Friday, 27 February 2015

The working man

It's week two in the new house and for the next 3-4 weeks we essentially have workmen coming in to do stuff every week. Luckily, as I work part time from home this isn't too much of a problem but as I sit here typing away, I always wonder about the workmen. What do they think as they go about the house doing their thing with all their tools and chargers and big vans parked outside - do they think that desk work is for wimps?

I grew up in a working household. My Pops is a mechanic and since he was 15 he has worked with his hands every single day, including weekends as he ran his own business for many of my growing up years. And now, even though he's supposed to be retired, when he's not at his job for the 2 days he still does, he's in his garage, working on one of his cars or a car for someone else. All my life he's worn overalls and smelled slightly of oil and petrol fumes. He genuinely doesn't understand 'blokes' who work from a desk all day. 

I work with my hands quite a lot in my free time, painting and building at the theatre, but in my work time I'm a desk-bod. I go to work in my little work outfits and I spend much of the day answering emails and wading through paperwork. When I work from home, I might be dressed more casually (never in my PJs I hasten to add!) but I'm still tap-tap-tapping away for much of the day. It's an odd life. Sometimes I think it would be pretty cool to spend all day doing the painting and building thing, but I'll bet in reality it's cold and makes you ache like a demon. 

I often wonder what my niece and nephew will do when they work. At the moment nephew wants to be a professional basketball/football player and niece wants to be a teacher/YouTube star. Diverse then...less and less people work with their hands and more and more people are deskbound. I have no idea where I'm going with this, it's just some random Friday thoughts for you. What do you think? Is desk work for wimps? Will bloggers and YouTubers eventually take over the world and we'll all be working from our homes having no makeup days and talking to a camera? Will workmen/women cease to exist? But how will we learn plumbing skills?! Yikes! 

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Softly softly. Bouncy bouncy

It's cold, damp, and grey outside - is there ever a better time to talk about bedding? This could well sound utterly ridiculous but really, I had no idea that technology constantly evolving could also translate to duvets. Yes duvets. That lovely piece of bedding that lies on top of your bed, I'm going there, I totally am. 

When we moved house Wavey and I decided that it was probably about time we invested in some new bedding. Actual age is uncertain but we think that the old duvet was about 12 years old. Is that grim? How often is one supposed to change the duvet? Duvet covers is like every 2 weeks, I learned that one from my mam, but the duvet itself? I do hope that admission doesn't show me up as being some total minger who might have had bed bugs growing or something - eeew-ugh! 

Let's move swiftly on. So new duvet. New sheets - Egyptian cotton no less. New mattress cover thingie. The whole shebang. A whole bed of newie-new-ness. When I made it all up it looked so good and I have to say, a little bit springy. It didn't just flop on the bed like the old one did, it kind of stood up a little bit taller, a little bit springier, a little bit bouncy bouncy. Basically I couldn't wait until it was time to go to bed! 

And oh my, it was worth the wait. So soft! So bouncy! So light! Yet so warm! What is this magic and why had it taken so long for us to buy a new duvet? Oh. My. Days. Truthfully, bed is one of my most favourite places, I'm a big believer in sleep, lots of sleep, and the new soft, bouncy duvet has just made me into even more of a believer. 

The moral of this Thursday tale? If you haven't bought a new duvet in a while I would highly recommend running to a shop and investing in one. So soft. So bouncy. So warm. SO GOOD! 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Happy New Home!

It was a long wait at approximately 5 months but it was definitely well worth that wait to finally say we are in our new home. Let's hear a yip-yip-ee! We moved in last Friday with the absolute bare essentials: kettle, toaster, butter, a few bits of cutlery, and our bed. We spent the first evening eating fish and chips on the floor in the living room. From that first step through the new door, I spent the whole day with a grin the size of a very small country which stayed put for most of the weekend, even with all the moving madness that followed. New house - utterly brilliant! 

We've been in just over a week now and aside from stupid work and other highly annoying life situations, the huge grin has stayed put. I love being home. Even when we've moved in and discovered that it's not quite the turn-key that we thought it was and there is a whole heap of work to do, we don't care. It's just so brilliant to finally be here and to start making plans. And oh-ho-ho are there a lot of plans! I can't wait to get going. Definitely one of the things I missed the most while living in rented accommodation was not being able to just 'potter' about doing odd jobs here and there. We love a bit of pottering we do. 

It's raining today so there's not much chance of the sun showing his face, but we have joyfully discovered that as the sun hits the house mid-afternoon you can plonk yourself down on the sofa and get a suntan through the glass. The real glass of the original leaded windows - gorgeous. It will indeed be a happy new home and I look forward to sharing our projects here on the blog. If you want to see them that is! I'm off now to do a bit more unpacking and see if I can find the rest of my recipe books. 

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Happy New Home

This weekend Dizz and Wavey moved into their fabby new home. Here's  wishing them all the very best of everything!

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


It's show week at our theatre group this week so we're doing bar and working backstage. Nothing about this is unusual, except we're moving house this week. On Friday. It's now Wednesday afternoon and we haven't even started packing up the flat properly, a few odd boxes here and there. We're busy every night and we've been at work every day...tricky! Thankfully I have now finished my one part time job for the week, and due to being Mrs Organised last week, had done most of my work for my second part time job so was able to hurriedly finish that this afternoon. This leaves me all day tomorrow to pack up all our belongings once again. 

We can't find the bubble wrap anywhere. 

We need more packing tape. 

And maybe we need some help.

But let's just pause and take a moment to reflect - WE ARE MOVING HOUSE ON FRIDAY! Words cannot even express...

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Radio Silence

When you don't have a whole lot of blog-gy news is it better to stay silent or just pop on and do a general ramble about not very much at all? I'm not sure there's a right or wrong answer there soooo let's ramble. 

Quick catch up then. Let's see: work is still kicking my ass, my other job looks set to fizzle out, I've been presented with a work opportunity that puts the fear of higher powers into me and I wish someone else could make the decision for me, we're still in the flat (though not for much longer), it's been snowing, bitterly cold, and generally the sort of weather that makes you want to hibernate. 

Pause for breath. 

I've put myself onto a strong-willed, no deviating from this strictness of not eating any more biscuits and cakes. Yesterday I turned down biscuits. Today I turned down a brownie. This is hardcore stuff, my friends. Even I was amazed at my own will power as my work buddy practically wafted the brownie up to my nose for me to smell that rich chocolatey goodness...those images you see where people have a pouch for a stomach? That's why I'm on this strictness, no fun thing. Too much festive eating and general blah-ness about flat living has not led to the best of eating practices. I heard a rumour that Wavey may turn down pudding in Paris which let's face it, with all those pastries is almost criminal! 

Second pause. 

The ironing pile is monumental. 

We have to pack up the flat. Again. 

I can't get enough of The Good Wife (Alicia Florrick is amazing and looks hot in her jeans. Way hot. What with her and crush alert. 

Wavey is in France this week. In 2 weeks time he is going to Barcelona, or maybe France. By January next year he might be in Moscow. The man leads a crazy work life. 

I am starting to enjoy herbal tea more... 

I'm beginning to wonder if setting myself a challenge of reading 50 books this year was a smidge ambitious. 

The Kingsmen was utter rubbish. We were very glad that we didn't pay for it and instead used the free tickets that I won. The watermelon sorbet with dark chocolate chips was frankly the best bit about it. 

I could do this all day you know...

Over and out.