Wednesday, 30 May 2007

new job

I once read that Oscar Wilde said that the best people don't know what job they want to do until they're 40. I was merrily going along with that until today when I discovered my perfect job: Dr Who's new assistant.

Apparently they're getting rid of that Martha (although I'm not sure why cos I think she's pretty funkay and smart, but hey, who am I to complain?) so will be needing a replacement. They should really stop looking now cos I'm right here, and will happily leave library-land and head off to the Tardis, not a problem-o my friends. Don't worry though, I won't be out of touch cos he does that special trick with the mobile phones so they can be used from outer space, and now that I'm all wireless and everything I'll be able to take my laptop with me.

So I know it'll be hard, but try not to miss me too much, cos I'll pop back every now and then, let you come in and have a cuppa and a hobnob in the Tardis (there will be a kettle and teabags in there, surely?) and just think of all the exciting tales I'll have to tell you...

Cue music, grab the Doctor's hand, run into the Tardis, so long my friends... x

Monday, 28 May 2007


Had a slight problem with my internet this morning when it refused to play. I kept getting annoyed with it, tried unplugging a few things, broadband box thingy just flashed at me, charming. So rang Fizz for help. She did that whole IT thing, "have you tried turning it off and switching it back on again?", did that, waited a few seconds, switched it back on again and result! Lights stopped flashing, went straight to internet and kindly informed me that my wireless connection is working! Wow. For months I have been getting that message saying no wireless and now, here I am, blogging on my groovy wireless connection. Get me. Mind, out of nervousness, am sat v.close to the box so can plug in again if it all goes tits up, but so far so groovy baby. How exciting. I can now wander around my house with my laptop and be all wi-fi, oooh suits you sir.

In other news, I won the blue puffball skirt that I was bidding for on ebay so v.happy about that. Will no doubt include a photo of me in said skirt at some point, just so you know how coolio it really is. Had a stonking good weekend for charidee shop shopping also. I had a feeling in my bones it was going to be a good trip and me and Fizz did so well out of it. I got me a red shiny belt with PUNK written on it (cos I so am), a go-jus flowery skirt that is v.bright, and an even more go-jus-er dress, that is black with big red flowers on and cut on a jaunty angle, sounds odd, but trust me, it be sooo pretty. It makes me feel all girlie and swirlie. And you know what, for those three things I spend me 9 quid, a most excellent shopping trip.

Made G&B muffins. Nice. We all had 2 each. Yum-a-licious. Think next time I'm going to make them double chocolate for extra yumness.

Went to see Zodiac today. It was long. But good. Sadly the ending was a bit hmmm, no real resolution. But oooh the eye candy. Fizz and I muchly enjoyed the tight trousers of the 70s, more shots of the boys walking away please. Sadly Jake Gyllenhaal didn't get his kit off but he did sit round in his boxers for a while which was a nice treat :o)

I have one word left to say Fizz: horn...

Sunday, 20 May 2007

flights and hotels

Just in case you haven't figured it out yet, me and Tizz are off to San Fran for our jollies this year. The anticipation of this trip has been very high, lots of squeaking "oh my god" and mucho excitement everytime we talk. So excitement reached a new high this weekend when we booked our flights. Yep, we really are going now! Then we got even more excited cos we found these funkay looking hotels on the internet, even got so far as made a reservation, then I made the fatal mistake of looking on Trip Advisor after I'd made the booking. And the hotel was baaaaaad. It scored really low, there were comments about it being in a really bad area, and bed springs peeking up and hitting you on the arse and various other bad comments, I say eeek! So now I'm waiting on a reply to an email to cancel the reservation. Poo pants. How can things look so swanky on the internet and be rat holes? How does that work eh? So we're still seeking out a hotel. Only this time I have TA open next to me to read all about them before clicking that reserve button. Dang, I knew this organisation was all going too well.

In other news, well, not much really. A pretty quiet weekend. Was supposed to be bag painting this afty but poor Fizz is unwell (get well soon luvvie x) so have dossed around, done some tidying, read my book, mooched around looking for food cos I am utterly STARVING! But it's way too early for dinner. So settled with a handful of bombay mix (nice) and contemplating the huge tuna pasta bake that I'm going to make later.

Oh and played with my new toy. I got so sick of peeps telling me that they found this and that on eBay, so after years of avoiding, I got me hooked up and am currently waiting on a book that I've bid for and am watching a go-jus blue puffball skirt which has to be mine cos I luuuuurve it...I don't know what the thing with puffballs is but I've got me a bit of an addiction. Whenever I see one I ask the wearer where they got it from. I have one that I got from a charidee shop but I feel the need to enlarge my collection. Will keep you posted!

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Showering babies

D'ya know, this time last year it was all hen nights and weddings and now it's all baby showers and impending births, funny that eh?

Anyhoo, the baby shower. My only experience of baby showers was an episode of Sex and the City when Charlotte hosts a baby shower for Miranda, and Samantha immortalises the whole thing for me by saying, "girls can we cut the cake, I have a three-way to get to..." As hostess to said baby shower on Saturday, I didn't get to utter those words. But I did get to be responsible for the creation of this thing that we Brits know absolutely bupkiss about. I thought about it a while and decided that some vital ingredients would be tonnes of food, masses of cake, alcohol (for us girlies who still can) and party games! So far so good.

