Wednesday, 28 November 2007


Did it again. Crapola. Oh well, safe to say that we didn't succeed in NaBloPoMo or whatever it was called. However, there are only a few days left so I'll do my best to get something out there just so we can say the best effort was made!

1. Amy Wino has cancelled the rest of her tour! How lucky were we that she actually showed up and totally rocked? Thanks Amy! We still love you!
2. Had to throw out yet another pair of shoes! What's going on with the shoe loss? And yet another beloved pair as well. My Dr Who red shoes, boohoo, oh so sad. They literally came apart on my feet last night as I was taking them off: the sole ripped away from the fabric and a gaping hole was all that was left. Bub-bye red shoes, I hearted you so :o(
3. I think I have a hole in my stomach as I literally cannot fill myself up tonight. So far, since returning home, I've eaten: a packet of crisps; a cheese omelette and hash browns; many many strawberries, a meringue, and some chocolate gooey stuff (yum); oh and a chocolate orange digestive. And I'm already planning what I'm going to eat whilst watching Heroes in a bit.
4. Traffic sucks. Seriously. The past two nights in a row coming home from work has been a total nightmare! Tonight there was another accident so the bus had to divert and go miles out of its way to get us home. And it's not even really bad weather yet. What's going on out there drivers?
5. My cough cough cough still hasn't gone. So I went me to the docs to make sure it wasn't consumption. Don't worry, I don't have to go to the workhouse just yet, but I have got an inhaler to try and 'ease my red and inflamed lungs'. My doc said it was like moisturising dry skin on your arm...nice doc, we likey him a lot.
6. Re: above, my health is rubbish! Need me some kind of marvellous medicine to make all this crappy health stuff go away :o(
7. Didn't think I was going to but am loving "The Other Boleyn Girl" by Philippa Gregory. I'm not generally a fan of the historical novel but there's so much rumpy pumpy in this one that I'm being very finely entertained! I'd recommend it, I would.
8. Ray LaMontagne currently has occupancy of the stereo.
9. Christmas is now less than a month away and I STILL HAVEN'T STARTED MY SHOPPING!!! Someone help me. Must. Be. More. Organised.
10. But! Despite all of the above and all the other day to day nonsense, you ask anyone: how happy is Dizz? I just can't keep that smile off my face...

Ta-ta x

Sunday, 25 November 2007

And again!

PANTS! Missed another fecking day! How does that happen? I won't even bother trying to defend it; there's a lot of nice things happening in Dizz-land at the moment and I'm enjoying them too much to feel too bad about missing the blogging :o))

Went out dancing last night. Well I say dancing. Turns out that our town is getting pretty crappy for good places to go where some serious dancing can be done. The venue that we went to is usually a guaranteed night of cheesey dancing. Instead we walked in and the place was empty! And they were having some god-awful music from the 90s night, but it wasn't even the good indie music from the 90s, it was that horrible beep-beep-boop-boop rubbish that we all hate; it hurts my ears it's so bad, me no likey. But oh the shame, we actually danced to Snap's Rhythm is a dancer. We did however have to do official take the piss dancing out of this poor guy in white trousers and white shoes who was clearly lost from some disco cos he was doing serious dad dancing, including the arms action. Oh how we chortled as we strutted our stuff. So, the night of dancing didn't come off quite as planned and we ended up back at D's house with pizza and her ipod.

I'm putting out a plea: please tell us where we can go for good dancing nights? There has to be somewhere! We're too young to curl up indoors and attend dinner parties. Help us before it's too late! xx

Friday, 23 November 2007


How did that happen? It was Wednesday...then it was Friday and somewhere along the way Thursday happened and we didn't blog :o( We've failed...I feel really bad. I was sure we'd be able to do it. Oh well. Apologies to everyone who was helping us along the way with the comments. Am I forgiven if I say I was too busy living life and having fun to do the blog post...?

So what's been happening? Well, library land seems to have been taken over by some kind of bonkers drug, there's a definite something in the air. The amount of frivolity that has gone on has been much higher than usual and it's been a crazy week. Personally I blame the door being broken, cos with the broken door comes big icy blasts of cold air, and people huddling round warm heaters/hot people; all this huddling is sending us a bit loopy. Still, it's been a fun week!

