Monday, 30 June 2008

What did you learn today?

Today I discovered two things:

1. Desmond Tutu's guilty pleasure is flirting
2. I have a weird crush to admit to: Sock from Reaper. So odd, he's so not my type to look at Photobucket but I know what it is. He's the funny guy. I always love the ones who make me laugh the loudest. Plus he does have great hair.

So there you go. Now you know too xx

Sunday, 29 June 2008

From the comfort of my sofa

This weekend is a biggie in the music festival calendar, yep it's Glastonbury. I went to the festival for the first and only time in 2001. I was incredibly lucky in that it didn't rain, not once, until the Monday when we were packing up our tents. I strolled around in my flip flops enjoying all that the festival had to offer, completely carefree. Safe to say my experience was a good one. For financial reasons I couldn't go back the following year and I actually cried when I watched it on the tv, I was so gutted that I couldn't go. But since then it's suffered at the hands of Mother Nature and there's been rain on top of rain on top of rain leading to mud, lots of mud. And that's when I love watching it from my sofa. Cos I have all the happy memories of being there, and can mentally walk around and enjoy it, but am warm and dry and not muddy.

This weekend I have fully immersed myself in the whole experience. I even stayed up til 2am last night watching all the highlights. And those that I've missed are stored up on a tape to watch over the next few days. The thing I love about it most, besides the obvious of tonnes of fabby music, is the discovery of the new bands. I love finding new bands, new artists to get all excited about. It makes me go all tingley and goosebumpy...such a good feeling. The highlights that I've seen so far have definitely been The Ting Tings and Natty. I already have The T-Ts album and as soon as I'd watched them I had to turn off the tv and prance merrily around my living room to their cd. And I've just pre-ordered Natty so will be waiting with anticipation for that to arrive on my doorstep. Oooh. It's just so wonderful. What would we do without the music?

The biggest bonus of all though? Has to be the fact that whenever I need to use the bathroom I can go to my lovely clean loo and not have to breathe through my mouth, assume the thighs of steel squat position and careful bag placement, like what you have to do at the actual festival. Ah see, home comforts are certainly to be appreciated xx

Monday, 23 June 2008

Lost to the small people/I love musicals

This weekend didn't happen. Well I don't mean that it was kidnapped or anything, Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday still happened, just not for me. The small people are to blame. The small people are 6 (nephew) and 4 (neice). They arrived on Friday evening at 6pm and bedlam ensued from that point onwards.

First up was the dinner. Then we had to play out. As soon as dinner was finished. No letting the dinner settle. I managed to gulp down a cuppa before I was out in the garden in Auntie Dizz mode. This basically means acting like a complete fool, making the small people laugh lots and getting away with acting like a kid, yippeee! So we played football. Apparently I'm an "excellent goal keeper" (the 6 year old). Oh and I've got "fat boobies" (the 4 year old) ever tried to explain to a 4 year old that they're supposed to be that way? It's tricky. Then we had to draw. This has recently taken on a new spin whereby 6 gives me something to copy and Auntie Dizz does her very best to make a reasonable image for him to colour in. This time it was a character from Ben 10, with big wings and swords and armour and leg and knee and elbow protectors...might file that under tricky too. But I managed it and was thus declared "an excellent artist". Truly, it must be fabby being 6 cos everything is excellent. Quick colouring in sesh. One "Most Enormous Turnip" bedtime story later and I was ready for my own bed.

I had a brief time to live my own life on Saturday morning before it was back to the bedlam. This time it was raining. Oh-oh. How to amuse 6 and 4 indoors whilst mummy jets off to Tesco to try on pretty dresses. We were bad. We let them watch a film. 6 picked Mask of Zorro cos he's into adventure at the moment. 4 wasn't so keen on the idea of watching the film. She was more interested in looking down my top and seeing what my underwear was like. And asking a lot of questions. And when I say a lot I mean like averaging about 10 questions per minute (it seemed that much anyway). Dinner rolled around yet again. Major hysterics followed from 4. Drama drama, sob sob, snuffle snuffle, it was all over, and all because of a furry bunny! Bathtime and Auntie Dizz had to wash them both. Then dry. Then pj them up. One bedtime story later, I was back in my own house, with a large glass of white, and lost myself in some music...

