Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Bad shoes and general confusion

Phew! What a couple of weeks! And the 2 main themes for these weeks are bad bad shoes and big confusion. Might as well go in some kind of order so first up it's the shoes. Perhaps it's because I've been lusting after the pair that I blogged about a couple of weeks ago. Or maybe it's because 2 more pairs of my much loved, well battered shoes have had to go the way of the shoe graveyard. Maybe I should just say it like it is and admit that I spend a lot of time looking at shoes, be they on people's feet, on the interwebby, or in pretty shoe shops. The alarming trend that I have noticed though is one for bad shoes. Actually bad doesn't cover it. Butt ugly is how I sum up most of the pairs. Seriously shoe wearing people, what are you doing?

For those that are not sure, in Dizz World, butt ugly shoes basically means any of the following:
  • plain old boring black shoes
  • plain old boring black shoes that have clumpy soles/heels
  • shoes that fasten with velcro (are we 5?!)
  • clumpy shoes that are clearly too heavy for your way too skinny legs so get some feckin' decent shoes that you can lift up and/or eat some pies whilst you're at it
  • hooker shoes (they might be pretty colours and bling but you look like you belong on the streets)
  • any shoe or boot (especially boot!) that is baby pink. These really only belong on babies and even then, questionable, what's wrong with a dash of red or funky purple for the wee babes?

There's probably a million more but that's all I can think of for now. The butt ugly shoes that disturb me the most are worn by women in power. You ladies earn lots of money, you really should be wearing lovely lovely shoes. Personally, if I am ever a woman in power and earning lots of those pretty pennies I will look so fabulous that people won't care if I'm crap at managing or whatever, they'll just be overwhelmed by my fabulous wardrobe. And jelly of my shoes. Probably Christian Laboutins with the oh so pretty red sole and fierce 6 inch heels...and my Jimmy Choos...and my Manolos...what was that? Pension? Pah! Pretty shoes are so much more desirable than thinking about being old! So look out, if I'm frowning whilst looking at your feet you'll know that the phrase butt ugly is being thought.

And so to the confusion. The major confusion came from watching Inception. I'd been looking forward to it sooooo much. But it didn't live up to my expectations. This is mainly because I (still!) don't have a clue what actually happened! It was so confusing. And whizzy. And dizzy-fying, very hard to watch with my poor Dizz ears. A lot of it was me kind of slammed back up against the seat praying for the motion to stop. Wavey and I kept leaning over and saying, do you know what's going on? No. Do you? And so on until the end. When we still didn't understand. I tried looking up what it all meant on the web but there were so many theories out there that I started to get confused by them too! So I give up. If anyone wants to explain, please do. My overwhelming thought the whole time I was watching was: that Marion Cotillard, she's got lovely hair she has...

Monday, 16 August 2010

Lost and found

It's amazing what can be found on library shelves these days...

(Thanks to Cat for the photo)

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Just a few random Saturday observations and thoughts...

It will always amaze me how many people stand by an empty desk just cos it has a sign on saying HELP POINT...

To be called "Love" as your first name is pretty damned cool...

From the vantage point of my desk I can see that the sun is actually shining a wee bit. Which makes it a bit of a bummer to be at work...

This weekend overtime is no longer a cushie number. Don't get me wrong, I'm not moaning, but we really work for our money now!

Re-introducing myself to Pilates has really motivated me exercise wise. This week I did 2 Pilates sessions and 1 badminton session and I've loved every minute of it. This is not at all normal for me. It's such a good feeling, I knew I was getting a smidge on the chunky side, so it's great to see visible changes and enjoy clothes that were bordering on snug now actually fitting as they're supposed to. Maybe this exercise lark isn't so bad after all...

I really should just ignore Amazon book reviews. I occasionally find myself drifting into them and invariably disagree with what they say and then just get annoyed. I do believe however, that the people who reviewed my current book must have been reading something completely different cos it really ain't all that!

It was so very nice to enjoy a tv-free evening last night. I really do despise that flick flick flick flick thing. Hurts my brain.

And finally, this will come as no surprise: I am starving!!!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Parental guidance

We looked after Wavey's 3 grotbags yesterday. They get really excited about coming to visit Grandad and Dizz cos obviously I am so incredibly cool and we do loads of fun stuff with them - such as baking cakes and piling them high with coloured icing (never eat anything they make, I've seen them not wash their hands after licking cake mixture off them, yack!), building giant castles and fortresses out of huge cardboard from the wardrobes, showing them how to curl paper (best invention ever, or so you would have thought from their faces!), yesterday we made old treasure maps by soaking paper in cold tea to age it then hanging it out to dry until it was ready for X marks the stuff like that.

What is not fun is when they decide that they're going to play a game. And Wavey and I will be the mum and dad...erm, sorry, what? It's not such a big deal for Wavey as obviously he is already a dad or he wouldn't be able to be a grandad, but me? I have never been a mum and never intend to be either, so when some small child comes running over to you shouting mum mum mum we need you to come into the clubhouse and play, it is to be frank, shit scary! Several long relaxing breaths later I was calm again. Until she came back and did it again! Come on! Is she trying to torture me, cos if so, she's doing a really good job of it! Yikes! Cripes! And a holy mother effin fook for good measure! Later they got bored and decided we were playing mermaid kingdom instead, at which point I was relegated to big sis *insert huge sigh of relief here*

It's an odd thing though. That little word is said the world over by millions of kids, hell I said it myself and still do to my own mother. But to suddenly find yourself promoted to that...sheesh. Fizz observed yesterday how it's funny (but not funny ha-ha) how I, the person who has always been very honest and open about not wanting children, often finds myself surrounded by the little buggers! Don't get me wrong, I love kids, they're brilliant fun and they have excellent games to play, but they're only fun when you can give them back. The classic example was yesterday when grotbag number 3 got woken up before his naptime had really ended and he proper sulked, like sitting in the middle of the rug with his head down crying and whining and finally whimpering (but only when he checked to see if anyone was looking) for a whole hour! It was hideous. We did what all parents probably do in the face of such awkwardness and simply walked away and left him to it. I have a huge admiration for people (I think they call them parents) who deal with that kinda shit 24/7. Seriously, I would be demented. Like climbing the walls crazy. How do you do it?!

