Monday, 27 December 2010

It's Chreeeeeeeestmas!

Christmas means so many different things to different people. These are just a few photos to demonstrate what Christmas means to me.

First up, it's seeing bestest friends who live far away and get to come up for Christmas holiday fun. It's inviting them round to your house and drinking wine and getting them to join in with decorating the Christmas cake so that a joint effort from Tizz, Wavey and myself ends up looking like our fabulous Christmas cake igloo:

It's laughing hysterically at a pair of welly boots sticking out of the side of a cake and placing penguins on top of bricks:

It's getting the best Christmas presents ever that other people think are completely insane but are given with love and true knowledge of what will make that person so happy:

It's shiny lights in a snowy landscape that make you feel all slushy and sloppy on an evening walk:

And it's popping out somewhere for a "quick" drink only to return hours later, merry as merry and thinking that this will make a truly great photo...

I hope you all had the merriest of times too - Happy Christmas!

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Librarian Girl said...

Your style of Christmas is pretty much awesome.