Sunday, 21 March 2010

Full of love

Back from the weekend. A most utterly delightful time was had. Not only did I get to spend time with my two best uni girlies I also got to spend time with Tizz, which is always one of my favourite things to do:

The weekend was fun packed. Both uni girlies have babies so we got to hang out, play with the toys, entertain the chuckling little ones, eat lots of yummy treats, drink WooWoo cocktails in a booth (obviously not with the babies at this point!), have a lovely big uni family brunch, basically a big old catch up. The kind of weekend that makes you so very thankful for having such soooper dooper friends that you love lots and will be able to enjoy forever and ever amen.

It was the first time I'd been away from Wavey since we moved in together at Christmas and it was very very odd indeedy. I was soooo excited on the train on the way home, like a big kid! I spotted him from the window and almost knocked him over with my big yaaaaaay I'm home hugs and kisses.

We've had another lovely Sunday, pottering in the garden. We cleared all the way to the circle! This is a major achievement! And things are popping up everywhere, it's so cool. By the time we were done we had rather a large selection of bags to take to the recycling centre:

We headed off there kinda speedy as it was due to close in half an hour. It's quite a funny place to go. In the past couple of weeks I've been observing people and it seems that the usual practice is for the laydee of the house to drive the car, pull up to the skips and remain in the car like some kind of princess whilst the poor blokey huffs and puffs getting all the stuff out of the back and putting it in the appropriate place. I'm obviously going wrong somewhere in this picture as I get out of the car and help Wavey. I wonder which is correct? Seems to me, you've got a lot of stuff, you both help or it's a bit unfair. One to ponder maybe.

Heading for a shower soon after a cheeky glass of red, and then into the kitchen to make hot and spicy chicken for tea, yummy.

A grand weekend in my opinion!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Oh! Tis very exciting. Tomorrow I'm off to London Town to visit my very lovely university girls and their families, AND I get to see Tizz too! Yaaaay! And we're going out! In fair London town. Yep Friday night sees us heading into Soho for some eats, cocktails and drinkie poos. Woohoo! Hopefully my beloved purple boots will be making the journey with me as I find out if Mr Cobbler could fix them tomorrow *crosses fingers and prays to shoe goddess* will report back upon return. Over and out.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Vegetables rule okay!

Some people might find this incredibly sad but I am thrilled that Wavey has given me a part of the garden in which to grow my own veg! I've never done this properly before so I'm very excited. We eat loads of veg and I think it'll be brilliant to be able to pull up some spuds from the garden, add them to a salad in the summer and say, yep I grew that!

First things first, the patch had to be chosen. And then prepared, cos it had loads of other plants in it. Work began yesterday. Wavey dug up the plants and re-planted them somewhere else, and today I set to work with a spade and a rake. Tis bloody hard work digging! Who needs the gym when you have a plot of land that needs digging. But by the time I'd finished, all the evil roots were gone, and what was left was a lovely plot of earth ready to do its magic. Photo-wise it's hardly going to be the most exciting, but to me - I think it's simply beautiful!

Friday, 12 March 2010


You know how they say that bad things always happen in 3s? Well today was my day of 3 bad things. As each one was happening I thought, oh this is pretty rotten, it surely can't get worse than this...oh ho, I was so to be proved wrong!

First up was discovering that my beloved purple boots are broken! Yep, I thought my foot was a bit soggy when I got to work this morning but put it down to the usual rain on suede boots thing. Until I looked a little closer and discovered the GIANT CRACK right across the sole of the left boot! You ask anyone at work and they'll tell you, I was heartbroken. Literally. I could have cried I was so upset. One of my colleagues who spends his life having my life, was stunned when I walked past with my hand in the air telling him to "stop" whatever he was going to say cos I was having a truly rotten day so don't mess with me type thing. Sniffling quietly in the corner I attempted to move on with my day.

Then bad thing number 2 reared its ugly head. I recently enrolled for a course at a local art college where you create your own photobook, and then you use various multimedia in order to manipulate the images, make it look funky and interesting. I was so excited about doing this course. Until today when I got a message to tell me that they'd had insufficient interest in the course and wouldn't be running it. At this point I moved on from heartbroken to stompy.

Until event number 3. I'll have to give a little bit of background to explain this one so bear with me. One of my colleagues is pregnant and will be leaving in May. She's a higher grade than me, in fact I covered her maternity leave with baby number 1. So of course I'm interested again and put my name forward. Long story short, there had to be more than one "expression of interest" so an email would be going out today. Which it did. Except with rather a major error. The post that was advertised was my job...I think I got the first phone call asking when my baby was due within about 30 seconds of that email hitting people's in-boxes. I don't want to go into too much detail but the final outcome of this already embarrassing situation was that an email went out TO THE ENTIRE LIBRARY with a single line announcing (literally, I kid you not) "please note, Dizz is not pregnant".
WTF!! That was it. Short. Succinct. To the point admittedly, but seriously, MORTIFYING!!!! I cannot even begin to imagine what kind of emails and comments I am going back into on Monday. Top trumped. Big style.

