Thursday, 30 August 2007


Have just spent some serious (over)time on Facebook doing pirate-ing and wow, what a half hour that was. In that short time I managed to:
1. Get 2 monkeys (WOOHOO!)
2. Get one of my crew killed when I pillaged a town
3. Lose 6 boats in storms and change pirate 6 times
4. Lose 459 (!) coins to some random stranger who attacked my ship
5. Get RSI in my mouse finger ;o)

On another note, I am CHUFFING STARVING!!! (and that needed all those exclamation marks, Fizz)

This time next week I am in the sky, flyyyyyyying high in the skkkkkkyyyyyy, to San Fran baby. Oh yeah.

Arrrrr me hearties, farewell x

Monday, 27 August 2007

child's play

I know I say it all the time but how fantastic are Bank Holiday weekends? Seriously? The sun has been shining all weekend, my wardrobe staples have been shorty shorts, vests, and flip flops. It's been blimmin' marvellous.

The entire weekend has been action packed. My sis arrived with her entourage on Friday in time for my ma's 60th birthday celebrations. Cries of Aunty Claire Aunty Claire were to be heard for miles around. In the 3 days I have taken part in the following activities:
1. Nintendo Wii. Oh wow. I really really want one now! What a riot. We boxed; we bowled; we cast spells with Harry Potter; we drove the Disney Cars round and round the track...please can I have one? I wear the proud badge of knocking out my opponent in the boxing within 45 seconds of the first round, oh yes, I am the champion!
2. Whoever invented balloons deserves the biggest medal. Kids LOVE them. The summer breezes were up this weekend so my suggestion to attach some string and go fly the balloons was like the BEST thing ever. Cos not only do the kids love it, all that running up and down makes them totally knackered, thus sending them to bed early, yay!
3. I forgot how much fun SwingBall is! It started off quite gently, playing with the wee 'uns, then me and my sis set to playing. We had to stop halfway through to get bricks to hold it down cos we were hitting it that viciously it was rising out of the mud. After trying to knock each other out with the ball, we had to stop play due to a complicated sequence of events that couldn't have been repeated if we'd tried hard where my sis hit the ball really hard, it and my bat both flew up in the air and whacked me on the knuckle; eyes watering and trying hard not to swear, I had to admit defeat. The bruise is developing nicely.
4. Superhero dancing. This basically involves (should any of you want to try it) wearing a party mask, and dancing in the style of Superman to any song that comes on: "fast music Aunty Claire we want fast music"
5. Ninja play. Kicking. More kicking. Striking the pose with the arms. Nuff said really.
6. Making up my 3 year old niece for the party, using my Urban Decay sparkly eyeshadows and lipgloss, as well as some pink blusher, Ruby and Millie shocking pink nail varnish, and plaits please Aunty Claire. I had to draw the line when she wanted black eyeshadow! She is such a girl! And she loves make up and necklaces and flipflops and clothes, or should I say she loves my...
7. Playing catch. How high can you really throw a ball up in the air? Very far, it turns out.
8. Helping to host the birthday bbq by running around and making sure peeps had drinks and enough food. I stayed outside with the men most of the night, best place to be I reckon. Funniest moment, one of the guys looking at me and saying "do you ever stop eating?" Well, erm, no not really.
9. Shopping with Fizz today. I knew I'd get a black hoodie! Ha! And 2 new pairs of pjs so that I can comply with the staying in a room with friends rule.
10. Oh and a 2nd bbq with Wavey, which was fuuun! We had sausages in buns. And homemade potato salad, with potatoes from the garden! Yum-a-licious.

10 days to San Fran. OMG! I am sooooooooo excited!

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Stressed Out and Sorry

This is a big SORRY to anyone who was affected by my extremely stressed aura over the last couple of days. It was caused by a catalog of unavoidable situations that resulted in my not being properly prepared for a visit to a client, which then went disasterously wrong.

I've calmed down a bit now. I am safe to approach. You can even ask how I am without having your head bitten off.

Anyone know of a support group for control freaks?

Sunday, 19 August 2007

slush puppy

Sunday greetings one and all. Well, this has been a strange old week for Dizz. Not one who has a lot of time for slush/mush/general sloppiness, I have found myself faced with these very things on more than one occasion this week; the weirdest thing is that it's me whose been the one who has been slushy/mushy/sloppy!

