Monday, 28 November 2011

Imelda got a WOOOOO!

Wavey and I went to see Imelda May last night. It was, I have to say, one of the bestest gigs I have ever been too. She was AMAZING! She played for nearly 2 hours and she has this huge voice that is just awesome, the atmosphere was bouncing, all in all, just wow. Johnny got a Boom! Boom!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Home cinema

Last night Wavey, Fizz and I went to the cinema. But when we got there the film hadn't turned up - eh?! The receptionist tried to sell us the alternative film that they had on offer but the words drinking himself into a stupour and killing his dog were enough to put us all off. Instead we came home and enjoyed a home cinema experience. 

Even though I really love going to the actual cinema you just can't beat the home cinema experience, especially now we have our really big tv, yay! We settled back on our very lovely comfy sofa, feet on the beanbag, red wine in the glass, chocolate cheesecake on the plate, and a bag of Revels on the side for afters. We watched Cemetery Junction which was written by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant and was actually very very good. Funny, bit of drama, couple of pretty boys, a very pretty girl who had even prettier dresses - better than a drunk killing his dog!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Festive and merry

I can't lie, I totally love Christmas! I love the sparkly lights, the gift giving, the gift receiving, the huge dinners, the brussel sprouts, and all that luscious time off work. Which is why I jumped at the chance to attend a Christmas Fayre at poshy posh hall with my ma. And what a lovely afternoon. Much of it was spent walking round poshy posh hall gawping at the amazing ceilings and the beautiful rooms, so nice!

There was a really good variety of stalls too with everything from jewellery to food and wine and cakes and children's toys and handmade bags that cost £195 (one day...) and bespoke furniture that cost £599, which they can do in any fabric for you madam except silk of course *posh chortle chortle laughter* That was one end of the spectrum, there were some very affordable stalls and I got some lovely presents that are unusual and handmade and that little bit special which is always one of my aims when gift giving. 

There was one stall that had the most fabulous tights on it and I'm a total sucker for tights. I was so excited until I turned them over to find that they cost £33!! Yep £33!! I just laughed out loud, I wasn't sure what else to do. The stall owner immediately came to see if the mad woman laughing out loud needed any assistance near her tights that must surely be made with threads of gold for them to cost that much. Oh they're very good tights she assured me...maybe they are but I'm famous for destroying tights in one wear, imagine how utterly gutted you would be if you paid £33 for a pair of tights only for them to break after one wear. Methinks not.

After such a lovely afternoon listening to carols and wandering around all the lovely stalls I'm feeling very festive. I'm resisting putting the Christmas music on, but not for much longer. It's only a handful of days away now....merry merry yay!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Today's the day

Today is Start Your Own Country Day. How cool! Mine will be called the Federal United Kingdom of Fizztopia.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Girlie girl

I was happily working away at theatre this morning, doing a bit of painting, touching up a bit where we'd missed the other night when someone uttered the dread words "can you just hammer that in for me?" Nooooooo! I am so incredibly utterly pants when it comes to hammering stuff. I inevitably end up bashing my thumb more than the nail I'm trying to hit and am frankly just a total girl about it all. I succeeded at getting 2 nails in without bashing my thumb too much but by the 3rd it was total thumb bash time. The final straw was when the nail pinged out of the piece of hardboard, flew up, and bashed me on the forehead. Owwwwwww. I almost threw down the hammer in a total pouting hissy fit but managed to be grown up about it and placed it on the ground before stomping around declaring how useless I am at hammering!

Luckily the next option was a staple gun that you plug in. Awesome! It wasn't all plain sailing, took at least 5 staples before one got all mangled up inside and we had to take it apart. I only had to do that 3 more times before the job was done. Or so I thought. Oh just cut that gaffer tape in half....the stickiest tape ever! Thankfully a kind hearted soul came to my rescue and told me to stick the tape to the side of an aluminium ladder and slice it with a knife - genius! What with that, laying some lino, and the hanging of the door, I think I managed to re-gain some of my lost pride from the hammer incident. 

The thing of it is, I'm such a girl when it comes to stuff like that. I can use the whizz whizz screwdrivers and can even drill a hole or two as long as it's not too complicated, but hammering, sawing, slicing, dicing, and all the other stuff we do, not a chance! I'm far too clumsy to be let loose with a saw of any kind. Some of the tools we have are downright scary and I always avoid. But I'm super good at holding bits of wood whilst people saw stuff. And I am a demon painter. But power tools and me? Nope. Total girl.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Thank &%£$ it's Friday!