Suffice it to say that each time I spend time looking after other people's children, all it succeeds in doing is reinforcing my already firm opinion that it's not for me. Or as summed up by Wavey's sis at the end of yesterday: that day was the best advertisement for birth control.

I shall however end with a little advice. If you too want to make ye olde fashioned treasure map it's best to use 2 pegs when you hang it out to dry in the sun or the paper goes all curly and you have to try and smooth it back down without cracking it, tis a tricky old life sometimes...

Friday, 6 August 2010

Heart versus head

For the past few months I've been a super good girl and reduced my spending rather a lot. I had a lot of expensive things to plan for, getting my house sorted for renting particularly, so I tried to do my best and not spend every single penny of my salary on clothes and shoes and other frivolous items that I enjoy. In fact I made a pact (only to myself admittedly but I'm very strong willed so lived by it really easily) that I wouldn't buy any more shoes. And I love shoes. A big lot of love. But I have lots of pairs already, and even though I really like having new pairs and give them the love they deserve, they weren't really a necessity. It's not even like I've had to consciously avoid shoe shops or anything. I've still mooched around and enjoyed looking, but I've happily worn all the pairs that I already had, rediscovering a couple of funky pairs along the way.

Until today.

When I came across...a fabulous pair of shoes which I linked up all nicely except the blummin' website won't let me demonstrate their loveliness. Booo! So instead I'll suggest that if you want to view them head here and click on Shoes - heels - and look at Jonah Lace court shoes, phew!

Not at all my usual style but I'm drawn to them. And when I say drawn I really mean drooling over them. I must have looked at the picture of them about 6 times and it's only 2.30 in the afternoon.

And so I find myself with a dilemma. Do I listen to my drooling heart? Or do I listen to my very sensible head which is saying you don't need them. Tricky. Especially as my rule was against paying full price for stuff and I happen to know that TopShop are currently offering discount of 15% for those of us who are lucky enough to have a student card, therefore they wouldn't actually be full price, they'd be discounted, hmmmm.

To shoe or not to shoe, that is truly the question of this Friday afternoon...

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Absorbing like a sponge

It's been a busy old week this past one, not only with the usual madness but very consumption heavy. Wavey and I have been to the cinema twice in 4 days! This almost never happens but we seem to be on a bit of a roll at the moment.

First up was Greenberg. Not at all sure what to expect from this we headed off to our local indie cinema, safe in the knowledge that if nothing else we could enjoy a sup of alcohol whilst watching. Even though it was very weird, it was really a rather fine film. Ben Stiller was excellent, even though his character was utterly awful. And I had previously read an article about Greta Gerwig which intrigued me muchly; all in all, a lot of expectation was riding on it for me. I will say however, that Ben Stiller (well his character) needs to learn some etiquette as to how one approaches naughties, cos if someone did that to me - freak out city! Cripes!

Next up was Disappearance of Alice Creed. The trailer for this was pretty spooky so I was surprised Wavey agreed to come with me. It was made even more delicious as we skived off theatre for yet another week (4 weeks and counting - heee naughty!) and headed back to indie cinema heaven. Again another weird film but so worth it. It was one of those films that gets your heart racing in the anxious moments, I might even have gripped Wavey's arm a couple of times, and I definitely jumped when the gun went off (oops spoiler moment there, sorry). Several twisty turny ooh I so wasn't expecting that to happen moments later it was over. Yay to films!

And on Saturday I'm going to see Eclipse with Fizz. I'm not expecting too much from this as the other 2 have been utter rubbish, yet still I find myself paying my money and going back for more. Glutton for punishment anyone? I can't help it. I loved the books, I'm waiting for one of the films to redeem itself. And I'm dying to know how they're going to make a film of the last book! How? How are they going to re-create the freaky child vampire (ooops more spoiler alerts, again with the sor-ry!)

Books this week was down from the usual 2 to just 1. Even though it was a really short book I struggled with it:

All would have been well if they hadn't labelled some of the chapters "Lessons". I haven't been near any lessons since school and I'm really not very keen on being told what to do or what to think. And I don't want to make this all heavy or anything but I'm not even sure that I believe in heaven...which might kind of beg the question why did I even pick this up. Well, T passed it to me and I normally enjoy the books she reads, we have similar taste, but on this one I think my only real comment (you mean apart from all the other ones you've made up there Dizz!) would be: hmmmmm.

The ipod has been throwing out some fine choons on its latest adventure in shuffling. As an aside, does anyone really know how the shuffle thing works? Personally I'm convinced it's magic as it seems to match my every mood -how does it do that?! Freaks me out sometimes...anyhoo, total diversion there from original point. Which was fine choons. Lots of them. Particularly rediscovering such lovelies as The Magic Numbers, and Placebo, and a bit of Ladyhawke for good measure. Happy bus journey=happy start to day.

Enough consumption there? I think that's quite a lot for a week but I do like a bit of immersing into the old cultural variety. I shall sign off now to go and absorb some emails. Rock'n'roll. Laters lovelies :O)