Phewee! Small people are hard work! And I'm going to look after them for an entire weekend in 4 weeks! Can you even imagine how exhausted I'm going to be? I've no doubt there'll be further amusing questions to post though.

Sunday rolled around and it was time to go and watch the dress rehearsal at theatre. This show is a musical. I love musicals...actually that's a total lie, I hate musicals. Passionately. But I gritted my teeth and made it through. It was surprisingly entertaining. And I even found myself humming a tune at the end so it can't be all that bad. What was not so amusing was the many speeches that accompany a dress rehearsal, my all time favourite being "don't spray any deodorant in the dressing rooms". I'm waiting for an opportune moment, then I'm going to run in with a deodorant aerosol in each arm and a black balaclava, spray the entire can, laugh maniacally, and then run away really really fast. Dare me anyone? xx

Monday, 16 June 2008

Birthday song

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday toooooooo Tizzzzzzzzz
Happy birthday....tooooooo....youuuuuuuuu

Mwah! Have a sooper day, lots of love xx

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Overtime ramblings

Is odd to find oneself at work on a Saturday. If it wasn't for the sound of the ding ding ding double time ringing in my head I wouldn't be a happy bunny. I'd only served one person when I managed to make a mistake on the till, oops. And everytime I cross my legs I hit the button that opens the cd/dvd tray on the tower which gave me a bit of a surprise earlier when it popped out between my legs...eeek!

Yesterday was a good day/bad day:
*It was a good day cos I got three coats of brilliant white on my lovely bathroom coving, plus one coat on the ceiling and the third and final coat of gloss on the evil louvered doors
*It was a bad day when I dropped my phone into a pint of pink juice. I've put it in the airing cupboard to dry and am hoping (praying!) that it will be working when I get home tonight. I'm sure there will be people who think I'm AWOL cos I'm not replying to text messages and this is unheard of for me
*It was a good but sad day when we went out to say goodbye to S (boohoo) and we had lots of laughs. And we saw Orlando Bloom! Yep, he was in TS1, who'd have thunk it. We do have photographic proof but he currently looks like a demon with his red eyes so once we've de-demoned him I'll post a piccie
*It was a bad day when I went to the second of my parties last night and encountered the family shindig. If it's immediate family hosting said shindig it will be just grand. For any other family beyond you know it ain't going to be good. And it was bad. The DJ had a mullet. And was playing very bad music. However all was not lost. My dad threw me around the dancefloor to Chain Reaction and stood on my flip-flopped foot, luckily I'm used to my dad's style of dancing so my feet are hardened. And my ma, bless her, was a bit tipsy and told me how lucky she is and that she loves me very much, everyone together now: awwww bless the ma
*Then to top off the day, the 'House of Chav' met me at my front door last night and apologised for all the noise that she has been making for the past, ooh say 2 years, and that she'll try very hard for it not to happen anymore. Wow!

As is usual, I've declared it summer, even though it clearly isn't outside, so am hoping that the rain holds off until I get home this evening or I'm in for a serious wardrobe malfunction in my black swirlie girlie skirt and flipflops. Oh and even though am on mega-budget, couldn't resist whilst buying a present for the birthday-Tizz, some blue sparkly nail varnish and two rather pretty turquoise flowers for me! So to even out the world, I didn't go and look in the funky vintage shop for a new bag and pretty clothes. I'm so proud... xx

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Days off

They are quite simply the finest things ever. Especially as work is a's the right word...trying. Yep, we're having a bit of a problem with a certain someone who we shall call Miss Bossy Knickers. She is getting right on our nerves. Big style. And we can't do a thing about it except spend lunchtimes ranting about her. And plotting her demise. Which is not cheap I can tell you. So far it's costing me lots of hard work trying to convince someone that it's worth it, for me, pretty please. And poor T has to cook a batch of cookies every week for the rest of our days to assist with the bribery and corruption! What is a girl to do? Any ideas peeps?