Tonight is not a games night. Cos Fizz is on her way back from Wigan, and Wavey's on his way round with my chips (yumness), but it's still the episode of Ugly Betty where Posh Spice is the bridesmaid so we'll definitely be watching that! Tomorrow we're off to theatre to continue with the set. Tomorrow night me, Fizz, Cat, D and K are going out on the town to be dancing queens! I cannot wait! I haven't been out on a cheesey dancing night in, ooooh, forever. Will be a blast! But. Sensible dancing shoes must be worn. EBBs are not good for dancing. No way my lovelies. Then on Sunday I'm going to a 50th birthday party that starts at 2pm in the afternoon! I know this family of old and they like a drink so that'll be everyone drunk on the floor by 4pm! Blimey o'riley! It'll be Monday again before we know it.

Hope you're all going to have a rocking weekend too.

Oh! Do I have some goods on 'Bob'. If you want a laugh just ask and I shall tell...xx

Wednesday, 21 November 2007


Roll on December 1st cos look what I have to start eating:

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Thanks Fizz! x

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

10 minutes

Dizz is to busy to blog tonight, so it's been delegated to me. OK, the scarf blog was dull, but at least I had something to blog about. This time, I have absolutely nothing to tell. So, instead of telling you all about some amazing, wonderful event in my life, I'm going to ask for some help.

Here's the thing: I'm going on a course on Thursday and Friday, and it turns out everyone has to give a 10 minute presentation on a topic of their choice. Those who know me will be aware that I can talk for much longer than that on just about anything, but this is different - it's got to be interesting.


We don't get to take any photos or anything with us, it's all just talking. eek! help! please!

Fizz x
PS any suggestions, however silly, are welcome. Just don't say 'scarves'

Monday, 19 November 2007

The 1 foot beehive

Oh wow. Oh my god. I can't believe it but we actually saw Amy Winehouse. Yep, she was there. She was coherent. She was so many words but I think AMAZING is the one that sums up the experience best.

Out of all the gigs I've ever been to, they're usually wee little bands starting out, the venue is small, the gigs are intimate, you're impressed with the effort and if you like 'em then great. But Amy? This was a whole new world for me. I've never been to a gig where I've had such admiration for the artist before. I know everyone thinks she's stark raving bonkers and unreliable and a drug addict and a drunk...she is all those things, but she's also an icon. And a totally amazing artist to go with it.

She rocked out onto the stage a bit late, and the first song was pretty mixed up and I thought oh-oh. But it must have just been stepping out nerves cos she just got better and better and better. I can't begin to describe what it felt like to actually be there. I kept turning round to Cat and shouting "oh my god we're at Amy Winehouse!" and she was right there, just in front of us, in all her 1 foot beehive and malfunctioning dress glory.

I can say all round that it was quite possibly one of my bestest gig experiences ever. And you know that I don't give out such praise to just anyone. I think I'm in awe. Tell 'em Cat, back me up, how good was she! xx

Sunday, 18 November 2007

New Scarf

I am under instructions from Dizz to blog today, 'cos she's too busy getting ready for the Amy Winehouse gig tonight, among other things ;-P

So, it being Sunday, I haven't really got much to blog about. I did make a new scarf though, so you're going to have to make do with a blog post about that.

I decided I had to make some scarves because I can't find any I like in the shops. And customised clothing and accessories are always funkay-er than the same old same old from the high street.

So, I went charidee shop shopping yesterday (on my own! - Yes, I'm allowed now) and bought a couple of tops made from nice fabric, with the intention of cutting them up into little bits and sewing them together again. Et voila! (I know it looks a bit like animal print, but if you look closer you'll see it's little butterflies, so cute!)

This is the second top, which will soon be reincarnated too...

Ta ta
Fizz x

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Games night for real

After last week's trial run, we rocked into the weekend with games night 2; attendees: moi, Fizz, and Wavey. Wavey turned up with his overnight bag and we're all like, have you packed your pjs and your toothbrush in there? Turns out he had brought games. And they were good games!

