Monday, 29 January 2007

lost in translation?

Continuing on from the birthdays post and the request made by Fizz to show the b*****k plant I now have to explain. So I already said that I got lots of lovely presents for my birthday. One of the loveliest had to be my Orchid plant from Wavey. I've had people buy me flowers before but I've never had any that are quite as stunning as this plant. I was a very smiley girl when I brought it home. And decided to share my joy with Fizz via a text message. The reply that I got from her went as follows: did you know that orchid means bollock in ancient greek?

Those of you who know Fizz (or should I say know of her) are aware that she is the brains of this operation, so whatever she says I am liable to trust; after all she does have a brain the size of a planet. But after basically ruining my beautiful plant for me, she told me a few hours later that it had been a total lie! By then of course it was too late, the plant was tarnished and is now forever known as the bollock plant. And just so you can all understand how much of a meanie Fizz really is, I've put a picture of my plant onto the post so you can see how stunning it is (I did have one of the actual plant on my phone but the fecking thing isn't playing again, but let's not go off in that direction)

Orchid/bollock, you decide:
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That is the exact one, I kid you not, it really is that gorgeous. So come on then Fizz, let's see you get out of this one... x

Sunday, 28 January 2007


Thanking you all most kindly for the birthday greetings. I had a good'un, despite it not being payday until two days after the birthday itself and skinty-skint-skint being the order of the day. The bestest things were definitely all my presents; I kid you not, it was like Christmas morning on my breakfast table! I got so many cool things and I felt a wee bit overwhelmed by all the care and thoughts that had gone into selecting things for me. I came out of it all a bit emotional and thinking wow I'm a lucky girl. But enough of that sappy nonsense. The other bestest thing was Sarah arriving from London. But one question: how is it possible that a week at work can feel like ten lifetimes, yet 4 days with one of your bezzy mates flies by in a New York minute? Pah.

So quick run down of the day itself. Presents obviously. Followed by a visit from my ma bearing even more goodies. The moving furniture bit with Wavey was cause for much hilarity but bugger, that wardrobe was heavy! No wonder when I moved it in I got my dad and big tall brother-in-law to be the shifters. Anyhoo, it does mean that I now have space for a bigger better wardrobe to house my ever-growing collection of disposable fashion-tastic clothing. And in the meantime I look at all my clothes and think, shee-it where did they all come from?? Sarah arrived, we drank tea, we gossiped, we cooked tea, more presents from Fizz later on, then a film, it was a lovely day. And now I'm 32. It's time to be mature, sensible... next time I go out someone remind me not to wear the black ankle boots that are oh-so funky but are now named "evil bastard boots" as my feet were crucified after a good several hours dancing on the fecking things. I swear when that taxi stopped for us I could have got down on the ground and kissed the car doors I was so thankful, plus it would have taken some of the pressure off my feet that were ON FIRE but pavements in Boro are definitely not paved with gold; more likely to find vomit and dog doo-doo so p'raps not.

Brief ramblings on birthday night out/Toni's hen night are as follows:
1. cocktails, Cosmopolitans, oh so Sex and the City, I heart them so
2. skipping
3. knickers
4. sugary delights
5. strutting our stuff to 80s choons
6. one v.drunken girl in Flares, I feared for her I truly did, at one point someone dangled her over the balcony and I thought, she's either going to up-chuck over the dancefloor or she's going to break her neck, thankfully she just fell off her black stiletto and laughed
7. my new found huffing skills (ask Fizz for explanation), I'm the new champ!
8. photos, many of them, when they become available we will blog
9. E.B.B. see above for poor feet, comfort over fashion, NEVER!
10. lots of laughs, what more can a gal need, amen

Finally, just thought I'd say Tizz that I'm right there with you on the Angel-fest. I got season 3 for my birthday and have struggled to leave the sofa ever since. Hmmmm, David Boreanaz, what a guy.

