Monday, 29 November 2010

Wet of foot

Shoe issues are nothing new to me. In fact, this past year I've chucked out so many pairs of shoes I've lost count. And what's been worse is that I haven't found any to replace them so my number has diminished considerably. This was all perfectly okay until the snow decided to fall in such a BIG way. The beloved purple suede boots are completely shot and really shouldn't be worn at all, much less in snow. The Oliver Twist style ones started leaking last year. My black bikers had to be re-soled and my cobbler man really wasn't confident that they'd be a walking boots are fine when the snow is a certain height but today it would have been falling into them. Which left my wellies. Perfect thought I...until I came home today and there was leakage. Major leakage. Soggy of foot I trudged round town looking for a new pair. Except the shops have all sold out as it's snowed so hard. Bloomin' 'eck! What am I to do? Am I really reduced to having to put bin liners in boots like I had to at the festival last year? Noooooo!

Trust me I've looked for boots. I've looked for boots everywhere. And none that I like are to be found. I am in serious shoe crisis here people!! I've just checked the window and the sky has suddenly got very dark again. Methinks another snow blizzard is on its way. Which means even deeper snow tomorrow. Yikes! I shall simply have to brave my walking boots and let the snow fall down my socks.

On the plus side however, they closed us down at 1pm today so we got to come home early, yay! It was great, I decided that the bus station would be full of people trying to escape so I did a bit more Christmas shopping in the town first, picked up yet another funky pair of tights and one of those ear band things that I'm loving right now. Saw the most wicked hat for my niece that is bright pink and full of sequins, she's gonna love it! Couldn't not buy anything for her bruv so bought him a rather funky peaked stripy affair that he will rock too. All in all, not too bad a shopping trip. And I've just done a bit more online shopping so that my presents shall be both interesting and lovingly handmade by peeps who put their heart and soul into such things. Yet more yay!

Best go and stock up on some binliners too I suppose as I'm sure to need them in my footwear if this snow keeps up...oh goddess of footwear, please let me find some new boots and quick sharpish!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Snow the Teesside way

Says it all really...

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Let it snow snow snow

We went to see Harry Potter this afternoon (oh! so! good!) and yes there was snow on the ground already. And as we headed in the snow was coming down fast. Skip forward two and a half hours later and this is what we came out to:

This is the view from our living room. The bushes look like ice buns - quality!

Had a tonne of lovely plans for tomorrow, we were heading to a craft market that was going to be full of lovely stuff. And then J and T and I were having a Darlo reunion on the afty and I was going to pop in to see Cat as well...but the snow has scuppered all the plans! That's what happens when peeps live far and wide. Boo! But to be honest, I don't really mind the snow at all. In fact Wavey and I have decided a lovely stroll in the snow, armed with cameras tomorrow will be just what we need, yay!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Hair 'mare

What a surprise, I've decided to grow my hair back. I just can't do it, I can't have short hair. I can't do the waking up with it sticking up all over the place, the constant need for styling products, the washing every other day nonsense - seriously what's that all about!

It's not the first time I've been here. I'm forever growing my hair long long long, then I get bored and chop it off off off. But the growing back part always kills me. I have really thick hair that grows upwards and outwards before it starts to grow long. At the moment I'm really trying to get through it by being creative with kirby grips and making a real effort on every other day hair wash day. This is how it turned out today:

But sadly, most of the time, it actually looks like this:

Hair. Mare. Roll on this time next year when it will be back to a decent length!

Monday, 22 November 2010

Catch me if you can

Wheeeee where is the time going? Flying by. I can't believe it's only a matter of weeks til Christmas. Especially as I've got so much to do and I haven't even started the majority of know what? This is serious deja vu time. I'm sure I've blogged this very same paragraph every year at this time since back in the days of the Mocha Choca blog. You would think that would tell me something. Along the lines of Dizz, get thee more organized and start doing all this stuff in October instead of leaving it til December!

Anyways, catch up time. Wavey and I have been off from work since Friday last week and it's been utterly brilliant. We were Project Decorate Bedroom, but as we were total smarty pants and finished it yesterday we had all of today to enjoy free time. So the bedroom. It's been nearly a year since I've lived here now. And the plan has always been to decorate the bedroom. The before was green. All of it. Right up to the ceiling. With incredibly dark green heavy velvet curtains. And a crappy paper light that was ripped. Now it's still green. Well kind of. Overtly Olive if we're going to be precise. One wall is anyway. The others are Soft Almond (please paint people stop making up such poncy names for your paint!) and to go with that a rather lovely new paper lampshade that is circular just like the ceiling rose it hangs underneath. And lovely curtains. And sumptuous bedding. The whole things looks dead ace! We kept running up last night to have a look at it cos it's so blummin grown up! It felt a bit like sleeping in someone else's room last night but I think one night was all we needed to adjust. Yay! Next up is the kitchen, and then the study. But obviously these will be things that will wait until after Christmas now as we will be busy decorating the house in the tinsel-tat we love so much.

