Thursday, 28 February 2008

Moving earth, part 2

Sucky sucky suck suck. Yep you guessed it, I'm still dizzy. So I'm still off work. And I'm still 'so bored I could die' (guess the quote moment there, not an actual statement). The only way to describe how I'm feeling today is imagine you're on a moving walkway at the airport, but you're not actually moving physically, your head just makes you feel like you are. It's proper rubbish it is. But I'm being all rebellious. I've been taking these drugs the doc gave me which are essentially travel sickness pills (hello, do you see me travelling right now?) and they're not working. Not at all. So I'm going drug free today. First thing I did was crash into the door frame. Excellent start. But asks I, what's the point in taking these drugs if they don't make you better? It's time to have serious words with my brain and tell it to right itself. See what happens with that.

No other news. Well apart from a piece of seriously minging gossip regarding a second floor window, a 'gentleman', and the words 'self' and 'pleasure'. Eeeek! What's the confusion? Clearly said gentleman had a library fantasy he wanted to fulfil. Yack yack yack though, surely: time. place. for. everything. Not libraryland! See what I miss out on when I'm not there. Oh lucky day xx

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Moving earth

Picture the scene: it's just before 1am, Dizz is curled up fast asleep, when a sudden something wakes her up, heart pounding so loud it threatens to burst out of her body, she wonders why the bed is shaking...

...yep, we had an EARTHQUAKE! Say what? I know! It's truly frightening when global warming has reached such scariness that we have earthquakes! I'd do more than one exclamation mark to emphasise that but Fizz will have a nervous breakdown so it's not wise :o)

I don't know what I thought it was. I remember in my sleep fuddled state thinking that it sounded like someone was walking across my landing. And I live alone. So that was scary mary stuff. I thought it was just maybe the wind that had made that loud noise which shook the bed and the foundations of the house a smidgen, but I had to be sure. So I valiantly stepped out of my bed, clutching my mobile phone, and staked out the house making sure I was all alone still. What an errant burglar would have thought when he discovered the homeowner in her Rainbow Brite tee and black knickers I'm not quite sure, nor what I would have done should there have been said burglar but hey, it's all about bravado! For it to turn out to be an earthquake, well, wow, I'm still reeling from it (and not blaming the dizzies for once!)

As you can imagine, it's the talk of everyone. People's facebook status is alive with it. I'm not quite sure if it was bad enough for someone to fall out of bed as one friend suggested, unless they were teetering right on the edge, I dunno, but hey I'm all for embellishment (as this blog clearly demonstrates)

The only other news of the day is that I can hear again. Out of both ears. Wow. I never knew my front door squeaked so badly. Or that keys make that really horrible scratchy sound. How quickly we forget! I've only been deaf for about 2 weeks and I'd forgotten stuff like that. Am shaking my head at myself. Anyhoo, hopefully this will kick-start my brain to getting some kind of balance back. No matter what I'm going back to work tomorrow, I'm sooooo bored. It'll be fine, cos T has offered to bring me a helmet and some cushions for a kind of padded body armour suit. I can rock that look I have absolutely no doubt at all...

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Medal of (dis)honour

Oh my lovelies, tis a sad day indeed. It's finally reached that time. It's time to say goodbye. No, I'm not leaving this mortal soil just yet...but my beloved 'belt' is. I know there are some out there thinking, why is she saying goodbye to a belt? We all use them to keep our trousers up, what's the confusion. But this is not just any old belt that we're talking about. Mainly because this belt is actually a skirt. Well, I thought it was until Fizz declared it so short that it had to be defined as said belt.

The belt and I have had many a good time. And it's also been the cause of some trouble. Mucho mischief has taken place whilst wearing the belt (just ask Wavey about the board game night). The belt has had a good life, it truly has, hence why it must be honoured. It's been rocked with funky tights and boots; funky tights and heels; leggings and flattie pumps; you name it and it's probably been worn with the belt.

What is making you throw it out, I hear you cry. Weeeeelllll. Let's just say that the last few times that it's been washed, it's lost another vital centimetre, and a few more threads. It no longer sits nicely on my hips, but slides right down to pant-level, and as Fizz kindly informed me today, it's indecent as it doesn't actually cover my arse. So, the belt has to go. Dizz cannot be seen to be exposing her booty to just any old passer-by. I've kindly included a last image of the belt, so that you can see how muchly loved it really has been:

Ohhhhh big sigh. I'll miss it muchly. But, safe to say I've had my money out of it. Well out of it! Bub-bye belt, you did me proud.

