Sunday, 27 July 2014

Be gamble aware, kids

104 tokens will get you this:

And 2 x fruit salad chews with the wrapper glued to the sweetie. 

Be aware of what you play for as you throw away all those 2p pieces down the shute...

Friday, 25 July 2014

A rather jolly outing

Guess what? Tizz is home! Wooooooooop! Such joy doesn't happen very often (sad face) so when she is home we absolutely make the most of it and do as many fun things as we can squeeze in. Today was just one of those days, as we set off in her 'cool as' (old school phrase) car with the top down and the choooons blasting. Yeah baby! 

In an ideal world, we would be totally cool as cucumbers driving round in the hot car. Actually I'll rephrase that as of course Tizz was totally cool as a cucumber, I of course am completely incapable of being cool:

The first thing one does when one arrives at a British seaside town is to eat chips:

The next thing is to head to the arcade and cram in as many 2 pence and 10 pence arcade games as is humanly possible:

Oh and be dazzled by the beauty that is the sticky carpet:

Then you have to go to several other arcades, trying to seek out a shooting game. Three arcades later and we're still looking (sad face x 2).

Next up, climb up the vertical pier. Yes you read that right. Who needs a pier that goes out to sea when you can have one that goes into the sky!

Finally, you head to the ultimate ice cream shop:

And enjoy an ice cream so sweet that you're in danger of up is a very rare blog shot of Tizz - shocker!

After watching the birds fight over the leftover chips, you head off to look for one more arcade, just in case they have the shoot'em up game. Gaze in shock that it has been turned into a nightclub. Turn around and head for home. In the topless car again of course. 

Awesome times!

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Be sneaky like Dizz

We really like pudding. And goodies in general, but eating too much of them can potentially turn you into a porky pig. In a dull and boring world we would bypass pudding and eat healthy yoghurt or fruit every night but blummin' heck life would be oh so lacking in fun and tasty things. 

Ever resourceful, I scour recipe books and all over the web to find ways of making yummy alternatives that taste like pudding but are actually full of goodness and healthy stuff. Sometimes I don't tell Wavey what I put inside the puddings as I know he's none too fond of an ingredient. Take this pudding for example. It looks like chocolate pudding. It even tasted like chocolate pudding. But it was actually made with an avocado. And some cocoa powder obviously, as well as some honey and milk, but none of those things are bad for you in small portions; moderation is the key. 

Being the meanie that I am, I watched him take the first bite, and then the second, secure in the knowledge that he was loving the taste before revealing the secret ingredient. Even though Wavey despises avocados (texture issues), he loves chocolate. Loves it. Ha! Obviously this pudding was convincing enough for the man with the sweetest tooth. Success! Sneaky Dizz sneaks in some greenery and we all win win win. Yip yip! 

Now I just have to figure out how to sneak in some hummus somewhere as I absolutely love it and could eat it every day but Wavey seriously hates it. Again with the texture. Mind you he doesn't like cold pizza either and that's the same texture no matter what the temperature. He's a weirdo. Or maybe I'm the weirdo...? Whatever. It works for us.  

Monday, 21 July 2014

Black is the new black

'Business dress'. Two words that I am not overly fond of. When they told me in my new job that I would be expected to dress in business dress I think my heart sank a little bit. For two reasons really: the first being that despite not earning any money for the last 16 months I would have to go and buy some business dress, and the second being that me and the bizness black are not the best of friends. Soooo boring. The thing is though, the shops don't make it easy for you to buy any other colour but black. You go to any high street shop (and online even) and the work clothes are usually black, or grey, whoopee-doo. 

This will be my fifth week at work. I think it's time now to unleash the real Dizz. So far I've played it safe. I've gone in most days with my safe black trousers and a top of some description, with some black shoes to accompany the look. Ugh I hate it, I feel like a part of my personality is being repressed! Outside of work I very rarely wear black, I am all about the colour and the patterns and the general brightness of all the fab clothes that are in my wardrobe. 

Over the weekend I managed to find two fab skirts, both coincidentally from charity shops, that will challenge this black nonsense and let me inject some much needed colour (and personality) back into this bizness dress malarkey. The first one is red! With a lovely white trim with navy blue flowers, very 4th July colours. The other one (yet to arrive as bought from an online charity shop, oh the joy) is many many shades of green and turquoise and blue all clashing together in one gloriously zig-zaggy pattern. 

The thing is, summer is a bit tricky for office/bizness wear I think. In the winter it's easy to wear brighter clothes with black tights for some real colour pop, but in summer it's a bit trickier, mainly cos you have to remember to shave your legs...

At least it's not corporate dress. I would be totally lost in that world. This one feels alien enough to me. I am all about the no dress code place of employment. Don't get me wrong, I never (hopefully) looked like a scruffbag in libraryland, but I could definitely get away with some more 'interesting' outfits than I think would be deemed acceptable in my current place of work. Do any of you have to wear bizness dress for work? How do you manage in the summer months? 

