Thursday, 25 February 2010

Tis the final day!

Let's face it, you're not going to beat that are you! I think for most people the painting clothes come out once in a blue moon, but with the theatre group we attend a work night every Tuesday. No point getting glammed up for it so everyone has their own "wardrobe" - as you can see mine are completely battered. The holes are in both knees of the jeans now and whenever I have to do floor painting my poor knees are always battered and bruised by the time I'm done. Everything is so old that I have no idea where any of them came from, but the worn out label on the hoodie tells me Gap.

And so we've reached the last day. Hope you've enjoyed this week, I know I have but then I do love my clothes!

I'd love to know which one of my outfits from the week you liked the best, or pick an item from each day and create me the perfect wardrobe challenge, and then I'll wear it and post it on the blog.

PS. just been laughing my ass off, some woman on the phone has just asked to speak to Mrs Wavey!! I didn't like to say that his mam lives somewhere else...hehe!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Day 7 - approaching the end

Dressed pretty much head to toe by Peacocks today - it might be just be one of my favourite shops. Cardigan, dress, leggings by Peacocks. Sparkly ear-rings from bridesmaid duties a few years ago. Blue butterfly necklace, I rather charmingly found out today belonged to my gran who died a long long time ago and she loved it muchly too. Most favouritest boots of this winter by a loooong way by Barratts. In the sale so a tenner off them too!

And I'm almost certain you're going to love them as much as I do so here's a close up! Oh I heart them so!

Had a most lovely afternoon on my first ever flexi in 9 years! Met my mam for lunch then we mooched round the shops, picked up a few things, stopped along the way for cake and coffee (toffee crunch cheesecake, oh most yummy!), came back to Norton and mooched round the charidee shops where I managed to pick up 2 books and 2 glass mugs for our Moroccan tea for 2 quid, and 3 gorgeous items, one of which will surely have to have its own special feature day cos it is so incredibly bright and fantastic! I'm looking forward to wearing it!

2 days off work now to prepare my former house for rental glory. Wish us luck with the painting marathon! Final pic tomorrow, I'm sure you'll all be in agreement that my painting clothes will win the outfit of the week!

Nite nite x

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Day 6 - close ups!

Dress by Peacocks, sparkly cardie by Charity Shop, black tights by M&S, woolly boots by New Look, cheap bangles from sales, can't remember where!

Wavey, my photographer, declared today that there should be close ups of the hair cos I talk about flowers but no-one can see them properly (and he tells me now, on day 6, pah!) so here is said close up of today's do. Flower from out of the flower bag, as I've said in a previous post I can no longer remember where they all come from. Sparkly slides a birthday gift a couple of years ago.

Approaching the end of the week. Hope you've got your voting hats on!

Monday, 22 February 2010

Day 5 - 2 outfits Monday

Trying to inject a bit of cheer into a cold Monday morning after not much sleep, boo. Red roses and feathers Claire's Accessories, necklace New Look, girly swirly blouse TKMaxx, black top H&M, skinnies Peacocks, my most favourite boots of the moment, River Island.

Tis show week so it's off up to the theatre after a quick dinner to sell my a frozen auditorium where people were wearing hats and gloves...not a very successful night sadly. But! Silver lining! Rocking my blacks as ever with a big smile on my face. Black top, black skirt H&M, orange sparkly tights TKMaxx, metallic shoes New Look. Did ya see my flirty leg there? Was going for a 40s starlet type pose, chuckles.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Day 4 - snuggly Sundays

The snow came back AGAIN! So it was time to get the chunky jumper out once again. Last time we had snow I couldn't buy a big jumper anywhere, so inevitably chunky jumper is from Charity Shop. Jeans so old that I have no idea where they come from or how long I've had them for. Booties from Aldo, but most of all from San Francisco, happy days.

It was a two film weekend this one, weirdly both of them based on BBC series. First up was State of Play, very very fine indeed. Second up was Edge of Darkness. I was really looking forward to this one as loved the series soooo much, the film was hugely disappointing. Mel Mel Mel, no no no.

And so the weekend is gone. Boo. Why can't weekends last forever again?

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Day 3 - no point getting dressed up for pulling up carpet!

Flowers in the mussed up-do Claire's Accessories, necklace New Look, purple vest underneath green top both New Look, jeans I've had forever and have no idea where they came from, pink trainers peeking out brand new never been worn from Charity Shop.

Speaking of which, excellent haul from today's outing, yay! Pulled up the carpet in the house and found blue floorboards! Most funkay!