PS. Thanks muchly for all the kind get well wishes from everyone. Fingers crossed that the ears getting swooshed out tomorrow will make me upright again. Enough of falling into my furniture! xx

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Dizz rocks!

Most of you will know that our lovely Dizz is poorly pick at the moment. I made a little cartoon hoping it will make her smile. WE LOVE YOU DIZZ! U ROCK!

Tuesday, 12 February 2008


I've done a bad thing. I've put a deposit on a 'new' car (new for me but not new new). It is silver and has 2 seats and is in no way practical but is beautiful. Oh dear!

Monday, 11 February 2008


In all the shoe excitement from the birthday I neglected to mention a very cool present that I was equally as excited about. It came in a tin. And it was a First Aid Kit for Guitar. So now I have to explain...

When I was just a wee'un I used to play 2 instruments: first up was the recorder, but I didn't just play the regular one, I played them all, from the teeny eenie one right up to the biiiiiigggg one that you really had to stretch your fingers to reach the holes; and I played the guitar. Yep even back in the day, I had dreams of being a rock chick. So recently, I mentioned that I was thinking of taking the guitar up again, as music plays such a huge part in my life, it made sense to make some of my own once again. Hence the kit. Which lived upstairs until tonight.

An uneventful Monday evening has thus turned into one of major excitement. My guitar, oh my beloved guitar. I'll have to take a photo and post it at some point. It was second hand when my parents originally bought it for me, money being not exactly falling off trees back in the day, so when I took it out of its case after years of neglect I wasn't sure what to expect. I'm pleased to report that it's still sounding mighty fine. And it's looking as battered and well loved as it always did.

So I'm re-learning. The cool tin came with what is essentially a pack of cards with all the notes you will ever need to know to play the guitar, all with handy diagrams of which fingers should go where. Tonight I've learned 9 cards, A-C. I feel so proud of myself. I forgot that some of those notes need 4 fingers! And I also forgot about the dents. The tips of my fingers on my left hand are numb. Ouch! But good ouch. I'm smiling through the ouch-ness.

As I've blogged about it I guess you're all along for the learning ride with me. Those of you who live very far away should probably thank their lucky stars right about now as they won't be forced to listen to me demonstrating my range of kind those of you who live near. Cos you know that I still harbour those dreams of being a rock chick. One day, you just never know...what? a girl can't dream? xx

Thursday, 7 February 2008

What did I do?

If life had gone according to plan, right about now I would be shopping up a retail storm in our fair capital, strutting round all the shops that I had plans to visit, that only exist in London and not anywhere else. Instead, cos my life is seemingly sucky, I am stuck at home having been struck down by yet another mystery virus/bug that I seem a specialist in picking up; usually around the time that I'm supposed to be doing something really really exciting and that I've looked forward to for ages.

I am doom and gloom personified, readers. And to make it even worse, I found out that if I'd rung up the train ticket people yesterday, before my journey should have been, I would have been able to get my ticket transferred. ARSE! However, as Wavey kindly pointed out, no point grrr-ing at myself, as 'to be fair' I was spending rather a lot of time yesterday with my head over the toilet bowl so phoning the peeps who run the trains was not high on my priority list.

There are some benefits. Whilst everyone else is freezing their arses off in our arctic February temperatures, I've been living in vest tops as am absolutely boiling. And all that chocolate that I've eaten over the past few weeks has kinda disappeared. And I've probably saved myself a small fortune by missing the retail storm, even though I really really wanted that skirt from Urban Outfitters, and the Jo Malone perfume that I spent ages to-ing and fro-ing over before deciding to buy it despite its luxury status, and those other funky boutiques that would have had me drooling...trying to find a positive spin, hope you're all getting that there.

The reason that I'm so incredibly gutted is that I was supposed to be seeing my London peeps. Timotei is having her baby in 2 months and the life we knew and loved before will never be the same. And MB and Chops, the 3 of us haven't been together for years, we would have had such a riot. Blub blub, sob sob. I know there's more important things happening in the world but I'm going to let myself be sad, for a little while anyway xx