Sunday, 20 July 2014

A boy's life

I went to the movies today you guys! I worked out that the last time I went to the cinema was in very early January to see American Hustle. Fast forward several months and I've probably missed a gazillion films. But this one I did not want to miss at all. We're talking Boyhood, the new Richard Linklater film. 

I have to admit to not really having heard about this at all. For a former film buff who used to consider Empire magazine my bible, I am woefully not at all in the know these days about which films I shouldn't miss. I only know what is out as I get a weekly email from the cinema with all the times. I found out about this film from Cat who reckoned that this was one we really couldn't miss. It even involved a message to our local cinema to see if they planned to show it. Thankfully they said aye and so tickets were booked. 

I really had no expectations which is always a good starting point for me. Right from the start I was engrossed and even though it's quite a long film, I didn't once look at my watch or wonder when it might end. It was truly fascinating. And interesting. And lovingly filmed. And great people. And Patricia Arquette (LOVE her). And and and. So many ands I don't think I can list them all. It was thoughtful and thought provoking and I have to say it's the first film I have seen in a long time that has really left an impression. I've spent most of the day thinking about it and I think that will continue for quite a while. 

I would highly recommend. And I still can't get over how they ever came up with the idea of filming the same boy, year after year. What would they have done if he suddenly decided he didn't want to be involved? So many questions that may never be answered. I feel an internetty search taking place as soon as I publish this so I can find out more. 

Does anyone have any recommendations for any other films I shouldn't miss this summer? 

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The 39 year old woman who walked down a really steep hill (and back up again)

I haven't really talked much about the new job for as in true Dizz tradition there have been several, erm, let's call them issues, to iron out. As yet they are still unresolved and I don't really want to go into it too much as it's pretty rubbish and just thinking about it gets me down. So in the spirit of true avoidance let's move swiftly on. 

One of the nice things about the new job is that I get to go out and about and do stuff. This was absolutely unheard of in libraryland and is complete and joyful novelty to me. So yesterday I had a meeting in Richmond, which if you've never been is a delightfully pretty town in North Yorkshire. There's a cobbled square in the centre, and twisty turny streets, there's a castle, and lovely old buildings, and oooh just all sorts of scrummy delights. It's really been a long time since I've been there and I was super looking forward to going to this meeting. Since I didn't know how long it would take, and I was testing out my Tommytomtom satnav for the first time I gave myself a good hour to get there. There was only one incident on the way there when Tommy the satnav decided to come unstuck from the windscreen and literally flew around the car. It was quite tricky whilst still driving to rescue him and stick him back but I managed valiantly (will my life ever be incident free...?) 

I actually arrived about half an hour early and it was a beautiful sunny day so I knew exactly where I wanted to be, right next to the river:

To get there you have to walk down this twisty turny road, which I did at speed, in my funkay black with gold shiny toe cap shoes and my id badge flapping with every step. It was so worth it when I got there to just take a moment, be all zen, and watch the gushy little waterfalls and take in the gorgeous scenery. (Oh and let's just take a moment shall we to admire the camera on my phone which takes gojus photos that are probably as good, if not better, than my camera)

Too quick, my little 5 minute zen break was up and I realised I would have to bev it back up the steep hill to walk back through the town and make my way to my 11am meeting. And so I bevved. At high speed. Up the twisty, turny, steep bank. Had a really lovely meeting with two very lovely council ladies, before very reluctantly getting back into my car and heading back to the office. 

Fast forward to this morning. A bit of a fitful night's sleep to be honest. Work my way to getting out of bed...OH MY GOD MY GLUTES (polite way of saying but-tock muscles) I am like a 90 year old woman! Every time I got up out of the chair at work today I had to do this like slow straighten up before hobbling towards the door. Shhhhhex-ay! Even now, as I sit here typing, I have a little bit of dread that I will have to get out of the comfy armchair. Oh dear. 

It was absolutely, positively, worth the but-tock pain today. In fact I'm hoping to persuade Wavey to join me for a visit there again soon as I would like to go back and enjoy more, but at a much more sedate pace, minus the but-tock pain. And with an ice-cream. There always has to be an ice-cream...

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Something wicked this way comes

I'm going to tell you a secret. I don't really like going to the theatre very much. This often comes as a surprise to people as both Wavey and I are members of a theatre group where we help to build and paint the sets and serve up icecreams and alcoholic beverages. Those elements of the theatre I enjoy, but the rest of it? Nyeh. Not at all fussed. Often the seats are uncomfortable, but most of all it just doesn't engage me in the same way that films do. One of the best things ever was when they started showing theatre productions at the cinema! Although in truth I've only been to two and a half of those. The half was because I felt really unwell and the play was pretty rubbish so I left at the interval. Anyway, that introduction was a very long, round about way of saying that shock, horror, Wavey and I went to the theatre on Friday night! An open air theatre. Where you can take a picnic. I am all in if food and drink can be taken.

