Friday, 3 December 2010

That Friday feeling

Despite all the public transport challenges, this week has been utterly ace! Truly I could get used to a life where you start work at 10am and leave at 2.30pm. Not only do you get a lazy start to the morning, you also get to wander round town when it's not the weekend. Take this morning for instance, instead of being a dutiful housewife (heehee) I sacked the washing up in favour of meeting G for a coffee before we started work at 10. A delicious cup of chai latte (have you ever tried that? So festive!) and a good old chin wag later we headed into work where we put in a couple of hours before it was lunchtime. Met up again for another chinwag over lunch, then back to it for 45 minutes before we headed homeward bound.

Weirdly though, I am clearly more dedicated to work than I thought possible as I experienced slight frustration today that we had to finish so early as my desk is pretty full. I guess if you actually do work part time then you must be given part time tasks otherwise how would you ever catch up with yourself? You'd be constantly chasing your tail round in a bid to complete one task before moving onto the other. It's even harder when you have full time work tasks to complete in reduced hours!

I did what I've done everyday this week which was head into town afterwards. It's actually been rather fortuitous that this snow week has happened in the run up to Christmas as I've been able to get a lot of my pressies without having to battle with the weekend crowds which is a huge relief. Those weekend crowds can be mean with their jostling elbows and giant toy carrier bags.

I got really excited as I finally found a party dress that I loved. And it was extremely bargainous considering how beautiful it was. I tried on the size 14 but it was a teeny bit too snug - no room for food=bad. So picked up the 16 without trying it on, came home and tried it on to show Wavey and it's too big! Booooo! Not just a little bit either but like so big that Wavey could practically get his arm down the back of it. That would be a little bit too much food methinks...tis a sad state of affairs but I think the search for the party dress is going to have to go the same way as the hunt for the boots; in other words accept that it just ain't gonna happen this year *sticks out pet lip in rather forlorn manner*

We've just had to do comedy washing. The outside pipes have frozen so if we didn't supervise the wash the utility room would get totally flooded. It couldn't be put off any longer though, two bin bags full of laundry and a potential pants emergency is never good! Wavey, ever resourceful, found a large tub for the water to drain into and has been doing the equivalent of watching paint dry by supervising the washing machine. Still there is always a silver lining - cooking away is a homemade broccoli quiche which we shall be enjoying with yummy winter herb potato wedges and sunflower seed bread, YUM!

Oh, did I mention that it was minus 11 today...there's no other way to say this: it was fucking freezing!

And finally, as I always like to sign off with a little bit of entertainment, this morning's spotted from the bus station was one girl teetering along in stilettos and a black dress with no coat...had to be the walk of shame...chuckle. Happy weekend lovelies!

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