Happy weekend to you all!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Day 2 - Friday joy

Peacock ear-rings from Accessorize, electric blue cardigan from TopShop, grey top H&M, pink corsage I think H&M but have so many of them I forget where I bought them from! Top worn as skirt, H&M (bit of a theme here...), slate tights (that's what it said on the packet) M&S, wool boots New Look.

Let's hear a whooooop for the weekend!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

What I wore day 1

Ok so for ages I've been reading various blogs about what exciting outfits people put together daily. They're fun and colourful and always inventive and oh so inspiring to one such as me who loves the fashion, especially if it's loud, bright, short, funky and fun. Today it suddenly occurred to me - I could so steal that idea! So for exactly one week, Thursday to Thursday, I'm going to have a daily post of my outfit(s) of the day. I'll give you a rundown of where the various items are from and if I've had any extra special inspiration that day. As always, I'd love the comments to come but if you can only make one comment, save it for next Thursday where I'd like you all to vote for which outfit is your favourite and why. So we're all on board? Excellent. Then I shall begin.

Day 1

From the top down, today's ensemble sees me in black polo top by Old Navy, graphic dress from Charity Shop, your staple opaque tights from M&S, and black leather biker boots from Clarks. Accessories are at a minimum today as I let the dress do the talking, but I have in my ears my beloved birthday emerald and diamonds from Wavey.

Hope you enjoy the week as much as I will!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

It's taken a week to get over it

Last weekend seems like lifetimes ago now, but as I'm in catch-up mode I thought I'd blog about it anyway. You see, normally our weekends are filled with sleeping in, doing housey jobs and tasks, meeting up with friends and family...but not last weekend. Last weekend was about 3 children, a dog and us.

On Friday evening at 6pm the 3 children, about a million bags and Stella the Rottweiler arrived at our house. They've been before but only for an overnighter, not this time. From Friday evening to Sunday evening, we were going to be taking care of them all. Let me introduce the characters. First up there's the 2 girls, aged 6 and 4. Then there's the baby, aged 1. Stella's been a player on the blog before when we dog-sat for a week and I had visions of Wavey roaming the streets, Brando style-ee shouting Steeeeelllllaaaa, she's huge. And a bit on the porky side. And a bit on the limp-y side this time too which wasn't too funny at all.

Friday evening, 6pm. Arrival, madness, jumping around, screaming screeching, baby crying at the thought of his parents abandoning meeting one of Wavey's sons for the first time...t'was all a bit bonkers to be sure. Rather cheekily, I had made plans to attend a gig with Cat so knew that this madness would be short lived, but it was all a bit fraught up unto me leaving, and then the girls tried to guilt me cos I was going out. Arrrrggghhh, they'd only been there about 10 minutes and already the guilt was coming out! I escaped to the gig, and by the time I came home they were all in bed and Wavey was flat out on the sofa nursing a glass of port, clearly the only booze that could be found in the house cos we usually only sup the port at Christmas time. Bedtime.

Saturday, 6.30am. Yes, you read that right. The girls decided at half the AM...that it was time to get up. OMG. On the weekends we generally wake up around 10, enjoy breakfast in bed, head to theatre or wherever we're going and basically enjoy us time and leisure time. Clearly this wasn't going to be the case. I'd go into intense detail but I fear I may bore you too much. To cut what felt like a massively long day short, let me tell you about how relentless it was. Utterly relentless. We fed them. Then we got them dressed. Then we entertained them. Then it was time for the next feeding sesh. Repeat the entertainment. Next feeding sesh. Repeat entertainment. Bathtime. Bedtime. 9.30 that evening saw Wavey and I struggling to keep our eyes open and declaring that we might as well go to bed as we were seemingly incapable of conversation, and staring at the tv in the corner with a blank expression wasn't doing much either.

Turns out this bedtime so early was a good plan as baby decided at 6am on Sunday (6AM!!!) that he was going to scream the house down. Oh. My. Goodness. I didn't even know 6am existed, never mind on a Sunday morning. He wouldn't stop screaming no matter how much Wavey tried to comfort him so we committed the cardinal sin and brought him into our bed, mainly because we didn't want to wake the girls, and secondly, it truly doesn't take you that long to realise with this parenting business that a quiet life is truly all you're after. He still wasn't shushing so I thought perhaps a bottle would do the trick. Staggering downstairs I whacked my leg on the side of the safety gate (oh the irony) and did all the bottle stuff with my eyes closed as I truly wasn't conscious properly. He gulped his bottle down and then started on the ninja moves in order for him, a body so small, to take over the ENTIRE double bed, and steal all the duvet. Teetering on the edges with the barest amount of available duvet, we all managed to go back to sleep for about another hour or so. I woke up with his foot in my armpit and his head resting on my thighs. He woke up, grunted (ugh!) stuck his bum up in the air and went back to sleep! And so day 2 started.

