Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Funky of foot (and head)

Not in a kind of funky foisty way but in an ooooh look at my new wellies kind of way:

I'm not normally a gal for pink, however desperate times call for desperate measures. I resorted to the outdoor shop in town (note to self, just go straight there next time) and they had a jumble of wellies in the corner. I grabbed my size, checked for fitting and ran to the counter to buy them before I could get knocked down by some other size 7 laydee who was in the same predicament as moi. Thus new wellies. Pink and brown stripes, Peter Storm no less, fancy schmancy. However, I have discovered that no matter how new your wellies are or how brilliant your walking boots are, slush is going to get through anything! I'm thinking snow boots may be in order...

So it's still snowing. Jeez! I don't mind, in fact, have just had a jolly good tramp round the garden with a look of glee on my face at the total fun-ness of it all. But it just ain't fun when you rely on public transport to get you places. And the great British spirit that they talk about so much is not really around when you spend ages waiting for a bus, then 3 come at once, and they're all full so you usually have to stand, and all you can hear all around you is people chuntering. Some old bid had the right idea today, sack waiting in the queue, I've got me a shopping trolley and I'm going to use it to barge through all these patient people as I have to get on this bus and back to my bovril, or whatever it is that old people do.

We've had three early closures from work too. Which is actually rather nice. I'm beginning to think that I could quite happily work part time hours, if only the pay were full time...starting late, finishing early, it's simply grand! Returning to the chuntering however, there were 2 boys being rather critical about the library closing down early, it's only cos they want to get home...erm yes you would be correct. As we do also have lives that we enjoy living. In my defence however, we really have no say so in when we go home, the big bosses decide and we go, oh okay then. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. More snow no doubt!

As a final point however, I would like to say, that it doesn't matter how much it snows, or how much the winds want to howl like they're from Siberia, nothing will stop me being my usual stylish self, as this photo of me sporting my new ear band thingie clearly demonstrates:

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