First things first: decorations. Cue one weekend of whoever walked into my house being coaxed into designing and painting a banner with cups of tea and lard-a-licious cake. And here it is:
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Groovy eh? That coupled with the 15 balloons that I blew up and liberally scattered across the floor made for the decoration.

Next up: party games. I wasn't sure what they were supposed to be, and rather rude suggestions by a couple of friends (pin the baby on the nipple anyone?) were bypassed for good old tradition: pass the parcel and my own invented, pin the nappy on the baby. Slight problem, no baby. That was soon solved by baby doll Annabel kindly loaned by the lovely Iz. Competition was fierce. Here's me demonstrating my skills:
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And here's the baby mama to be herself in close up, check out that pin skill peeps:
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The go-jus prize of a baby pink stetson with shiny tiara glued on was L, she was so chuffed as you can imagine.

Anyhoo, food was consumed. Drinks were drunk. Mucho laughter. Mucho baby talk leading to very strange conversations that veered wildly from waxing body parts to our too kool for skool craz-eee outfits from the 90s (my favourite was my blue tapered trousers, blue flowered blouse with shoulder pads, and blue court shoes for one of my first night out clubbing, oh yes, stylish lay-dee) Tee hee.

So we have one more to go. If anyone has any real tips for what is actually supposed to happen they would be much appreciated! But I think the ingredients for that one were about as nice as a Green and Blacks cake x

Good vibes

Poor Dizz has a bad back, and her fun activities have been curtailed. I'm sending her...



Tuesday, 8 May 2007


What a weekend! Where do I start? Tizz was home and we all had a brill time. Lots of fun and games and yummy (but lardy) food.

Dizz made the first recipe from her Green and Blacks cook book - an orgasmic chocolate cake. The only drawback was that, after making it, we had to wait FOUR HOURS while it chilled in the fridge. That's a long time to drool. But the wait was worth it. I can't begin to describe how delicious it was, I think only a true poet could do it justice.

We also went to see Spiderman 3. If you like silliness, amazing special effects, schmaltzy emotional stuff and improbable plot-lines, then this is the film for you. We thoroughly enjoyed it, except one spinny bit that made some of us a bit dizzy. Bad Spidey is so cheesy he's cool. And the girl behind the ice-cream counter was soooo nice, bless her, she let us taste the ice-cream before buying. Made for an all-round wonderful cinema experience.

There were also, at some point in the weekend, home-made burgers and potato wedges, more lardy food.

Dr. Who was brilliant too - he went to a black tie function, so he swapped the slightly crumpled blue suit for a tuxedo and bow tie, and he changed out of his red converse into ... black converse! How cool is he! Woolworths are selling boys' pants with Dr. Who on them. They only go up to size 7-8 years, but I'm going to buy some anyway. I can add some extra side panels. Oh! suits you.

Dizz is throwing a baby shower for the pregnant people next weekend, so we made a banner. It is truly funkay - the sparkly metallic paints are really groovy. Photo will be added later...

And Gray's Anatomy - last in the series next week! Who's going to die? DON'T TELL US! It can't be Denny, can it? Please make it be Burke. And don't make us say goodbye to Mc Vet either, he be cute.

And then there was lardy pizza and garlic bread, then more craftsy stuff - Tizz made 3 bracelets and Dizz made an ankle bracelet and a necklace, while I tested out the possibility of using the groovy paints on fabric.

So, you see, it was a fab, groovy, funkay, gojus weekend.


Thursday, 3 May 2007

boo hoo/ woo hoo

Boo hoo:
There's not much that will actually make me stop, take a step back, and look again but that exact thing happened on the way to work this morning as I walked past one of my favourite shoe shops. There was a sign on the window advertising the closing down sale; say what? Nooooo! I did that double take, shake of the head, my eyes are not deceiving me, and practically ran the rest of the way into work to share the sad news with two other devotees. Plans were immediately made to finish work early and go and see what they had to offer in the sale. Thing is, the shoes are lovely and cheap in there anyhoo, so even when they're not in the sale, whose to argue with 8 quid for a pair of shoes that you can literally wear until their sad demise? So we didn't get sale shoes, but we did get funkay shoes; mine are a kind of combatty fabric, and Cat's are funky red polka dots with a peep toe, lovely jubbly. So please all join in to say a sad farewell to Alias; we will miss you muchly.

Woo hoo:
A phone call at lunchtime today brought happy news that Tizz might be coming home for the weekend, let me know what you're doing...fingers flying across my phone I texted back "come home come home", I think that got over the message of excitement...then I didn't hear anything back for the rest of the day. So I rang just now and Tizz is indeedy coming home. I was walking down the street practically leaping up and down with joy! Yay! Followed by woo! hoo! This is very exciting news. Lots of fun will be had. And plans for San Fran baby made!! Let's have another woo! hoo! See you tomorrow Tizz xx