Thursday, 24 April 2008

More than a week that was

There was a time when I blogged every single day and that was when I was writing a 16,500 word dissertation. Having said that, due to said dissertation I didn't really go out and have fun, so can I be excused lack of blogging due to living the life?

Quick update since the last post: the world ended up being squint with the throwing out/buying new things as I ended up taking back most of the things I had bought. What is it with clothes shops that don't stay consistent with sizing? I can understand being different sizes in different shops but to be different sizes in the same shop - surely that is just wrong? So I took back the purple vest and the black vest with the acid green logo as I could barely breathe once I had the things on. I also had to change a plain black vest for a smaller size cos my normal size was too big. And then I realised when I tried on the man's shirt that being 5'8'' I am the size of a small man anyhoo so the shirt fit me perfectly. Which really wasn't the point. I wanted it to be big and falling off my shoulders and...well I had an image, the shirt didn't live up to it. What I think I really need to do is do what I used to and borrow one of my dad's! Plus I really wanted blue check and it was lilac stripe, so in summing up, the shirt went back too. Squint world. Clearly I need another bout of retail therapy :o)

Last week was oh so incredibly busy as I was "that usherette" up at theatre selling my icecreams. It was rather an odd week as my outfit was mainly focused around red tights of which I had 2 pairs of fishnets and one pair that I can only describe as having a black pattern on them that resembled a wrought iron fence. Those were indeedy a hit. The first night I wore them an old man stopped me in the street to ask me if I was "alright darling" to which I replied yes thank you and hurried on (as well as you can in 3 inch heels), he called after me to take care. For some reason he was concerned for my safety...All other reactions were mainly complimentary and I decided that those tights were clearly a good investment.

So we have reached this week. I'm going to do a list of loves and loathes for this week cos I like a list. First up with the loving:
1. A friend texting me to tell me that they've been out on a date wearing odd shoes :o)
2. The 69p Aldi disco biscuits: shortbread! caramel! chocolate! mini smarties! They really are rather fabulous
3. Bollywood dancing! Yep me and Fizz went to try it out. And we LOVED it. It was amazing. I came out of there with a big smile on my face and can't wait for the next class
4. The Skins soundtrack
5. Coffee and cake with my girlies tonight after work. It might have been short n sweet but it was still fabby
6. It's Friday tomorrow, yay!
7. The weekend, cos I'm taking my ma out for lunch and that will be just lovely

Now to the loathing:
1. The ironing pile that just keeps on growing
2. Getting out of bed every morning. That 4.30am bedtime from the after-show party has killed me this week
3. The book that I borrowed from R, cos it kept making me late to bed (which didn't help with the getting up) and late for work (which didn't help with the ever ailing flexi) but it was ace so I think this is more of a love to loathe
4. Journal queries at work. All the time. Make the phone stop...anyone?
5. The weather. Make your mind up. Sun or rain. And stop being so cold. We want to wear flipflops.

Now I have a little list of other things that have no name:
1. Feeling my long hair on my bare back now that I've started wearing vest tops again for work. I love that it's grown back so fast this time, yay!
2. My peeps being away from home. I'm kinda getting used to Fizz not being around so much as I've had more time to adjust to it. But Wavey's been away this week and it's just...odd. Feels like there's something missing when they're not here. Come back soon guys!
3. Having one of those horrible phone conversations where your heart starts to pound cos you are imagining the worst. One of my bestest buds was expecting a baby any day, I texted to see how she was and didn't hear anything back so I rang the house a couple of days later, a strange lady answered and when I asked to speak to S she replied oh can you speak to A instead...literally my heart started beating so hard and I was filling up thinking oh god what's happened to my friend...deep breath, she's okay. She had to have a c-section so is a bit battered but we have a new addition to our uni family, a baby girl, can't wait to meet her.

See how much happens when I don't blog? Sheesh. I think I'm done now. Anyone get any exciting news to share? Or more funny date stories... xx

Friday, 11 April 2008

The week that was

What a week! Boy am I glad it's Friday. It's been a real mixture of stuff this week so just to keep you entertained here has been my week, in no order whatsoever, ramblings-r-us.

T and I have worked our arses off this week at work. We started our summer tasks (ha! rain tasks more like) which has mainly involved us taking very very dusty journals off the shelves, putting them on trolleys, hauling full-up trolleys into lifts, packing said dusty journals into boxes to transfer to even dustier old store. Smart-ish wardrobe went out of the window as the dust battle was won. There's no benefit to any of you knowing this, other than telling you a bit more about libraryland. See? We don't just stamp books, we move 'em as well!

Been another throwing out week. This week I have said goodbye to:
1 dark grey t-shirt
1 pair of beloved black pumps with coloured stars all over them
4 pairs of black knickers that died the day.