First up: Pass the bomb
The objective of this was to create words from letters that appeared on the cards, as soon as you've made up a word you pass the bomb, and so on and so on until the bomb explodes. The person who has the bomb in their hand when it explodes has to keep the card and the winner is the person with the least cards. Of course Fizz was really really good at this game, being all wordy. By the end of it we were chucking the bomb at each other in a desperate attempt to get rid of its ticking evil-ness. I think Fizz won each round but nothing too surprising about that really, but the fastest word was definitely when I had to start a word beginning with "fu"...fuuuuuuuuu :o)

2nd was the trusty Jenga, always a good'un. We found out that we've been playing it wrong all this time and you should put 3 blocks on the top, not 2. That's what you get when your instructions are in Spanish, Fizz.

3rd and lastly was Kerplunk. A real winner after last week's debut. This was a very revealing game, in more ways than one but more about that later. Turns out Wavey is a pretty sneaky player. He kept pulling out those straws and flicking the marbles so that they weren't tumbling down the shoot. By 3 games in it was time to get serious. Or should I say it was time to get tactical. Fizz and I took it upon ourselves to distract Wavey from each straw pull. Obviously the most successful move was when Fizz leaned right over in her low cut dress and showed him her cleavage and spotty bra...funnily enough I think he gained about 5 marbles in that move, heehee. To be fair, he was equally as sneaky, nudging Fizz as she pulled a straw. I managed an entirely new move and flicked a marble out of the top!

All in all, another successful games night. Come home soon Tizz so you can join in the fun too!

Amy Wino tomorrow. Let's hope that she's:
a) alive
b) coherent
c) puts on a good show

I'll keep you posted... xx

Friday, 16 November 2007

Let's get the weekend started

This weekend is going to be a good one, I feel it in my water...

First, there's tonight: we're due to have our first full games night (we had one last week, but Wavey wasn't there, so it was really just a practise). Then there's Ugly Betty - this week's episode looks like a good one, judging by the trailer.

And tomorrow I'm having another massage, this time with hot stones, so I'm hoping it won't be quite as painful. Although I have to admit, for the benefits I'm feeling it's worth the pain.

Then lots of chillin', maybe a bit of shopping, definitely some tea and cake at some point and perhaps a trip to the cinema with Dizz. And finally, I'm in the office on Monday, so I don't have to get up super-early to drive anywhere. A lie in! Woohoo!

I hope you all enjoy the weekend as much as I intend to.
Fizz x

Thursday, 15 November 2007

What's the Welsh for no chance?

Sofa men arrived. Sofa men walked in house shaking heads. Sofa men they say "no chance love". Give them their due though (maybe it was the short skirt) they brought it in the house and gave it a good shove about. But sadly the 3 seater sofa would not fit into the living room. The only option was to start removing panes of glass from my windows...shaking head, no chance to that! So, it's gone back. But never fear. All is not lost my lovelies. Have rearranged the order so am getting a 2 seater sofa instead which is exactly 5'8'' just like me, so I'll be able to lay out full stretch on it. And amen to that.

Oh but the chairs. Oh wow. I'm in chair lust. Seriously I couldn't stop stroking and fondling them last night. They're huge! And so lovely. I feel like a queen sitting on her fabric covered throne. Oh so lovely. Just ask Fizz and Wavey, they'll tell you.

Have rest of afternoon to sit on my new chairs and enjoy the heaven that they are.

Oh thanks for suggestions for the boots, but trust me, they're gone, dead, they have to go to shoe heaven cos they are utterly beyond repair. Thanks for sharing the loss with me though. Fare ye well beloved black boots. I loved you so *whimpering face* bub-bye x

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

But what would Julia Roberts do?

You might not remember but I posted a couple of weeks ago about my black boots that I love so much and how I coloured them in, just like Julia Roberts, cos the front was looking all scruffy. Well, imagine my horror today when I discovered that there's a hole in the sole! From one side of the boot to the other, like someone's taken a knife to it (they wouldn't...would they?). So I want to know, what would Julia Roberts do? I thought maybe I could cover it with black gaffa tape, but that would probably just peel off. Bugger. I know the real answer is to go and buy new ones but I LOVE these boots. I bought them after watching NY:LON and I really wanted to be just like Edie, the main character. It might just break my shoe-heart to throw them away. Boo hoo. Goodbye boots? Is no good people...

