Wednesday, 22 December 2010

What was that noise...?

You remember last year when I first moved in with Wavey and we'd planned this fabby Christmas? My folks were coming and it was going to be this and going to be that...and then the boiler broke and we had no heating? Well it seems that some sort of curse has befallen us, as tonight our oven exploded.

We were both upstairs; I was trying to make the internet work (another tale altogether) and Wavey was changing a lightbulb in the bathroom when we heard this noise. Not sure what it was, we both just carried on with our tasks at hand and thought about it no more. Shortly afterwards I trotted downstairs to sort out the dinner and stepped in something that cracked underneath my feet. Weird, thinks I, we've only brought in snow with us and not crackly ice. I looked under my feet and noticed small shards of glass. Then it was like something in slow motion as I moved my glance up and noticed that the inside of the oven seemed to have exploded all over our potato wedges. Hmmmm - WAVEY!

And so we find ourselves 3 days before Christmas without an oven. We've been out tonight in the falling snow and tried to get one, but no-one has one that you can just walk away with. It's a time to sell docking stations and ipods and digital radios, who would want to buy an oven 3 days before Christmas. Erm *puts hands up* that would be us please sir. Luckily all the plans we had did not involve roasting a turkey for several hours, nor are we cooking for like 10 people. It's the two of us here. And really, to tell you the truth, even if all we had was beans on toast with some melted cheese on the top it wouldn't spoil Christmas!

But what an end to a seriously crappy week. There's been some horrible shit gone down this week that has completely and utterly left me raw. Today we got a phone call from a work colleague telling us that her dad had died. It's just awful. I don't understand why all this crappy stuff has to happen to really nice people. Put all this with the fact that I have this god-awful cold that came out of nowhere and will not go away, my nose is red raw and it's freezing so it feels like my face might fall off everytime I go outside, I had to cancel my hair appointment on Saturday as I felt so rubbish so my fringe is falling in my eyes and my roots are showing through...merry chuffin Christmas eh?

I phoned my ma tonight to tell her the woes of the oven and we ended up laughing. They'd had this awful family visit involving a man holding an entire conversation with my dad whilst sat in his grubby vest, and we'd been all round Evil Park with no success at buying an oven. But plenty of drooling over huge flat screen televisions, and funky mixers, and docking stations to drool over! As she ever so sweetly pointed out, we (as in Wavey and I) have each other and all these things that come our way to test us just prove how strong our relationship is. I don't know about you, but I can think of nothing better to have for Christmas.

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Librarian Girl said...

Wow! I am glad you had shoes on when you decided to walk into the kitchen!

Looks like a new oven for the new year. Get something shiny. :)