The events surrounding these situations are not to be shared (eeeh mind your own business, nosy parker!) but it's been so very strange that I felt a need to blog. I mean, how very odd that they all happened in one week! Maybe the way it goes is that you go for months, taking it for granted that your friends know how you feel about them, then all of a sudden you just have to tell them and you can't stop yourself; before you know it you're blurting out all this mushy slushy stuff! But what's so nice about it all is that you get it back too; a two-way slush-fest if you like. It's been really quite lovely (see, I can't stop it, this slushiness is taking over, help me) and has made me feel even closer to the people involved than I did before.

Always one for the chitter chatter (anyone who knows me well knows that as well as being permanently hungry, I also never shut up) the things that have evolved from me being honest and just saying what I feel in the past few weeks has really been quite revelatory (chuckle, I just looked that up in the dictionary to make sure it was even a word and the page fell open at the definition for the rhythm method).

So in conclusion, blog readers, next time you see me, don't be alarmed if I start spouting slush/mush/sloppiness. It's okay. I'll be over it soon and back to my hard-arsed, cynical self that you all know and love. And if any of you would like to "share" any revelations that have come to you in the past few weeks, feel free to add your comments. We LOVE getting comments we do :O)

Monday, 13 August 2007

a numbered list

I realised yesterday that it has been a fair while since any of us have had something to say on the blog, and it made me feel a wee bit remorseful. Thus, in the spirit of rectifying the situation, here follows a numbered list, in no particular order, of what the past few days have revealed:
1. That I can drag my lazy arse out of bed, get to work for 8.40 in the a.m and make up a very respectable 25 minutes in flexi-time if I am so inclined
2. That a blustery summer wind can whip up a funky blue puffball skirt in the style of Marilyn Monroe, thus causing me the embarrassment of the whole world seeing my knickers and a very loud EEEK to be shrieked in the street
3. Distressing as a dead bird in the yard and a huge chuff-off spider in the kitchen can be, having a man-friend in the house during these events eases the squeamishness factor somewhat. Wow was I impressed with the speediness that these creatures disappeared from my life, it takes me an age to psych myself up enough to get rid of them!
4. That flip flops dry out remarkably fast, even after squelching through huge puddles from the TORRENTIAL downpour
5. That my most favourite make-up brand, Urban Decay, originates from California, which must surely mean that I'm going to be able to buy a TRUCK LOAD of it whilst in SF for very bargainous prices, yay!
6. That my current obsession with purple will soon have to end, as it's the colour for the Autumn/Winter collections, and once the common people start wearing it, it has to be gone from my wardrobe, sob sob (yeah yeah I know, snob snob)
7. The Amy MacDonald cd is stuck in my stereo. It's the only reason I can give for it being on constant playback (my poor neighbours)
8. Drinking many different types of white wine, and tequila slammers, in the same night results in a lot of sleeping and a very bad hangover
9. I'm always hugely excited whenever the blog gets comments from strangers. I mean, like, wow. I always want a million questions answered and have to physically restrain myself from emailing them to ask all the questions. But how do they find us?
10. That as I had previously thought, it doesn't take a great deal of alcohol for me to reveal my secret crushes, turns out it just takes Smarties icecream, well, there you go
11. My hula-hooping has improved slightly. I managed, ooh, about 4 seconds yesterday. I was impressed anyway
12. Exercise balls are actually much more fun as giant basketballs, they don't half bounce well!
13. That as well as being Dizz, I am also Ditz. Honestly, I've been doing such dopey things, I'm shaking my head at myself
14. It really really makes your eyes water when you bang your ankle bone against the door of a toilet cubicle (ouch)
15. And finally, I've come to realise that sometimes telling people exactly what is on your mind can work miracles, it really can. I've done this to two people recently and the efforts that have been made since I said my piece have been admirable. I'm proud of them. And proud of me too for having the balls to say these things.

And that my blog friends (and strangers!) is all. I have to go and try my new exercise ball dvd now: Bounce yourself fit/trim/slim (I can't remember the exact title). Ta-ta xx

Thursday, 2 August 2007


I'm a pirate. Not just any old pirate, but a Corsair Pirate! You should see my boat. It rocks. I have booty, I have coins, I have gold, I have cannons, but I WANT A MONKEY! And can I buggery find one. I sail north...I sail south...and still no monkey :o( J has 2! I mean come on, that's just greedy! I have monkey envy.

But better to have monkey envy than be trying to sniff one like Cat... :o)