Saturday, 26 July 2008


Quick blog from Stratford upon Avon to say we have had an awsome time watching Hamlet! D T was amazing and I think I speak for all of us when I say we all left with goosebumps. Fantastic night! Loved every minute. T x

Thursday, 24 July 2008


HUGE news on the Fizz front... I have put an offer in on a house! Eek! This is not the first time I will have owned my own property, I used to have a flat in London, but I hated it and it made me miserable. So it has taken me a looooong time to decide to take the plunge again. But I've made the decision, I've found a house I really like, and I'm going for it!

Dizz and Wavey went round with me last night and they both liked it - of course there are things that need doing - but I don't expect perfection. The yard is possibly the best bit, so here's a photo. It doesn't really do it justice - that big door on the left is to the metal shed which the sellers are taking with them.

I've put in an offer, and the sellers are apparently considering it. So please, keep all your fingers crossed!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Oh baby!

I am, at this very moment, so freakin' excited I may explode. I have just bashed my credit card many many times over but this is the exciting agenda of gigs I have up and coming in the next few months:
*We Are Scientists
*The Ting Tings
*One Night Only
*Vampire Weekend (oh! my! word! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!)
*Kings of Leon (oh baby!)

How hugely exciting!!! I'm going to be busting around each gig, I truly am. Especially the Vampires. Cos I love them so much I would kiss their feet if they would let me. Their album is possibly one of the finest I have ever had the pleasure to caress my ears with.

And then. The excitement doesn't end there. In my whole, must try new things vibe that I try to keep going at all times, I've just enrolled myself onto a Thai cookery course. Oh yes, can you imagine the banquets we will have? It's beyond exciting. Words cannot describe the excitement. Imagine me. Sat on the floor, laptop in lap. With the biggest widest grin you've ever seen me give and then you'll be close.

Oh baby! xx

Monday, 21 July 2008

New Phone

I've been bad. I've bought a new phone, and it's fab! I have no excuse for not blogging now as I'll have constant access to the Internet. More to follow. T x

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Cow Girl

OK, this should settle the cow-print debate once and for all. Here are a couple of photos of my friend's 3-year-old daughter wearing a fetching outfit I made for her. It's a mac and sou'wester made out of cow-print and edged in hot pink.
Can you really deny that this is cute? And if it's OK for a 3-year-old then why not on a car?

Friday, 11 July 2008

Can I have one?

Here's what I want when I have to replace Borat (my car). I'd like one of these...

with a bit of this...

so it would look something like this...

How cool is that?

Can I have one? Can I? Can I?

Monday, 7 July 2008

Did we miss the check box?

It's July. And all it's done for the past 2 days is rain. Solidly. I think someone, (I'm not sure who to assign blame to), but whoever it is forgot to register for the summer. What is the confusion?

I had planned on buying this:

But am thinking that this will be more appropriate:
Although I hasten to add it would not be pink. Cos me and that shade of pink are not good friends.

I think the weather had something to do with me falling out my front door yesterday. Well, that and the fact that I have hardly any sole left on my trainers, as one minute I was upright and the next I was on the deck. As you well know from previous blog posts I'm not exactly a stranger to falling down but this was just stupid! I felt like such a big eejit. As I live in a street house, anyone looking out of their window would have seen the stupid fall. And me hobbling away looking all pitiful. I thought that all was well but as today has advanced, my right ankle has got larger and it now has a large egg on it. Oh-oh. I'm not in pain right now so I'm assuming that's a good sign...but it may be a visit to the docs if it doesn't go down tomorrow as I may have caused inside damage. Join me in saying, what a silly fool Dizz.

What a crackin' weekend though. Oh it was heavenly to have nothing booked. Not a sausage. This is so rare these busy days. The highlight was definitely the very last ep of this series of Dr Who. OH! It was beyond good. I won't give too much away in case anyone hasn't seen it yet but I did well at the end (yes I'm a wuss, we know that) and it was extra fun cos Fizz and Wavey came round to watch it and we ate pizza and garlic bread and salad whilst we watched. I was so engrossed I forgot to put my fork down on my plate when I was done.

And yesterday I beasted through my ironing in under an hour. Maybe it was just base camp of Mount Everest this time rather than the actual mountain itself? I watched World Trade Center in the evening and oh that was sad too, mucho lip wobbling going on.

And that my friends is it. Today I've been 4 people all at once cos I had so much to do. And I'm working overtime til 7pm! Can't wait to get home, am very tired.

Ta-ta x