...but oh wow. Have just had phone call and my sofa is arriving tonight! Like in an hour! Wow! It was supposed to be tomorrow but now it's tonight!! Am all thrown and oh so excited by this news! So I have to keep putting exclamation marks. WHOOP! I'm currently sat on my floor in my empty living room and was thinking this was going to be how it would be all night but oh no, the lovely Welsh sofa people are on their way. How VERY exciting!!! And oh double excitement, cos I took tomorrow off and was thinking I would have to be up bright and early but now I can sleep in! Yay! Ooooooooh ooooooh, how good is it to get new things?

Oh, got wolf whistled at by two 13 year old boys today. Compliment? Nightmare? You decide.

I have to go and jump around in sofa glee now xx

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

The news from daawn saarf

Thought it was about time I contributed something to this blog as my name is on it too and I have been very remiss in keeping up to date. I’m enjoying life in at my new station and have now got a (semi) permanent crewmate who is lovely and shall be referred to as M from now on. We’ve been put together for the next six months which I’m pleased about as he’s lovely and good at the job but I see one HUGE problem emerging…. In the following months… we are going to get FAT. My name is Tizz and I’m a chocoholic.

Normally I can curb these cravings and get on with my day quite nicely but the problem is M is a chocoholic too. It’s like one of those unhealthy relationships you read about in magazines in doctors waiting rooms, we are a terrible influence on one another. In the two weeks we’ve been working together we’ve devoured 2 packs of jaffa cakes (orange flavour, though we are planning on trying the orange and cranberry next) 1 pack of hob nob creams (tasty), a packet of aero mint bubbles, a whispa bar each (retro goodness is back!) and various individual chocolate bars. I see this as the start of a downward spiral and need to change habits now, but it’s just so difficult. We have been leaving our half finished packets for the next crew but I think that’s only going to serve to make all the crews on out station fat – definitely not conducive to effective emergency services!

In other news I’m very surprised Dizz and Fizz have not commented on the recent DT programme. I won’t say anything yet in case it hasn’t been watched yet but I will say that though he wasn’t looking his usual stunning self there was still something strangely attractive hmmmm bit worried about that too.

Coming up in the next week I have my graduation which I was excited about but now have been assured is very boring and bleedin' freezin', but it will be nice to have a catch up with everyone and maybe get a little merry after!

This weekend I'm off to see L (with baby bump S) and P and little N, who I haven't seen in ages. I have things for the little ones from San Fran which I hope they will like (well obviously S will not be able to express an opinion but hopefully L will like it). These initials are becoming confusing?!? but obviously not fair to name names without permission.

After speaking to my mam last night I'm so very excited by the sound of the xmas play! I'm hoping that I'm off but in the excitement I've forgotten the dates - anyone?

Sorry if this post's a little disjointed but thoughts just keep popping in and out and I'm currently not capeable of organising them :S. Anyhow I'll leave it at that for the mo. Hope you're feeling better Dizz and that your back torture is still working Fizz. Speak soon! T xx

Monday, 12 November 2007

Back to work

Went back to work today. Turned out to be a pretty easy day, that 'Bob', he be a great boss ;o) Spent quite a lot of it catching up with people. I always miss so much when I'm off. It's true, I tell you, I go there everyday for months and months, I'm off sick for one week and the whole place goes to the dogs! And I always miss it! If it wasn't for the text and Facebook communications I'd be completely in the dark. Thanks be for the 21st Century communications.

Very little else to report. Apart from the very exciting sofa news. Yep, the new sofa arrives on Thursday. At 7am. Yep, you read that right. At 7 in the a.m men will be arriving at my door with my new sofa and two giant armchairs. Let's start believing that they will fit through the door...oh and sorry Fizz, I already told the man on the other end of the phone that I'd still be in my pjs. He just chuckled and said "great" so clearly not a problem for him, good stuff. First thing I will do after ooh-ing and ahhh-ing lots is go right back to sleep. On my new 3 seater sofa. That will be big enough to accommodate moi. Most excellent. This makes for a very smiley Dizz.

