Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Trippy times!

It's trippy time central here! Tizz is on a jolly-holiday as I type and Wavey and I set off on our big road trip adventure round the fair British Isles in a couple of days.

I'll be blogging about the trips when I get back on my other blog which you can find here.

I hope you're enjoying this dual blogging. I've taken to sitting down and doing a post for here and a post for there on the same day. Not for any sort of regularity (say what?) but just cos once I'm in Blogger it makes sense! I'm trying to keep the content different too but sometimes (like this one) it's going to be a bit similar as there's only one me who is doing the same thing as the other me over there, if you see what I mean. Confused much?

We're camping for part of our trip so send good weather vibes our way. I would really love one holiday to not feature the bright green waterproof jacket...

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


The last time we visited #yearofcraft it was to gain the grade 'F' for fail, total and utter fail but then that would have needed the grade 'TUF'. By we, I should hasten to add, I mean me. Fizz would win awards for all the crafting she does, she is a master (mistress?) crafter and is always making something. As would Tizz, who makes the most beeee-yoooo-tiful dresses that I think she should share on the blog. Don't you all agree...? Me though? The only things I generally make are cups of tea and dinner. Until last night. 

Have you ever bought anything that you just know you're going to wear to death? I like to think I'm not alone in this, but I freely admit that I am hard on my shoes/clothes/things and am prone to them breaking/wearing thin/needing to go in the bin on a more frequent basis than others. So this thing I loved before was a headband. But not one of those dodgy Alice band things as everyone knows they crucify the bones near your ears and give you a headache. This headband was essentially a long thin fabric covered thing that had wire inside so could be bent to all sorts of shapes and sizes to accommodate my giant hair/head. Man, I loved that thing. I wore it constantly. Up do, down do, all over the do. Until the day arrived when of course, it broke. Insert tearful emoji here. 

I tried to buy another one but by then the shops had decided they weren't going to stock that type of headband anymore and instead you had to buy elasticated things that just don't stay on my giant head. Ah-ha thinks I. I'll bet Fizz can help me make one of those. Several months later and we finally got round to it. 

Of course she could make one. Of course she had all the equipment, wire and funky cutting tool included. It was so easy we made 2! I can't claim entire responsibility as Fizz had to help along the way, but I did most of the sewing and the safety pin/wooden spoon poking (technical term). I am proper chuffed with the results and am wearing the blue one today as is evidenced in the hilarious face pulling photo below:

Friends, let me tell you. If you are of the large hair/messiness that I have going on these headbands are brilliant for creating fun hair days. And the wire inside means you can get super creative. So good! Oh go on, here's another photo then. 

They might not look like much, but these beauties will be worn until they inevitably break. But luckily I know just where I can go to make a new one. Long live the wire headbands!

Monday, 22 June 2015

On being social

For the past three weekends Wavey and I have had some sort of social outing to attend. Sometimes even two nights out of the three in the weekend! And we have another social outing this weekend which makes 4. Out every single weekend in one month! And then we go on holiday for two weeks so will be here, there, and everywhere. Granny's going to need to lie down soon...

Friday, 19 June 2015


Did you know that we've written 901 posts on this here blog. 901! That is unbelievable! Just another 99 to go and we can have the Happy 1000 posts party! 

Bloggy land has changed massively since we started this way back in 2007. It's a strange world now that seems to move from the teeny tiny blogs like ours that get a few page views from some loyal readers (thank you all for sticking with us for all these years!) to people who make a daily living from being bloggers, with thousands of page views, and who appear to live a life of constant travel, product launches, and wearing huge amounts of make-up. Bonkers. 

I try not to think about the future too much, of bloggy land and You Tube and the like, cos sometimes it scares me a bit. I can't see where it can go from here. These people with millions of subscribers and followers - I mean, what?! It's barmy, scary, and fascinating all at the same time. One of the most rapid things I have ever seen was when David Beckham joined Instagram. It was his 40th birthday and he posted 6 photos and in one day he went from zero to something crazy like 6 million followers. How do you even comprehend? Staggering. 

I hope we will make it to 1000 posts, but I do sometimes wonder. The urge to blog is not always there and I know I go through phases with it. But that's ok I think. We're not here to make money, or for the numbers, or for whatever it is those people need to strive for to make it their income, but we are here to share the fun times and the fun things. Cheers to that! 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Baffled, befuddled, and a few other choice words beginning with B

Yesterday was not a happy day. All kinds of things occurred that seemed to conspire against me feeling any kind of smiley thoughts. It started with finding out that an event we were really looking forward to had been cancelled. I only found out this was the case when I sent a message to the organiser asking for start times, how I would get my tickets, and so on. By the return message I got the impression it had been cancelled for weeks but no-one had thought to let me know. An attendee. Who had paid upfront for tickets. Strike one! I'm still chasing the refund...