Today was fabby. We had all these plans, maybe we'd go to the cinema, maybe we'd go the aquarium that we've been planning to visit forever...or maybe we'll look outside at the NEVER ENDING FECKING RAIN and decide that staying in and dossing about is far better. So that's just what we did. We watched the end of season 2 of Mad Men and are now waiting with great anticipation for series 3. As long as we are good boys and girls as we asked Santa for this, pleeeeease Santa bring us it, we neeeeeeed it!

I never realised before how much tv programmes can really influence me. I should have known really as I was utterly addicted to Sex and the City. But since the marathon watching of seasons 1 and 2 of Mad Men I've found myself wearing much more girlie clothes to go to work in, and it's not just about looking girlie but I want to look sassy and voluptuous just like Joan. Not that I ever will look like that as she is way more curvy than me, but she is rather fabulous. But it's not just me. Wavey is totally into it too. So much so that we now have a cocktail hour. And if we smoked we'd be doing that constantly too. Cocktail hour is very fine indeed though. It all started with Singapore Slings. Of which we had two of. And turned completely demented. We decided that instead of sleeping in the spare room whilst the gloss dried it would be far better to camp out in the living room. Many hilarious moments later of two rather tipsy fools dragging the mattress around the curve of the staircase, we managed to straighten up enough to breathe again...calmly...until something else set us off. Perhaps red cocktails are dangerous...

The next one to try was the Gimlet. Very tasty. Very classy. Gin, lime, sugar, plenty of ice, deeeeelicous! Tonight we've gone all out and it's the turn of the Cosmopolitan. I don't know how long cocktail hour will go on for but we'll make sure we keep it alive until you come home for Christmas, Tizz. You too need the madness of the red cocktails! But in 3-5 days time we'll have an actual cocktail shaker. Which is a bit of a shame really as the sight of Wavey trying to cover the spout of a jug with his finger and it spurting up in his face is almost as funny as when he opened the soda water and it literally exploded all over him...

I'm sure there's loads more to tell you but my brain won't think beyond waiting for the yummy veggie lasagne that is cooking up in the oven right now. And that first sip of the Cosmo...the men may be mad but the cocktails sure ain't!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

A list to Santa

It gets harder when people ask what you want for Christmas as you get older, cos I tend to pretty much buy what I want when I want it. My mam has been asking me for ages and in the end I just blurted out that I would like some Soap and Glory goodies as they are my most favourite and they smell really lovely and really, anything that makes you smell like a blueberry muffin is never a bad thing...then we added something else to the list last week, Mad Men series 3. We've only just started watching it but we're already completely and utterly hooked. It's just so damn glamorous! But often we do sharp intake of breaths at the 1960s attitudes, woman get in the kitchen and make my tea - harsh! I also think that Joan must be wearing some kind of major Spanx type knickers, cos who looks like that?!

Anyhoo, when it came to making the Santa list to Wavey, there is only one thing that I am absolutely certain that I want: a red wheelbarrow. I can already see me trundling up and down the garden with my shiny red wheelbarrow, heaps of muck and gravel and other garden type things that you use a wheelbarrow for. Of course, the first thing I will want to use it for is to sit in it whilst Wavey pushes me around the garden.

Wavey has asked me for a greenhouse heater. Even drew a diagram of the kind that he wants. Internally eeek-ing and thinking sheeeit where am I going to get that from, I am now after a little internetty search, confident that such a thing is possible. Yay! But sssshh don't tell him :)

And we think that we might buy a coffee machine together, for each other. So on Christmas Day, if we've been really good boys and girls, and Santa has seen this in his good girl/boy snow globe, what will be occurring in our house is 2 people high from too much caffeine shrieking up and down the garden in a wheelbarrow, and enjoying our Christmas lunch from inside the greenhouse cos it will be cosy and toasty warm...

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Room with a view

It is truly fabulous to wake up on a weekend knowing you've got absolutely nothing to do. Especially when you open the curtains and see a gorgeous blue sky and the gorgeous Autumn colours of the trees:

Last night I was laid out on the floor in the living room chilling out (we've had a pretty crappy week) and I happened to look up and see this view:

To me it looks exactly like the kind of house I would draw as a kid. An upside down house obviously. So I took a photo to show you guys cos that's just the kind of thing I like to do.