The official work week from hell finally came to a close at 5 in the PM this evening. Happy weekend! 

First up Wavey and I headed to the toon for some even bigger bargains in the bargain spectacular. We shopped, we got a free cup of coffee, we ate a yummy mince pie, and we got heaps of bargains. Since then the evening has gone something like this:

"Big Bang Theory"
Cup of tea
"The Hour"
"Made in Chelsea"
Cup of tea
"Pan Am" 

Summing up, we've eaten like pigs, we've drunk until we're a smidge tipsy, and we've caught up on some quality telly. Weekends are definitely the BEST THING EVER!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

You're terrible Muriel...

A couple of months ago Wavey and I joined a gym. It's quite an expensive gym and it's really rather snazzy with its 3 different swimming pools, 3 studios, a running track round the outside, and hundreds of machines. Initially we were really good and were going for a swim and going to the gym and doing this and trying this class. You can already see where this is going can't you? 

We have already started to lose interest. This is bad. Very bad. We promised ourselves we would use it as it does cost quite a bit, and that we'd be good and we'd only eat good food. Somehow it never takes very long for all good intentions to fall by the wayside. This is fundamentally because we are fat knackers by nature. We love food, all food, puddings are yummy, icecream pretty much is the cure for all of life's ills, chocolate helps with that too...and biscuits...and definitely cake. And because we eat all that food cos it's so yummy and we often need to cure rubbish days at work by eating yummy icecream, we really need to go to the gym. 

Tonight's the night. We've even shaken hands and agreed that we're going to the gym later on. Even though I'm actually kinda tired and Wavey's been away for the last couple of days doing more jet setting and this is right up there as one of the worst work weeks of all time, it MUST BE DONE! Or else we are terrible people, just like Muriel.

Wisely we only signed up for the minimum time of 6 months because we know that we're terrible at staying motivated. I need me a motivator! Perhaps a picture of some yummy cake and a giant wobbly arse (it's the word of the week!) is the way forward? Get thee to the gym fat knackers! Get thee! 

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Evolving a system

There are many reasons why I will never be a manager. The list is long but includes my inability to keep my mouth shut before engaging my brain, lack of any real ambition (particularly in current role), a tendency to wear unsuitably short skirts in my place of work, and lack of any experience that would actually help in such a role. But these are not the biggest reasons. No, the biggest reason is because I could never ever ever ever bring myself to use "management speak". And it seems (again I can only refer to my own place of work here) that as soon as one becomes a manager one must also throw around all these bat shit crazy words that mean absolutely nothing and make most of us cringe inside.

My response to these words? Arse. Total and utter arse. 

To be fair, it's been an utterly rotten day and maybe by tomorrow I won't feel a need to use the word arse quite as much, but today it's been peppered all over my conversations. And with very good reason I might add. I shake my head at the bonkers-ness and wonder again and again how I managed to end up here, with no prospects, and very little hope of finding gainful employment elsewhere (2.62 million unemployed according to today's figures). Best not to dwell really. Ho hum and all that jazz. 

So for tomorrow my main challenge will be how to "evolve a system". And to significantly reduce the number of times I say arse. Best get a few out of the way now then: arse arse arse arse ARSE.


I love internet shopping!

I have a really bad memory, so I order something, a few days pass, I forget what I've ordered, then it arrives and I've no idea what's in the parcel. So I rip it open, excited as a 3-year-old, and am always delighted with what's inside. It's like Christmas over and over again. Even better actually, because it's always something I really wanted/needed.

I went a bit mad at the weekend and ordered loads of presents, so they've been arriving in dribs and drabs for the last 3 days. On Monday I had 2 parcels - a barrel of coffee and a ruler. Yesterday I had another two - a rotary cutter and an alarm clock that chirps like a robin. Today I've had 3 (so far) - a self-healing cutting mat, an eco-friendly wooden jigsaw puzzle and another thing I can't mention cos Dizz might guess it's for her. I know when I get my credit card bill I'll be singing a different tune, but right now it fabby-fabtastic fun!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Old...but much loved

This my friends is the very definition of battered:

It may not be evident at first glance but it is actually a purse. My purse to be precise. A once red and shiny and lovely new purse that is now battered, falling to pieces, the cards no longer stay in the slots, the zip is starting to break, and the popper went so long ago it's been held together by an equally battered hair bobble for at least 2 years. For the longest time I've carried on using my purse, not at all ashamed by it being held together by a hair bobble but I always knew there would be a time to say goodbye and I think that time is now. 

