Saturday, 4 December 2010

Snappy Saturday

Been a busy old day, starting off at theatre and ending up in a jolly good trip to town including sweeties, research and giant crackers! Sadly the trip to theatre was the final journey for my battered old painting jeans. The knees have been missing for quite some time but last week saw the first rip of the inner thigh and today it ripped practically all the way across. So farewell beloved jeans, you've seen a lot of projects and been well loved but you must now be relegated in favour of some new ones. But here's a couple of photos so you will be eternally immortalised on the blog:

My trip to town was great. I went in with the intention of buying the sweeties for the goodie drawer at work which opens on Monday, and to hit the public library as they have the largest selection of newspapers which I needed for one of my presentation slides. Both successfully achieved I also mooched around a Christmas craft market which really wasn't that great. But ended up in Boyes, that shop is just the best! Where else could you buy a giant Christmas cracker?! Doesn't the town look so festive:

Finally Wavey and I are enjoying our advent calendar. Not only is there a yummy cheap chocolate heart everyday but there's also a little excerpt on each day:

We're going to end the day with some takeaway, cos it's Saturday and it's allowed. And we're going to watch Jumper, which may be good may be crap, don't really mind either way!

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