We felt like we had some respite on the Sunday as the girls went and played upstairs in their cardboard castle (knew those giant wardrobe boxes would come in handy for something) and the baby was playing with his toys. And we knew the parents were coming at 2.30pm, yay! There was another meal to contend with. All offers were refused, until upon careful consideration it was decided that a plain omelette was better than having to go into the garden to eat mud and worms (please note, Dizz will NOT be messed with, especially by 6 year olds!) . Sadly the parentals were a little late in arriving and we had a further meal to arrange. Turning down Dizz's fantastic crispy chicken the girls declared they wanted a McDonalds. Oh ho no. We do not eat such filth. And therefore no-one in my house will eat such filth either. But why don't you eat McDonalds? Cos it's hindsight that may not have been the best way to describe it. Everyone that I know, realises that I mean yuck cack along the lines of celery by this statement, but someone who is 6 will no doubt have reported back that I believe McDonalds is dirty. In fairness, I'm not really ashamed of this cos it's true, and also reiterate the statement of earlier, I won't be messed with. That wasn't on the menu and never would be. Nuff said really.

And so they finally went home. With their million bags, and evil attacking bruise giving safety gates, and car seats that must be quite tasty to a 1 year old - chomp! Wavey and I sat down and talked about it a lot. We'd never really made any plans to have kids, and I'm always honest with everyone when I say that I'm not interested in going down the parenting route, and the weekend had only made me believe more that I am not the parenting kind. Don't get me wrong, I love kids, and am always happy to play and spend time with them, cos let's face it, they have excellent toys, but the best kind are definitely the ones you can give back. And if I'm entirely honest (please don't shoot me) if I had to make a choice, I'd much rather have a shiny new pair of boots over a baby anyday.

Sunday, 7 February 2010


Recently myself and my crewmate M. have been doing school visits to talk to children aged between 4 and 10. We do an hour session and talk to them about who we are, what we do, how and when to call us etc. We get them up doing some activities and generally have a bit of fun. (We are paramedics in case anyone was wondering!)

I was nervous before the first session but the actual teaching and activity parts are fine and I feel quite happy standing up in front of sixty children going through the lesson, no, the scary bit comes at the end where we let them ask any questions they have...

Quite a few of the questions are more statements "When I/my Mum/ my Grandad did this we had to call an ambulance...."

Others are surprisingly intelligent and thoughtful though I don't know where they've come from "Are you allowed to go on strike?" (Actually legally we are but I can't see it ever happening again (it did in 1984?))

Some are expected but difficult to answer "What's the goriest thing you've ever seen?". Actually M. sidestepped this one very well stating delivering babies as its slimy and messy (he doesn't like the mess but he does like the babies).

Finally though the one question that kind of stumped us both was "What's your most heroic rescue?" well, erm... that's really difficult to answer. I don't think the majority of things we do at work or outside can really be deemed heroic. So my question is, what's the most heroic thing you've ever done? (It might help me with my next session!)


Friday, 5 February 2010

To blog or not to blog...

That truly would seem the statement of the moment. I read an article yesterday that told me the number of bloggers (this was U.S based by the way) has reduced dramatically, particularly amongst the 12 - 15 age first thought when I read this was bordering on rude really - what on earth would they write about? Hormone nightmares? Overdue homework? Latest crush? But then I thought about it a bit more and reached the conclusion that every contribution is valid and I shouldn't be such a blog-snob!

However it did come make me return yet again to the thought of stopping the blogging. Despite this being a blog for 3, it never is. And I'm not being critical, I'm just being honest. I wonder, over and over, how valid my contribution is. Often I don't even know if anyone is reading anymore. Yet still I come back to it. And whenever something funny happens I want to get on to the blog and post it, or I'll say out loud, this is such a tale for the blog. Which leads me to another conclusion. I've taken this blogging business to heart.

I think the thing I like about it the most is that it's another way to express the creativity that is pretty much non-existant in my dreary work life. But it needs to come out. And it does - in my choice of clothes, the way I adapt my hair up-dos to suit my look, the ingredients I throw together to make dinner, and here, this blog. I can post mini photo essays or just tell a funny anecdote, or let my ramblings roam loose for you readers to ponder/enjoy/discuss/comment on.

I don't do the Twitter thing but apparently this is what has taken over from blogging, the instant status update. The most horrifying thing I read in that article was that "young" people can't be bothered to read long posts. Anything bigger than a status update is just too much for them. SAY. WHAT! This is bad. Very bad.

Long story short? My decision - to blog.