Friday, 30 April 2010

The land of the perpetually confused

You might have to be blind to have failed to notice that election fever is sweeping us at the moment. You log onto any news site and the first set of headlines are Election2010 based, and every lead story in every paper is about the latest gaff or faux-pas or spitting out of dummies that the competitors are doing. But I tells you what - it's a nightmare. I don't have a clue who to vote for. The past few years have been a disaster under Labour, I could NEVER vote for the Conservatives, I just couldn't, I was raised in a working class family with strong Labour roots, those Tory blues just don't hit my radar. And I'm wary of the Lib Dems. In the past, it's always been like a bit of a no-vote to choose them because let's face it, in Britain it's always been a swing between blue and red, yellow just didn't get a look in and it felt a bit like sitting on the fence. But now, in this 2010 election year, the colours are starting to blur.

To tell you the truth I try to avoid the media as much as possible in election time, mainly because they're all so busy putting their own spin on it that the truth (ha!) is lost amidst the PR fluff. And this is my problem, this is why I'm living in the land of the perpetually confused, I just don't know who to believe. Or what for that matter. Right about now, I think I'm really wishing for something that doesn't exist - an entirely independent place, where each party lists exactly what they stand for, the changes they propose to make, and why they should lead our country. Am I politically naive do we think? I reckon so, as such a thing simply doesn't exist. I spent a considerable amount of time yesterday reading the BBC website, they broke it down into different sections and priorities, and it was useful. But not independent. Probably not entirely truthful either.

But here I am. With only a matter of days to go and still no further forward. I know I have to vote, it's vital that as many people as possible vote in any election. But I swing daily between red and yellow, back to red...forever confused, indecisive. It's not a great place to be.

Sunday, 25 April 2010


For several years now my hair has been a fab bright red, loved by many, admired by many too I think, but of late, not so good. It all started a couple of months ago, I was beginning to notice a few other people with the same shade as me...then it got to a few more...then I'd be walking round town and almost every 10th person had the red. I knew it was time to do something drastic when a woman got on the bus, in her slippers, sporting the hideous chav slicked back ponytail look in EXACTLY my hair colour. Nooooooooo!

Saturday I headed to my trusty hairdresser. I think she already knew to be honest. And so we've started the transition phase. I'm heading towards my natural colour again which is I believe (cos it's been a while!) a sort of chestnut/auburn type reddy browny orangey, I know that sounds awful but it really won't be! But as I had that bright red it couldn't all be done at once. Phase 1 sees me with brown hair. Just brown. And it feels...odd. I look in the mirror and it's not really me. Wavey reckons it's me but subdued- which isn't how I'm feeling I hasten to add, just my hair. Hopefully phase 2 will see me heading lighter and then by phase 3 we'll be somewhere near.

Not many people have seen it yet so I'm looking forward to the reactions!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Chucklesome sight of the day: a girl sporting an I heart NY teeshirt...except that she'd added the word "fan" to the NY. Eeeee!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

A whole lot of ing


Any more? Nope, think I've exhausted the list of all the ing that I've been up to!

Time has become a precious commodity to be captured in fleeting moments cos there's not a whole lot of it feeling free. I hadn't realised it had been so long since I'd blogged last. It truly has been busy times. Wavey and I are working hard to our self imposed deadline of getting my house sorted out ready for renting, and then we've added a further deadline of getting painting jobs done in the new house before we go on holiday in May. It sounds like an age away but when you've got a list that fills one side of A4 for one house, and another list on the back of a stray envelope for the other...well, it's bonkers busy.

This week is not helping much. Yet again it's show week (it feels like they come round faster and faster these days) and when we worked it out, it will probably be Sunday this week before Wavey and I get to spend some quality time together. Here breaketh down this week for us.
Monday: Wavey - stage manager, Dizz - ices
Tuesday: Wavey - night off! Dizz - ices
Wednesday: Wavey - bar, Dizz - ices
Thursday: Wavey - stage manager, Dizz - night off!
Friday: Wavey - night off! Dizz - bar
Saturday: Wavey - stage manager, Dizz - night off!
Oh and for Saturday add shopping with the lovely T in the morning for a wedding outfit, followed by baby shower in the afternoon, and evening viewing of Alice in Wonderland for moi, and footy for Wavey, and that's this week all sewn up!! And even though a few nights are spent in the same building we're not actually anywhere near each other as I scamper on during the interval, all beehive-d up for the 60s theme and sell my tasty treats, whilst Wavey controls the entire show from behind the scenes. Crazy times my friends, kerazeeee.

So what's new with you? Tell me all your news! Tizz - hope you had fantastic times in Hong Kong and China, want to hear all about it! I feel a lengthy phone call needed x

Right, I gotta go and buy fruit now cos we're all out. Then I'm home to spruce myself up in my beehive before heading to the ices! See you soon!