It's a good job it's near Christmas as I'm going to ask my sister to buy me a new one. I think I prefer to pass the job along as I'm so reluctant to say farewell to this one. It has truly served me well. I think it was a gift too so it will be nice to replace it with another gift. 

I know of several people who will be utterly thrilled to see my battered old purse go. Not mentioning any names (Miss Cat) but there are some who actually shudder at the sight of my sad old purse. How can something so well loved cause such offense? 

So there you have it. I like to take a picture of these things for the blog so that they continue to live on. Old...but much loved. 

Saturday, 12 November 2011

The horrid purple room

Before I begin I'm going to do a quick apology in case anyone reading this has chosen the following colour in any room in their house. Colour is a very personal thing and I in no way mean any offense. I love purple. Just not in a teeny tiny bathroom. 

Now I can begin. When I moved into Wavey's house almost every room was beige apart from this tiny little bathroom that's out the back of the kitchen which was purple. With green ivy stencilled in each corner. And green accessories. Even the ceiling was purple! And so it was dark and dingy and pretty nasty and it was basically used as a storage facility. Since the arrival of the Man Shed last year, a lot of the stuff has been moved and now lives in its rightful place outside and we've been meaning to tackle this little bathroom for ages, bought the paint months ago. I finally decided I was just going to get on and do it. There's really only room for one person in there anyway as it's teeny weeny so tackling it alone wasn't that big a deal. 

When it's finished it's going to be fab. The ceiling will be white. The woodwork will be lovely gloss white and the walls are going to be Lemon Sorbet, a bright bright yellow. I have great faith that it will really open up the space, brighten it up and make it look absolutely fab. And because it's so close to the garden I have a lot of plans to make it a kind of indoor garden space. I know that sounds weird but trust me, it will look faberoony. But when I started this morning it didn't look fab. Grotty radiator, with bits of plasterwork underneath, the strange shade of lilac/purple on every single wall as the photos show below:

A good solid day of work put in later I've put two coats of white on the ceiling, glossed every surface that needed glossing, re-painted the radiator and started on the walls. There's still a lot left to do but already it's looking so much more brillo! I will post a pic when it's finally all done and dusted and you can either enjoy the brightness or scream at the awfulness, cos it really all depends how you feel about yellow. I won't take offense...

Monday, 7 November 2011


I had a really exciting phone conversation tonight! My bestie friend from university days was calling to tell me that she's moving. At the moment she lives down in London town which feels like the longest distance away, we only see each other every few months and because we lead such busy lives we're terrible at phoning each other regularly. We text and email and are lucky to be  such great besties that even if we didn't speak for months, hell years even, we would just pick up exactly where we left off and start gossiping and basically not shut up for about, oooh 3 days. So there's the background, now to the news. They're moving up north! I think we both squealed with excitement! 

She will be literally just down the road. Okay slight exaggeration as she's not moving next door (now that would be totally awesome!) but she's going to be so much closer. In the same town as my sister lives actually and we often go over there and come back in the same day. And we'll be able to meet halfway and do ladies days out in like Leeds or York. Basically she and her fabby little family will be so much more in our lives which is just the bestest news for besties ever! And we all get on so well. They've only met Wavey a couple of times when they've been up to stay, but like tonight, he answered the phone and they gossiped for about 10 minutes whilst I sat on the sofa waiting patiently...until I'd had enough of waiting and just went and stood by the phone demanding my turn my turn! 

I'm so incredibly chuffed that I have this huge smile on my face that's been there since the phone call. Yay! Yippee! Woooo to besties making sound decisions like leaving that evil London town and moving back oop north where the great and good live :O)


Saturday, 5 November 2011

A dashingly glorious romp in the autumnal Lakes...

...otherwise known as yet another holiday in the Dizz and Wavey calendar. Yes that makes 5 this year. We're not counting but other people are, and we really don't care as we lurve holidays the mostest and the bestest. And here are just a few phone and actual photos to show you why:

The return to reality is hard. Very hard. Needless to say we're already thinking of the destination for the next one...