Any news that anyone wants to share? We're reaching midway point my's now when we might start to us please by providing us with funny/amusing stories that we can embellish for entertainment xx

GBH disguised as a massage...

I went for a massage on Saturday, as planned, to help me get rid of all the stress generated by my new job. I arrived all excited and bubbly, expecting a relaxing half-hour of gentle but firm kneading. Nooooope. It was thinly disguised torture. I had to exert every particle of self control I have to prevent myself begging my torturer to stop.

To be fair, my modern-day Inquisitor did warn me that it might hurt a bit. She said I had a knot in my back as big as her fist and she wouldn't be able to 'get' it all in one session. After she violently poked and pummelled she casually informed me that I might experience some bruising. Ya think?

The real horror is that she said I need to go again. Several times. And being me, I'll probably go. Am I discovering a masochistic side to myself?

On the plus side, I drove all the way to Birmingham and back today, then went to the gym - something like that would normally have crippled me for a week - and (aside from the bruising) my back is just mildly painful. So maybe, maaayyyybeee it was worth it.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

New blogging location

Fizz is going to be HORRIFIED by this post, so she should probably turn away from the screen now and just click the little 'x' in the corner to remove the screen...

It's a well known fact in Dizz world that I'm a lazy arse. I am. I'm totally honest about it. I love dossing about. I love lazing around. But most of all I love my bed. Today is Sunday. Normally I would sleep til at least 11 on Sunday. But today was different. I woke up at 9. Wide awake. Fully rested. But thinks I, I cannot possibly get out of bed this early, what will I do? I don't know what Sunday mornings are for cos I never see them. So I went downstairs, made myself a cuppa, brought it back up and read my book...made another...and lookey now, it's 11.50am and I am STILL IN BED! Yep, I am blogging from my bed. In my pyjamas. Oh Fizz I can see you shaking your head at me now. But I care not. Cos it's all good. I feel like I've still had my Sunday sleep in cos I've stayed in the bed.

It is however, a lovely blue sky day out there now. So it's time to actually get out of bed. And make some brekkie, cos am pretty hungry. Perhaps brunch would be a better idea?

Anyhoo, that's all I have to say. Turns out, it's surprisingly easy to blog everyday if you can talk about total nonsense xx

Saturday, 10 November 2007

The concept of time

Continuing to keep me cheerful through the miserable ear infection, Fizz suggested that we have a games night last night. And we had so much fun that I think it has to become a permanent thing. We played Kerplunk, Game of Life and Jenga. When we started playing I was all like, oh it takes ages to set these things took like 3 minutes. And when we played Game of Life I said, oh we'll never get this finished before Ugly Betty and it took about 20 minutes.

And this is the point of this post. When we were kids and playing these games, it did seem to take an eternity to set up the sticks and marbles for Kerplunk. And I would swear hands down that me and my sis used to play Game of Life for what seemed like days! And I think that I miss that. I do. Time speeds by these days, it really does. I can't believe it's Christmas in 5 weeks! This is bonkers. Seriously, does anyone know where 2007 went cos I can't believe it's nearly over. It is truly astonishing to me. We need to bring back those days when school holidays seemed to last forever, and playing games did last hours and hours and filled up your whole day, rather than that hour long slot before the start of your favourite Friday night tv programme.

Any ideas how we might do this then? A time machine? Some kind of time-freezing machine that lets us slow it down to a reasonable pace? All suggestions welcome, be they sensible or downright silly, bring 'em on xx

Friday, 9 November 2007

just what a girl needs

I tells ya Fizz is just the best. I know I say this stuff all the time, but seriously, she is. Last night she turns up at my house with a dvd and bags of Maltesers for us to enjoy. And the film, well, what better choice could have been made? Ocean's 13. Don't get me wrong, it really wasn't life changing, in fact, it was kind of predictable. But who am I kidding? Who cares about plot when you have Gorgeous George and Beautiful Brad to look at? Seriously, whoever thought of putting those two into the same film must have been a woman. Surely? Who cares about being dizzy when George is wearing a tuxedo and Brad is wearing his white trousers just so to make his thighs look....

