Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Walking the plank

Things what have happened this week:

1. Learned how to do the plank in pilates. It hurts. A lot. And yet I love pilates so.

2. Had my interview. Where I survived my first ever presentation, and it lasted over 8 minutes. I'm still waiting to hear about the job but to be honest I'm not holding my breath. I was so relieved that I had finished the presentation I just wanted to slump in my seat and breathe for a while, but instead I had to answer questions about "upstairs" stuff of which I know very little about. Cue waffling. I think I pulled it round by the end but who can know. Either way - I'm very proud of myself for doing that presentation. I was crapping myself and I did it, yay me!

3. I won an award, as voted by my colleagues, for being the most cheerful, most sunny and most huggable person - I am officially a sunbeam. And I have a sparkly green medal and a certificate to prove it.

4. My brand new sparkly shiny ipod is synching as I type. Over 2000 songs should be enough for my average bus journey...

5. I definitely had the best interview outfit on. I was truly rocking it. No black suit for me, no sir-eee Bob.

6. My laptop is starting to do strange things. CRUCIAL BATTERY is the new watchword, it used to just be low battery. Me no likey. I heart my laptop so.

7. I've got a cold :( boo to germs, boo I tells ya!

8. I made mars bar cake, which was utterly yummy and went down a treat last night at theatre...

9. ...where we played the most hilarious game of football I have ever played. A sight never to be forgotten when Stormin' took a dive from the seats and landed on his knees in a heap and still managed to miss the ball. One of our members nearly wet herself laughing, literally, and the rest of us were bent over double in pain, we laughed so much. Happy times.

10. Christmas has crept ever closer. Eeeeek! Must get organised. I truly must!

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