thought of going back. I'm so out of practice, the alarm going off at 6.30 may actually kill me. And waiting in the cold and damp and wintery weather for grotty buses. Preparing lunches so that I don't have to pay the extortionate amounts just to eat and attempting to shake off some of this excess holiday baggage from too much food and drinkies. Thinking about being at my desk and having to structure thoughts and sentences and tasks and other such eek-ey stuff like that. Me no likey. Not at all. 

Year round holidays sound great in principal, but in practice I think they would actually call that unemployment. And the job situation is sticky enough around this part of the world, I just hope every day that my job stays safe and sound. So I should probably quit whining, have a serious word with myself, and drag my excess holiday baggaged arse back to work! Whether this motivational talk will work at 6.30 when the beep-beep-beep-BEEEP wakes me out of my slumber will be a whole other story...

Sunday, 1 January 2012


We drank champers. We ate lobster. We got right giddy and generally acted like the total fools we are. Oh and we smoked cigars:

They were quite rank really. And they've left a big ole ash-y mess all over our cheap paper table cloth...sheesh! 

Oh 2012, what will you bring? Hopefully lots more fun, happy, and healthy times. 

And lots of cinema visits. This year we've decided we'll watch loads and loads of films, both at the cinema and at home on our giant telly that we heart so much. And if we're not watching films we'll be doing jobs around the house, cos we have got a whole heap of jobs that need doing. Gotta love the old houses. 

Happy new year to everyone. I hope you celebrated in style!