...ahem. Anyhoo. You get the picture. Wow. So thanks Fizz. Excellent movie choice.

The glum has gone from yesterday. I'm hoping that today, the 3rd day of drugs, is when they'll kick in and the world should slow down a bit. Have been able to walk around the house without needing to cling onto walls for support so much. And I even walked through the door rather than bashing myself from one side to the other, progress indeed! I'll try a walk out again later and hopefully it might only take 10 minutes for the world to stop spinning rather than 30, fingers crossed!

Anyhoo almost lunch time. Thank god that I didn't lose my appetite, yay!
Ta-ta x

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Day 3: glum

I know Fizz has already posted but I'm all about sharing this illness. And frankly my lovelies I'm a bit glum today. I'm bored and frustrated. I went out for a walk just now with my lovely ma and had to sit down for 30 minutes after to wait for the world to stop spinning. Even typing this is not that great for me really. Bah humbug to illnesses and evil viruses. When are the drugs going to kick in, she whines pitifully...

Pathetic! That's what this is. Pull yourself together Dizz!

On a plus side (cos there always has to be one) my new cd arrived today and it rocks, Versions by Mark Ronson. He be da man!

And Fizz is coming round tonight to watch a movie so it's not all bad.

Stay tuned for more joy... :o((


So, I told you all I've got a new role at work. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but it's turning out to be a whole load of hassle. I won't bore you with the details, but I'm getting so wound up by all the office politics that I've literally got a huge pain in the neck. And the shoulder and upper back too. But only down my right side, which is strange.

Fed up with this constant ache, I've decided to try a therapeutic massage. It's all organised, and on Saturday morning I'm off to get all my worries massaged away. I'll let you know how it goes, although I'm expecting to be all blissed-out for the rest of Saturday so it might take a while before I blog again...

Ta ta

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Grumpy doctor

I couldn't visit my normal, lovely doctor cos he didn't have an appointment available until Monday and that was waaaaay to long to wait for the new bad dizzies to subside. So I took a replacement doctor. And she was mean! It was 9am so it's possible that she's not a morning person, that's okay, I sympathise, I'm not either, but she's a doctor! She's supposed to listen to your ailments with a suitable look on her face and then say nice things to make you feel better.

Instead she grumpily asked me questions. Shoved the thingy in my ear to look in my ears, roughly pulled my top up to sound my chest (that is such an odd saying), then asked me if I was allergic to any medication. I started to tell her how I'd had a really bad time with penicillin and she turned on me and said "how bad?" so I stuttered out a response and then she said "I wasn't going to give you that anyway". I tells ya, she was me-ee-ee-an!

Turns out that I have an ear infection. Hence the new bad dizzies. I'm almost glad about this cos for a little moment I had horrible thoughts that the normal dizzies were suddenly going to get worse, and it's always my hope that they're going to go away, that's the ideal, top of my wish list everytime I blow out birthday candles; how tragic is that? Most people wish for like a new car, or a better boyfriend, me, I just want my old ears back.

Thank you lovely readers for all the kind texts and well wishes. You're all so nice. It's enough to make a girl go slushy-mushy inside xx

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Extreme sport?

As regular readers of this blog will know I didn't come by my blog name purely by chance, I am actually dizzy. And by this I mean that I have very rubbish inner ears which cause the world to spin on an almost daily basis. This has been the case for over 2 years now, and I just get on with it, I don't moan, I don't really tell anyone when it's happening, it's just there, as much a part of me as the huge red hair.

Today however was an exception. I woke up DIZZY! And I mean that I had to take a tablet when I got to work (and I only take them when I'm absolutely giving into it). It soon became apparent that the tablet wasn't working and that this was a whole new arena of dizzy. Everytime I looked down to do something I thought I was going to fall off my chair, I looked up and I almost fell; I literally couldn't sit still in my seat cos the world was lurching and spinning all over the shop. I took another tablet, thinking, nyeh it'll go away soon...30 minutes passed and still lurching, spinning, a little bit whoo a little bit wahey and I gave up. I did. I had to! I couldn't have sat there for any longer trying to pretend that everything was fine cos clearly it was not. So I went to 'Bob' the boss-man and told him I was going home. And home I came.