Just to even out the world (wouldn't want it to be squint now would we) I have purchased:
1 black vest top plain
1 black vest top with acid green logo (oh that 80s comeback, LOVE IT)
1 purple vest top (I am anticipating a hot summer)
1 grey vest top with black stars (rockin' it today)
5 new pairs of knickers (blue, red, white extravaganza)
1 shiny red belt and 3 pairs of red tights (these are for theatre so don't count...) 1 man's shirt (which I intend to wear with skinnies and a low slung wide brown belt)

I'd just like to say that although that replacement list is bigger, it's okay, cos I went to Primark for most of it and spent 15 squid on the whole batch. Gotta love that disposable fashion :o)

Went to the cinema to see Son of Rambow. Loved that too. However, I'm not dwelling on a film review. What I instead need to tell you about is a shocking development on the icecream counter. The icecream peeps have always been lovely there, never mean, the tubs would overflow full of that yummy goodness. Yesterday we encountered a pair of scales. They have a new (read rubbish) method whereby you get 2 teeny tiny scoops and they have to weigh the correct amount. SAY WHAT? I am properly outraged by this! Do you think I should chain myself to the counter in protest until they go back to their normal ways? Oh and just to make Fizz chuckle: would you care for a wet topping with that...?

Lots of lovin' this week. My new favourite thing is my ipod speaker. Yep, I now have a gadgety thing that allows me to play my ipod at home! For all to hear! And it's got a weeny remote control that lets you into the ipod menu and stuff! I was so excited I didn't even take my coat off to set it up. And I stamped my feet with glee just like a small child. I have to say that Fizz's response to the sooper dooper speakers was less than enthusiastic. I'm still a little hurt by this. Little hint any future visitors: look excited about the speakers for Dizz even if you're not; she wants you all to share in her excited joy.

And so we've reached Friday. It started out fantastically. The sun was shining, all was good with the world. Of course this was never going to last. I had a challenging bus passenger, one crazeee customer who wouldn't let me get a word in edge-ways, bad news for a colleague which potentially affects me and T, the sun disappeared and changed to rain, I was wearing a teeny tiny jacket to celebrate the sun and it's turned so cold you can see your breath (brrrr), I met the challenging bus passenger again (why me?), oh and a colleague also said, "you have a lot of hair don't you"...I think she was politely trying to say "wow Dizz your hair is HUGE today". Hmmmmm.

So! I have a luverly dinner waiting for me now of sausages, curly fries and onion rings, yumness. And I'm going to put my feet up and watch tv all night long until my eyes turn square.

So long xx

Sunday, 6 April 2008

How clean is your house?

Greetings! Long time no blog. How terribly neglectful of us. I did think Tizz was going to do some mobile blogging but beyond the test it just stopped; what happened Tizz?

Today has been one of those rare super energized days. I got up and had breakfast whilst watching Bones (hmmmm David Boreanaz over breakfast - now that's what I'm talking about). However, lazy was not the name of the game. I knew I had to get cleaning peeps cos my house was, to put it politely, minging. I started downstairs in my 'pjs' and had the whole of the downstairs bleached and sparkley and dust free within about an hour. Quick stop to go make myself look go-jus to have lunch with my ma, then back to it again. This time upstairs. It was whilst I was up there that I discovered that the mirror in my dressing room was covered in some nastee, wouldn't come off with just a duster substance. I think it was a mixture of styling products such as hairspray etc. It wasn't shifting though. To my utter shame, I lacked the polish that was needed. Fizz was up at theatre. Oh gawd, yep I had to do it. I texted Wavey to see if he had any polish I could borrow, thus admitting that my house was minging. And I lacked the proper cleaning tools. Turns out that it's a good job Wavey is a clean freak as he had not one but two products to offer, yay (he's probably going to kill me for blogging that but hey *shrugs shoulders* my blog, my right to say whatever pleases me) so upstairs was finished. Next up was two sewing jobs that I'd been putting off, not being a big fan of the needle and thread. And now I'm in the kitchen creating dins...I decided to put all of that in one giant paragraph cos it's felt like one big busy, don't pause for breath, kind of day.

So to dinner. Well, I fancied something really tasty and after all that cleaning I know I deserve it. So I've thrown together the following ingredients: olive oil, red onion, yellow and red pepper, sugar snap peas, plum tomatoes, kidney beans, chorizo sausage with a splash of tabasco and a few shakes of paprika: one big spicy ratatouille. All to be served up with rice. Absolute and total yumness. My mouth is watering just typing that. Bring it on. Think I'm even going to pour myself a glass of wine which is just the ultimate in decadence. What with that, and Bob Marley rockin' his stuff as I type, I am one contented Dizz.

Hope you've all had a fabby weekend. Let us know what you've been doing in that comments box. You know we love the interaction!

Oh one last thing. How good was the new Dr Who? Ooooh suits you! Had all the perfect ingredients for a winning opening episode. Roll on the rest of the series.

Ta-ta xxx