So today has been most delicious. I was disturbed from my rather heavenly dream with David Tennant by the rag'n'bone man! Seriously, when was the last time you heard that weird rrrrrhhhnnnbnnn cry they have (phonetics, gotta love 'em) going on? Most odd. Spent what was left of the morning enjoying a leisurely breakfast and an episode of The Sopranos. Then my ma came down to help me clear out my spare room. By clear out I mean we got rid of 4 bags for charidee, one bag of rubbish, several plastic bags to go out for recycling, mucho amazement at what was actually under the bed (and I'm not just talking about dust bunnies), oh and laughing hysterically as I got trapped in all the stuff and literally fell head first over the edge of the bed and landed in a laughing heap. Eeeeh what fun. But it actually looks like a room again now! Yay!

Then we went and worshipped at Wilkos. Now I know there are readers out there (come on Cat, own up) who understand the Wilko Worship. It truly is the finest shop. Possibly ever. For a meagre 40 squid, I bought:
2 x multi-photo photoframes
2 x red ceramic plant pots
1 x tin of exterior undercoat: brilliant white
1 x tin of exterior gloss: brilliant white
1 x pack of mixed sandpaper
1 x cork sandpaper block
1 x limescale remover spray
1 x sink unblocker thingie
1 x fabreze for the giant furry beanbag: summer joy or some such smell
2 x bath sponges
1 x funkay watering can
1 x bathroom beaker for my toothbrush and toothpaste
10 x extra strong black refuse sacks
1 x dustpan and brush (49p, bargain!)
5 x food containers

Do you see what I mean? Genius, I tells ya. Whoever is the founder of Wilkos gets my big love.

So tomorrow is the beginning of the coving painting. Once at least one room is fully decorated plus accessorized, I will post piccies. Tomorrow is also 2 parties. What a life x

Monday, 9 June 2008

Cinematic events

I was going to dedicate this post entirely to exciting films, but then I've just had a phone call telling me that I've won a cruise to the Bahamas! I mean, how cool is that? It couldn't come at a better time, seeing as I've just had to cancel my planned trip to Barcelona due to the "house falling down around my ears" budget crisis. Funny thing is though, how does the automated man telling me I've won the cruise tell me how to claim the prize...hmmmmm.

So back to the original post. I finally went to see Sex and the City on Friday night. It's fair to say that I was right giddy about going to see it. To the point where I felt like a child on Christmas day. I LOVE the series, own all the dvds, have watched them so many times that I probably need a new set, basically there was a lot of expectation riding on it.
And I think I liked it...only think though. I'm considering going back a second time as I may actually form a true opinion on 2nd viewing. I know that I liked the ending. And I know that I loved all the clothes. And I actually gasped out loud at Carrie's...STOP! Don't give it away just in case someone hasn't seen it yet!

Tonight we're going to see Indiana Jones. And I loved them too. Is every film that I look forward to this cinema going to be a 'weeelll I think I liked it' moment? I'm a little worried I have to confess, I've heard bad things about Indie. Tizz told me to expect cheese. Cheese I can handle but if it's bad, oh Harrison, it'll be such a shame. Will keep you posted.

Sun is shining. Dizz is loving it. Literally, every opportunity, I'm out there soaking up the rays. You'd think that I go a lovely golden brown the way I love it. Nope. I get freckles. Lots of them. And that's it. But I heart it so. I think really I'm destined to live in a place where the sun shines all year round. Who needs seasons? xx

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Old Skool insults

"Speccy four eyes"

I kid you not. Some short-arsed, ginger chav shouted that at me as I walked past him earlier. I hadn't heard it in so long I could do nothing but laugh at him. Which of course maddened him further so he shouted it over and over. What an eejit. And I just had to share cos it's so funny!

2 posts in one day. Are we good or what? Nice one on the holiday Tizz, spookily close to the one I found for you! Have a fabby time.