Which leads me to my topic. How many of you have had the dizzies? Cos I have to tell you, I am well aware that there are many many people much worse off than me which is why I don't moan and go on about it too much, but my lovelies, it is HORRIBLE! To the outside world you look absolutely, positively fine. But inside your head, wow, it's like...well I don't know but it's unpleasant. And it takes stamina to put on a brave face! Which is why I think it should be put forward for the next Olympics.

I have a doctors appointment for the morning so hopefully some magic tablets will be given and all will be well. Fingers crossed everyone! Pretty please...xx

Monday, 5 November 2007

New frock

It's true. I am now the proud owner of an actual frock. The last time I bought a dress was for my friend's wedding about 7 years ago, it cost about 60 quid and I only wore it once. This time it'll be different, I know. For a start, this only cost 2 pounds. Yes, 2! Can u believe it! Charidee shops rock.

Today I'm going for the 'I know it clashes and I don't care' look, with a ruby red bangle and scarf. I've dressed it down with a 3/4 sleeve black cardie, opaque black tights and boots.

I don't have the ability at the moment to take a photo, but here's a (headless) artist's impression:

As for the mofobloho thingy or whatever it is, I'll do my best to blog lots this month, so poor Dizz doesn't have to do it all herself.

Ciao (see, I have to be cool and elegent when wearing this frock, even to the extent of pretending to speak Italian)

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Charidee spectactular

As regular readers of this blog know, me and Fizz rock the charidee shops, we do, we go when the mood strikes us right and we find us absolutely gorgeous bargains for bargainous prices. And yesterday was no exception as (yes you read this right) all the charidee shops were having half price sales! Oh the joy. You have no idea. We both got the most spectacular stashes. In my attempts to boost up this blogging month I took a photo of all the items I got:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And that little lot there was got for about a tenner, maybe just over: BARGAIN!

However, the most shocking thing of all was Fizz. I tells ya, since she got this new job she has become a TOTAL shopaholic! Everytime I text her she's in a shop trying this, buying that, it's wonderful, I love it. But yesterday the most shocking thing of all happened: Fizz bought a dress. Yes, an actual girlie swirlie dress. With pink flowers on it. I had to almost pick myself up off the floor (mind you, in fairness, this was more as I'd nearly fallen arse over tit on a piece of blu-tak...ahem, less said about that the better methinks) as she emerged out of the dressing room in a frock! It's gojus! I'm hoping that Fizz will follow my example and take a photo of all her floaty purchases for the comments box...

Gig news: We Are Scientists were pretty damned good. But not as good as The Rumblestrips. I did love my weekend of gigs. Am off to the cinema tonight. Think we're seeing Ratatouille, yay, can't wait!

See you tomorrow xx

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Everyone needs a bus driver called Dusty

Heading into town last night to the first in a weekend of gigs, I jumped on the number 36 bus; always the best one for the tales. And last night was no exception. The bus driver was chatting to everyone who got on the bus, when I showed him my pass he gave me this cheeky grin and mouthed "thank you" through his panel, so I gave him my best smile back and took my seat. We're merrily driving along, listening to the chit-chat of Dusty and his fellow passengers, when all of a sudden his ticket machine just started spurting tickets out in a long, seemingly never ending streamer. As this streamer got bigger the whole bus were in hysterics cos Dusty was just shouting and laughing. One of his mates who was on the bus was yelling at him to "just hit it Dusty, just hit it" it was soooo funny. I couldn't stop laughing. He eventually made it stop as it sputtered sadly to a stop and the last little ticket popped out. By this time we'd reached one of the towns I go through on my route so Dusty was letting people off. He was just about to pull away from a stop, he'd closed the doors and everything when he obviously spotted someone he knew, he braked to a stop, opened the doors, stood up, and yelled out "Jack the lad, my man!" to a passer by and his wife, who then got on the bus to have a loud chat about what they'd all been up to, Dusty all the while laughing and shouting. I tell you, it was so nice. A lot of the time bus drivers are right grumpy gits, especially the ones driving the later shifts, but Dusty, well, I loved him, I did. He was just ace! Sadly he left us at the next stop, got off the bus, locked us in there, and then walked backwards towards his depot office waving and blowing kisses at couldn't make it up, you really couldn't! Sadly his replacement wasn't anywhere near as much fun, but thanks Dusty, for starting off the night so well.