The location was a most delightful park near to where we live:

Added bonus, the sun was shining, despite earlier forecasts in the week that had threatened rain. We arrived about an hour early so we could set up our picnic rug in a good spot and enjoy the last of the evening sunshine. Not being real picnic experts, we threw a few things into my lunch bag, mainly of the snack variety. Our picnic woefully underperformed compared to everyone else in the audience, but it was just right for us:

(not pictured: the sausage rolls which we noshed hungrily upon arrival and the Ferrero Rocher chocolates that lasted approximately 30 seconds once we opened the packet)

We chatted and relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine:

The play we were there to see was the Scottish Play by McShakespeare. It has a real name obviously but when I posted it on my social media a friend was shocked that I mentioned it by name, so as I've done it once already, I will refrain from repeating it again. I really didn't know much about the synopsis so buying the programme was definitely a good plan as it told me the plot, and lots of other information. The programme was a very worthy £3 spent. Glossy and packed full of information, way better than our meagre offerings. 

We were literally sat by the side of the stage, very good 'seats'. I say seats as clearly we had a picnic rug. One man actually turned up with a wheelbarrow full of seats! He probably had a really big picnic as well...I digress. 

The play began with the witches, which actually turned out to be quite the comedic moment as some audience members had brought their dogs with them, and the dog immediately started barking at the evil witches before him. You couldn't have paid for better comedy timing! Again I digress. The performance was very good, I was fully engaged the whole time as the cast of 5 swapped outfits and head gear to play all the parts (how do they ever learn all the words?) and I managed pretty well to follow along with what was happening. 

Here's a few pics of the performance. I was too busy watching to take lots of photos:

The witches were ace!

Overall it was an extremely enjoyable evening. It was so nice to do something completely different and we were lucky that the weather stayed so warm and dry. It was fab lying on a rug and sipping wine and munching on snacks while people ran around on stage entertaining me. Absolutely, positively worth the £12 ticket price. The company are actually touring at the moment and I would highly recommend it if they are playing near you: Illyria Open-Air Theatre 

It's in no way shape or form going to turn me into a theatre going person, but I would definitely go and see some more open air theatre as it's such a nice thing to do on a warm, balmy evening. I'm sure my review would have been very different if it was pouring with rain...but it wasn't, and so in summary, a most pleasant evening was had by all. Long live Summer! 


Thursday, 10 July 2014

List mania

Always willing to take good advice on board, Wavey and I gave the whole plan your meals thing a go this week. Shock discovery: it works! Genius idea! It was so good to come home and know what we were going to make, and have the products and stuff all ready to get cooking. Big thanks for the advice y'all. We are embracing our inner geek and planning ahead, sheesh, you would think two people who worked on projects lived in this house or something...

In other list news, there is a whole lot of Summer listing going on out there on the big world interweb thing. So many of my blogs that I read have shared their Summer list. This is complete novelty to me. A list for a whole season? That is beyond geekery and into the realms of some kind of superhero organisation. I wonder how many people actually stick to their seasonal lists? 

Even though I am a big list maker, and fully embrace the idea of ticking off goals and the like, I don't think I have ever made anything bigger than a weekly list, and that was to get through massive projects and deadlines. I'm not even sure what I would put on a seasonal list! In the Summer my main aim is to spend as much time outside as possible, and if that involves eating ice cream then that is fine with me. 

If I was to make a list, and let's just say we'll go along with it for the sake of this blog post, I would have a Summer list that looked like this: 

1. Sell our house

2. Sell our house

3. Sell our house

4. Sell ... you get the idea

I'm really keen that we sell our house. 

I wish all the Summer list making people good luck with ticking off their goals. Even though I am an organised person, I also like to fly by the seat of my pants and see where life takes me. What happens if something comes up and it's not on the list? Is it like buying pudding, do you go off list to enjoy the rewards when you get home? I am highly intrigued. Do share if you are a seasonal list maker...

Sunday, 6 July 2014

This week...

...I've been clashing cultures with a bit of "geek" and "hip hop" on my feet

...Fox Watch continues as the cheeky cubs venture into our garden and try to eat our raspberries

...we grew ridiculously large vegetables

...we forgot how to function as two worker bees in one house and ended up eating takeaway and letting the ironing pile high. This has been my day for at least 5 episodes of 'Modern Family'

Side note: does anyone else do a weekly meal planner? It's very much a get my geek on type of thing but I reckon it could really help us to be more organised and stay away from the take away temptation. Any tips to share?

Discoveries of the week:

1. Bronzer balls

I'm still not sure how qualified the extremely orange make-up counter person was in telling me how to use it as clearly she must need to use some sort of gardening device like a trowel to take off the amount of cosmetics she had loaded on her face. Yowser, what's wrong with the natural look...but just in case you wish to take her advice, bronzer should not be used on the neck, only on those areas where the sun would kiss your face...

2. Two Dots 
At your peril would I advise downloading this game. You will become hooked. LOVING IT. 

How can it be Sunday already? Oh and July? JULY! When did that sneak up on us? Yowsers...