Oh and I miss you too. Lots and lots. It's rubbish when you go back :o(


Return from the North

I'm going to try and keep trueto my promise and start to blog a little more regularly also (sorry for abandoning it for so long).

Well I have to start by saying I had a luverly time during my visit and despite not making it to Middlesbrough Music Live due to the absolute downpour I had a grand time eating and drinking and making merry with dizz fizz and wavey. I'm missing you all already!

I spent the yesterday at Thorpe Park with some people from work, it was such a lovely day (weather and people wise) though I wasn't expecting it to be so nice (weather wise) and am therefore suffering today from pink edges which I am thoroughly annoyed at myself for after lecturing so many people in the importance of sun cream. I am also aching all over from the manic hanging on of one who is hung upside down in various metal cages. I had a really good day but isn't it strange how you become more of a wuss when it comes to fairground rides as you get older? Weird what we do for entertainment! I also have to note that people wear the most inappropriate clothing at theme parks - the numer of 'boob tubes' I saw - how do they work on a 10 looping rollarcoaster???

I now have to go and get ready for work :( . However I've spent the morning with a very exciting task! I've just book a holiday to Turkey for this coming Monday! I'm heading there with my housemate L and we've finally got it booked after an uncertain few weeks waiting for her passport to arrive. I spent the morning on the phone to an (over) cheerful guy (nice that he enjoys his job though) arranging details and we're finally all set (maybe it was actually my problem as I'd just woken up). We're headed to Turunc and travelling at some unearthly hours of the day but worth it for the bargain price and the 4* all inclusiveness!

Hope everyone's enjoying the beeeutiful weather and remember - sun cream!

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

We're baaaaa-aaaack!

Hello! Sorry about the lack of posts folks. For a while there ole Dizz got a bit disillusioned about being the only one out of the trio to be blogging, plus she was having a crisis of 'oh is my contribution even worthy' type-ness. But, we've had crisis talks and we've decided that we shall keep up the blogging. And even if it's not all worthy, at least it lets us stay in touch with what's happening. So. Hey. How are you all?

I'm good. Now. If I'd have blogged at half past 4 you would have encountered an extremely nervous Dizz. As I had to go to the dentist. Now I'm not one of those girlie wusses about normal visits to the dentist but this particular time was not just for a check-up but for treatment. Taking out an old filling and putting in a shiny new white one type treatment. That involved injections and BZZZZZZZZZZZZ drilling and drills that make your whole head vibrate which when you're a wonky ears is a wee bit nasteeeee. But I survived! I can't currently feel my mouth. And I just had to drink tea through a straw. But all is well. I have to say the worst thing of all was when he wheeled from one side of the big chair to the other on his whizzy stool and took my hair with him. Yep, as my hair is much longer these days I lay back and it does that fanning thing. Of course you have to lay back in the dentists chair. So the hair fanned. And the evil dentist took it with him. OUCH! But I couldn't yelp 'ow you're on my hair' cos I had a drill in my mouth. Oh happy days.

Why do you think people become dentists? Seriously. I've pondered this. I mean, most people hate going. So you head into that job knowing that everyone dreads seeing you. That would be like popping round to your friend that you see every 6 months and them hating you. Horrible. And how do they work with all that screechy drilling on a daily basis? And can you even imagine some of the horrors they must see when people open their mouths....not everyone puts oral hygiene up there as their number one priority. I say a big YACK!

There's probably tonnes of other news to catch up on. All I will say is that Fizz has terrible taste in films and we're never letting her pick the dvd again. I mean seriously, you'd think that a front cover that had Parker Posey perusing many vibrators would be a bit of a giveaway as to the tone of the film...but apparently not! Chuckle.

Today was a 9 for flip-flop days. I got to wear a floaty green skirt which got many compliments, my shiny sparkly flip-flops and just a tee-shirt to walk home in. Lovely. If only we'd have 2 days in a row that were constant. I say BAH to the 'British Summer'.

Ta-ta for now. Promise we'll be better. Won't we Fizz 'n' Tizz!