Saturday, 11 December 2010

Merry Friday

Friday was official put up the Christmas decorations at work day. I love this day each year as our team has the most awful, the most tacky, the most gaudy, and the most colourful decorations of all the teams. It generally looks like someone has barfed tinsel all over every available desk and shelf space. It's just fabulous! One of our most favourite things are the awful "dead birds" as we've aptly named them. I have no idea where they came from, who might have considered them in good taste in the first place in order to donate them, but each year they come out and scare the wits out of us! Last year I had a robin that took a nosedive onto my keyboard and attacked me with its pointy plastic beak, so this year I've switched to a slightly more tasteful (!) one, just look at those beautiful curly feathers and EVIL BEADY EYES:

Wavey and I went to see Fizz on the evening. Not at all because it was any kind of celebration that required cards and presents, no, simply because it was Friday. And in order to celebrate this we were going to make wait a minute, we were going to eat whoopies!

Which when we actually opened the box, we discovered that they were actually chocolate sandwiches. Which were sooooo sweet that they nearly made me barf. Wavey finished the other half of mine, simply because he has the sweetest tooth of anyone I've ever known. The whoopies even defeated Fizz and she doesn't defeat easily!

We decided to make the non-celebration a games night as haven't had one of those for ages. We started off with Scrabble, which when we play you score extra points if you can put in a rude word, see mine below:

If only Fizz had put her W in a different place, Wavey would have won out with his 3 available letters: A N K...

And so a happy Friday was had by all. The weekend is finally here after a very long and arduous week, which I was definitely glad to see the back of. Basically I'm now counting down till approximately half 12 on Tuesday when my interview will be over and normal life can resume once more. Amen to that!

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