Monday, 30 April 2007

the veg!

here's the lettuce and broccoli:
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and here's the strawberrys:
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Growth progress will be posted. What we need are cucumbers. And carrots. Cos they're hilarious when they grow, comedy veg!

Sunday, 29 April 2007

green (well, muddy) fingers

For all the joking around that we've done over the key to Wavey's garden, today was when the favour was returned: planting. Yep, me, planting! I'm a buy plants from the supermarket kinda gal and watch them flourish in my plant-friendly house, so this planting lark, in an actual garden, was a first for me. I was armed and ready with my funkay green trowel so set to it. I planted lettuce, broccoli and strawberrys. All in nice lines, the correct length apart (well, we hope they are as flying by the seat of our pants/making it up as we go along is pretty much how the veg patch is taking place so far). It was so exciting! I can't wait for them to grow so that actual meals can be created with food grown that I planted!

Ended up with mud all over my jeans, and in my trainers. But kneeling in the dirt seemed the best way to actually get the plants in the soil good and proper. After the planting was the watering. I had to resist all temptation to turn the hose on Wavey (and boy I struggled, it's the mischief, I can't help it) and keep to the plants. I was a good girl though, this time...

Hopefully there are photos of the newly planted garden (where are my photos Wavey?) so that you all can watch it as it grows too. As it turns out, gardening is nice, relaxing, and the cup of tea on the bench was good too. So watch this space for garden developments. Ta-ta x

Friday, 27 April 2007

Blood not-letting

It's been a while since I posted ANYTHING so thought I'd give the essay writing a rest and share a bit of what's going on. I have just handed in an essay today leaving me with one due on Tuesday and a couple of exams then I'm free!!!! Well almost - still have my research proposal to do (only 5000 words for me dizz) but it's due in July so I've got plenty of time to worry about that. So... I'm hoping to come and visit in a few weeks time! My last exam is the 18th May so if there's a week where something exciting is going on let me know and I'll plan my visit around that.

Anyhoo, the subject of the post - I went to give blood last week and my haemoglobin level was too low, so they did as they do and sent my blood off to be tested. This has happened before and I just got a letter back saying thanks come back next time, but this time they want me to send a letter to my Dr. It's rubbish, I looked at the results and I'm a bit anaemic, I can't understand it! My diet's been pretty good in general recently (with the exception of 2 takeaways last week - ooops!) I even had steak for dinner the other week! I'm also feeling the best I have in ages - no cold, going climbing weekly and to the gym. This is obviously what's causing the problem! I'm not even feeling stressed with work. Anyway I reckon the solution to the problem is regular BBQ supplements. So I was hoping there may be a garden available for just such an occasion when I'm back?

Hope everyone's well and I'll be in touch soon. I'm off to top up my iron now....
Bye for now.

Just remembered, I'm off to see Billie Piper and Chris Marshall in 'Treats' next week at the theatre, I shall try and remember to post my thoughts.

Sunday, 22 April 2007


I know Fizz is normally the one to go all Jonathan Ross and provide film reviews but after seeing Sunshine this afternoon I just had to blog about it. This film is awesome and you have to go and see it. I don't use the word awesome, in fact, not ever in conversation, but as Fizz and I came out of the cinema we were full of so much praise and wow-ness that it seems a good, solid summing up word of the whole experience. Trust me though, you can't wait for this film to come out on dvd cos it won't be the same, you have to see it on the big screen so that the music can literally reverberate through your entire being...

There's so much to say about it that I don't even know where to begin and can't honestly say too much cos it'll give away too much of what happens in the film. Let's just say that there were several occasions when my whole body came out in goosebumps at the amazing way it was filmed and how the music made scenes come alive...gawd it was just awesome. Go and see it. Go on. Right now. Get to the cinema, sit yourself down, don't get any refreshments cos you won't want to leave your seat for any bathroom breaks, and marvel.

Danny Boyle: is there any genre of film that you can't turn your hand to?
Alex Garland: I loved "The Beach" but this? This is amazing, keep writing scripts!

And finally, roll on 11th May for 28 Weeks Later; we are soooooo first in line for that Fizz!

Tuesday, 17 April 2007


You know they say it never rains but it pours? Well, it's pouring curtains.

I agreed to sort out Wavey's curtain problems, as we all know, kicking off the whole engagement debacle. Then another friend, E, asked if I would take up the spare curtains in his front room. Then Dizz, bless her, asked me to make the curtains for her new bedroom, and before I knew it I ended up with 5 sets of curtains in my tichy little flat. So the bank holiday weekend will forever be known as The Weekend of the Curtains.

Over a week later, and the curtain mountain hasn't really diminished much. I've finished Dizz's though, and she seems pleased with them - they are prdy: nice gauzy, flowery, see-through stuff over a gold-coloured lining. Only 4 more pairs to go...

Monday, 9 April 2007

---- black

Guess the word. Can you guess the word? Need more time? Tchah, it's Code Black obviously! Yep last night was the much anticipated code black episode of Grey's Anatomy. Boy were we looking forward to this. That tantalising trailer of Meredith flying backwards down the hallway as a bomb was going to be good. And it was! I had to hide behind my cushion for most of it cos the tension was unbearable. What's with all those advert breaks? And are Meredith and Dr McD ever going to get it on again? So if you knew that today was your last day on earth what would you do? I don't know which one thing I'd pick off my list. I hope I never have to decide.

The other word that goes with black, is Green and Black, as in the yummy-licious chocolate that is not only divinely, heavenly, wonderfully gooooood, but is also Fairtrade and organic so you can feel holier than thou whilst eating it. And the reason for introducing this is my Easter pressie from Fizz. No, not chocolate, much better than that. It's a recipe book. A Green and Black's recipe book. With many many deeeelicious recipes for things to make with G&B chocolate. Every page that I looked at was followed with a "I'm going to make that first..." There's so many treats I can't choose. Everyone knows that Fizz is clever, but this pressie is very clever as she revealed yesterday, cos not only does she get to give me a nice pressie but will also get to sample the majority of the things that I make...see, she's not daft at all. I shall blog and photograph the treats, so that you can also enjoy.

Finished decorating my bedroom! Fabulous. I am hearting it muchly. Nice raspberry wall.

Made casserole for Fizz. Think it was okay. Forgot to put rosemary in it though, doh. See, this is what happens when you don't follow recipes.

And finally, Happy Easter everyone! Hope you have enjoyed lots of chocolatey treats.

Okay definitely finally, how go-jus has the sunshine been all weekend? Good job we know someone with a nice garden eh? x

Monday, 2 April 2007

Three Doctors and a Website

The new website for our theatre group is now live! It's only taken me about 6 months to get round to it. Check out the photo gallery - hopefully, I'll be adding lots more as people give me their photos to scan in. I'll also be adding to the crew profiles as they get written.

I've decided I don't like the background colour. It looks fine on my laptop at home, but on my flat screen at work it looks more like mustard that's gone off a bit. So that will get sorted tonight.

Does anyone have any criticism? Links that don't work, pictures that don't load, or (heaven forfend) the odd typo or grammar faux-pas? Let me know please.

Dr. McDreamy - I was so convinved that he was going to snog Meredith when he found her crying in the linen cupboard. Get on with it, I say.

Dr. O'Malley - is anyone else strangely drawn to his little-boy-lost eyes?

Dr. Who - did you see him wink? Ohhh. Shame he didn't put his glasses on though.