There was a brief interlude of happy when I caught up with an old friend over a morning coffee and a croissant and a good old chin wag, followed by having my hair did and the most bounciest blow dry I have ever had - quite literally, my hair was bouncing as I walked. Joyous hair! 

Further unhappy events occurred later that afternoon when I received a message from a business man informing me that he had contacted someone about our job and they would be calling me soon to make an appointment. Erm, what? This business man came and gave us a half hearted quote weeks ago and then nothing. Zero communication. We took the silence to mean that he really didn't want the job and looked elsewhere. How is this a way of going about your business? I mean seriously, HOW? Customers are not mind readers. We don't know unless you tell us, by maybe contacting us (a small hint is all we need) to express your interest. Completely baffled, and I would admit to slightly mortified, we had to text him back to tell him we had chosen to take our business elsewhere. Strike two! Safe to say that I've not had a reply from that awkward text...

Next up, let's talk parcels. As in ordering things online and then needing to return them. It seems to me that it's the norm these days that return postage will be free. Or you can Collect+ or some sort of courier equivalent. I am therefore befuddled when not one but two things I have recently ordered and then needed to return have forced me to pay the return postage with no compensation. Frankly I think this is bollocks. When something is free to deliver, how can it then cost money to return? Share the love people! I'm looking at you SportsDirect and Anthropologie (and don't even start me on that one - who only supplies one curtain - ONE?! Curtains come in pairs!) Strike three! 

The final strike (come on down number four!) came at theatre where yet again the bas**** masking tape had started to roll off our painted set AGAIN! Nooooooo! How many times must we paint those bright orange walls? Oh and then I spilled paint on a freshly laid carpet, mainly due to overhearing the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in all my time there, and had to run around like a loon with kitchen roll and a damp cloth (thankfully it came off). 

What a day. What a bloomin' day. I sincerely hope that today turns out better. So far, so okay, as the electrician who said he would be here at 9 am actually turned up! And his ballpark quote is well within our budget. And he seemed like a nice guy (though slightly too sniffly and snorty for such an early hour) so here's hoping we have successfully found one business man to do some work for us. Go team! Come on Wednesday, give me all you've got! 

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

It was the in-between times

Well hello! Thought I'd pop back over here for a quick blog chat. How's things? Everyone having fun? Isn't this weather brilliant shite? Erm, hello, isn't June supposed to equal Summer? Not gales that are so strong they can blow down the bird house that lives in the next door neighbour garden, sheesh! 

Anyhoo, here I am. And as the title suggests I'm in between things. When I say things I mean jobs. I finished the other job, the one I got straight out of uni that I was so excited about, and then practically remained silent about it on here? Yeah that turned out to be yet another doozy. And when I say doozy what I actually mean is: it was absolutely bloody awful but I made a pact to myself that I would keep the moaning to a minimum...in blogland at least. But I survived! One whole year, well, almost. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger and all that jazz. 

Good news is I have another job, yay! Another temporary post, more projects stuff, this time right from the very beginning. I feel excited about it but I'm keeping it low key as I can't help but have this awful feeling that maybe I'm destined to never be happy in work-land and that would frankly be very sucky. So fingers crossed and all that jazz. 

I have a bit of time in between the jobs. Which is kind of okay and kind of very boring. Yesterday I did so many housewife-y type jobs Wavey almost came home to someone in a sticky out skirt with many petticoats and 1950s pin curls. That ironing - UGH! Today has been a bit more fun. I went shopping for electronic ice boxes (who knew?!), baked some cakes for theatre tonight, prepared some fishcake mixture for the tea tonight, need to do the mammoth piles of washing up that have resulted from all of the above kitchen activity. Oh and I did day 4 of my 30 days of yoga challenge. See how I keep myself busy? As tempting as it is to binge watch on series 3 of The Good Wife methinks that would be a slippery slope...

Who knows what tomorrow might bring. It's just too exciting! (how do people do this no work thing?) I will try and blog more over here a bit more but don't forget you can check out my other blog too (get me, two blogs Dizz!) which you can find right here! 

Over and out!