And it could only get better after such a good start. Oh wow, what a gig! I can honestly say that it might well be the best one this year; definitely the best one I've seen since Maximo Park anyway. The Rumblestrips people. If you ever get a chance to go and see them live, I beg of you, do it! They STORMED the joint, their energy and enthusiasm was amazing. And it was fab cos it was a little crowd yet we showed them the appreciation, I'm still waiting for my voice to return. If you're not a gig person, then get their cd instead: Girls and Weather.

So We are Scientists have a lot to live up to tonight, especially as their drummer quit the band before the start of their tour. Erm, hello, how can you have a gig without a drummer? We shall see!

See you tomorrow x

Friday, 2 November 2007

Tales of the green skirt

When I hit 30 something really odd happened. I lost loads of weight. I did nothing to do this, it just kind of magically disappeared over a few weeks, and as it went so did my slightly larger than I always wanted dress size. With the new found smaller dress size came the idea that I no longer cared what people thought about what I wore and how I put it together. And with that revelation, my fashion life was transformed. All of a sudden people started paying attention to what I was wearing, and comments were passed daily, sometimes good sometimes quizzical but always comments. (There is a point to this honest, I'm getting there). Today was yet another example of it. Today was my green skirt day.

There's a story behind this skirt. It's from a charidee shop. Now you all know that me and Fizz rock the charidee shops, we do, we go, we find dead good stuff and people always want to know where and how much. Wow, is usually a response. This green skirt is a wow skirt. It's originally a Per Una skirt and would have cost at least 40 quid, I got it for 2 pounds and 50 pence, yes people, it was a bargain. And it's oh so funkay. I've taken a photo to demonstrate how it was being worn today:

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As soon as I put it on it felt kinda magical. I knew I was going to rock this skirt. I felt all girlie swirlie librarian-y in it. It started as I was walking to work from the bus station, people were actually staring at the green skirt as I was walking past! I walked in the door at work and people started following me asking me where I got the skirt? When? How much? Someone even tried to steal it...while I was wearing it! Pah. Hands off matey, it be mine. But you know what? I've worn this skirt before and I'm sure I never got the same reaction. Maybe it was the funky black boots. Maybe it was the v-neck top. Who knows what it was? But I worked it!

I'm throwing a question out there to try and get you guys interacting with us during this month of everyday posts. My question is: what is your rocking outfit? Tell me tales of your...

See you tomorrow xx

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Every single day?

Turns out that avid reading of blogs can get you into potentially challenging situations. Librarian Girl blogged today about NaBloPoMo; for the uninitiated this means that us crazy bloggers commit to writing a post every single day for the month of November. And she did such a good job of selling it (!) that I thought, yeah, why not, we here can do that. So. As they say. Here we are. This is the 1st November. And this is the first post of the month.

I have no idea what tone this month will take. I'm really (fingers and toes crossed!) hoping that Fizz and Tizz will also take up the challenge and help with the daily blogging. Cos I'm sure you shall all tire quickly of my voice on this here blog every single day.

My first idea was to follow the calendar challenges that Tizz bought me for Christmas, but as my challenge for today was to go and "mack" with someone, I had to immediately decide that was a bad idea. Cos this basically means going up to some random stranger and snogging the face off of them. Now if tonight was last night, and I'd had the 3 pints of beer liquid dinner, then that might have been a possibility; as it was the only thing I wanted to do was come home and create me the burger that I've been craving all day long (and oh boy was it good!)

Methinks that a general introduction to the challenge is good enough for the first post. And I'm calling in the troops. Come on people, if we're going to blog every single day, we want them comments to be a-coming!

For the first time ever, I can sign out of this by saying, see you here tomorrow!
Later alligators xx