Even as I'm reading this back to check I'm mortified. No no no, why me? But just to clarify, please note, I'm not pregnant...

Wednesday, 10 March 2010


A good librarian wouldn't have 3 overdue books from the public library. And have to pay 80p on each book in fines. Bad librarian. Bad.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

The good life

Well hasn't it been a lovely weekend? Yesterday was just fabby, I met with all of my girls in R's new house to eat cake, drink tea, have a good gossip and set the world to rights, as only we know how. Last night, Fizz, Wavey and I went the fillums to watch "From Paris with Love" - just my kinda film. John Travolta being mad, loads of shooting, loads of explosions, car chases, royales with cheese...seriously what more do you need from a film? Grrrrrrreat!

And today? Well I admit we started off very slowly and it was probably around noon when we decided that we really should get out of bed and do all the many tasks we had to do. But once we'd started - wow! There was no stopping us! Wavey started off with the house stuff whilst I cooked up a storm. Many veg soup for lunch, once that was cooking onto the bolognese sauce for the lasagne, once that was done onto the oat biscuits. Once at the oat biscuits I found something out. I really can't just follow a recipe. I don't know what it is, I see the ingredients, I do what they tell me to do, and then I think hmmm I'll just add that and see what it tastes was a classic example. The recipe called for nothing more than oats, muscovado sugar, 1 egg and a few tablespoons of oil, mix well and roll into balls. But being me I thought, I reckon a couple of teaspoons of honey in there would work a treat as well. I'm pleased to report said honey did indeedy work very well. Yummy! And now that I know I can make my very own HobNobs, oh, this could be dangerous!

Oh did I mention that the sun was shining? And the wind was blowing nicely? So we could finally hang out some washing to dry outside, oh the joy! I'm so sick of having laundry in every room or thrown onto radiators. Grrrrrr. So I was very happy to see the perfect clothes drying conditions. So there was lots of them out too. By this time I'd joined Wavey in the housey tasks that must be done when you're a home owner, unless of course you want to be a total scunner and live in filth.

Once we'd completed all that we headed out to the front garden and dragged up all the brown stuff that got seriously squished by the heavy snow. Then we gave it a good digging/hoe-ing over, pulled up some weeds, chopped down some awful dead twigs that were posing as something alive on a trellis, got rid of the trellis while we were there cos it was butt ugly and we have some nicely painted blue to go up there, and plans are afoot to grow honeysuckle up it, oooh it'll be just lovely to come home to that scent in the summer. Bagged everything up, swept up and headed indoors.

This time dinner, yum-a-licious. Yummy homemade lasagne served up with some crusty ciabatta bread. While we were waiting for dinner we did a bit of old fashioned slow dancing and smooching to the lovely Melody Gardot, then we sat ourselves down with a well deserved drink and enjoyed our tasty tea. The mini Magnum just topped it off perfectly I think. I know I crack on about always wanting weekends to last forever, but when they pass in such a delightful way, can you really blame me...?

Monday, 1 March 2010

The big yellow ball in the sky!

It's the 1st March today and we've truly been enjoying a Spring-like feel to the day! The sun shone! Literally all day long, oh it was so lovely. And it's only just starting to get dark now at 6pm, could it really be, is Spring on its way? Oh the utter sheer delight of it! This winter has seemed to drag on forever, what with the BIG snow we had which lasted for weeks and weeks, and it's been so bloomin' cold, at work I've needed like 3 tops to stay warm. That's 15 tops per week peeps!! That is one big pile of washing, worse ironing!

I firmly believe Spring to be coming for many reasons, here's a few of them:
1. Pretty little snowdrops popped up in the garden, oh pretty!
2. My ma bought me daffodils and they're in a jug on the table at the moment, I'm sat next to them typing and they smell divine
3. Shining yellow ball in the sky!
4. That would be the blue sky!
5. I could actually walk without my scarf and coat on at lunchtime - admittedly I had just played a very energetic game of badders and was rather an attractive shade of beetroot so therefore a smidge warm, but even so, no coat and scarf! Amazing!

Most excellent news. Wavey has granted me a 6 x 4 foot patch of garden to grow vegetables in! I'm ridiculously excited about this as it's something I've always wanted to do and I think it will be so very rewarding to eat produce that I have grown, proud will be me! I have no doubt there will be many a picture, perhaps with me wielding an onion or spud, oh I can see it now. Happy days.

Raise your glasses to Spring peeps, YAY!