Over and out x

Friday, 26 January 2007

A Prairie Home Companion

Dizz and her friend Sarah and I went to see A Prairie Home Companion last night (at Arc again - beertastic). It's Robert Altman's last film, which I didn't realise until I got there. Great cast - my favourite was GK (somebody Keillor) whose voice I recognised but couldn't place initially, then I realised he does the voice-overs for the groovy honda adverts. You know the ones - 'hate something, change something, make something betterrrrrr' and 'more forwards please'. Great voice.

I'd recommend it if you fancy a gentle comedy. Sarah wasn't impressed with the ending though, apparently she needs some sort of resolution in an ending. I tried to tell her what happened next, but she thought I was making it up! Tcha! She decided to invent her own ending instead and gave the story a nice little moral as well. She was much happier. Bless.

Dizz seems to think I have very bad taste in jokes, just because I laughed at some from the film. Now, those jokes were funny. Listen, here's one: a truck-load of Viagra has been stolen; the police are looking for hardened criminals. That's funny! Isn't it? OK, another one: God created woman with 3 breasts: she didn't want the middle one and asked God 'What can we do with this useless tit?' and God created man. You have to laugh at that one. No? Nyeh.

Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Happy Birthday dear Di-izz!

Just wanted to wish dizz a very happy birthday today! Hope you guys had lots of cake and fun last night! Wish I could be there.

A small treat for you (and fizz and all the girls and boys) the link as promised: or for a wider choice . Enjoy!

tizz xx

Thursday, 18 January 2007

Pan's Labyrinth

Dizz and I went to see Pan's Labyrinth last night at Arc - brilliant venue, Dizz was allowed to take her mug of hot chocolate in with her, and in the past we've even bought a bottle of wine and taken it in with us, although that just wasn't on last night 'cos it was a school night.

All in all it was a brilliant film. The visual effects were stunning, the magical world was creepy, unsettling and beautiful and the little girl who played Ofelia was incredibly good. My favourite creature was the saggy man with the eyes in his hands.

There was just one big negative - how GORY it was. Wasn't expecting that at all - I thought it was a pleasant little children's fable. Nope. Within the first 15 minutes the baddie smashes a man's nose in with a beer bottle. There was even one point where the entire audience sucked their breath in through their teeth, as the baddie sewed his own face together after having had his mouth considerably widened by a paring knife. Eeewww. Dizz was doing a turtle impression (now you know why those jumpers are called turtle-necks) and I was peeking through my fingers.

So, if you get a chance to see it, wear a big jumper, or take some other object to hide behind (or get it on DVD and watch from behind the comfort of your own sofa). And if you're lucky enough to see it at a cinema that serves hot chocolate, remember the relevant word is HOT. You know what I mean, Dizz.

Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Angel(s), musicals and cinema trips

Well I've been very useless since I returned to university after a lovely xmas at home having spent most of my time drooling over watching Angel which my very generous brother bought for me. I am embarrassed to say I am halfway through season 4 and getting very excited for the last season (what suprises await?!). However, I have ventured from the house occasionally and managed to get into London to see Billy Elliot: The Musical last week - it was fan-bloomin-tastic! I would recommend it to anyone including those who are not musical fans (dizz ;) ) I laughed, I cried (almost), I wanted to dance!
Tonight we're hoping to see "Perfume: the story of a murderer" with the beautiful Alan Rickman after reading quite mixed reviews. The challenge is to find a cinema that its actually playing at. Will post my verdict later and then hopefully will manage to get started on my assignments if I can avoid the lure of the boxset!

Our photo

Yay! We now have a photo. Very accurate it is too. I'm loving Tizz's blue hair.

Monday, 15 January 2007


In all the excitement of surfing around looking for an organic bag I forgot to blog about how friendly my neighbourhood really is. For the past several months I seem to have part-adopted a cat. I say part-adopted as she's never actually been in my house and will not either due to Fizz being allergic to "fur-bearing animals"; when she comes round it might kill her, not so good. Anyhoo, this little cat whose name is Lucy is getting bolder and bolder. Last week she followed me down the street miaow-ing all the way when I was on my way to work. I had to tell her to go home. Yes people, I actually spoke to the cat, outside in the middle of the street, for people to hear. Note that it was in my usual tone of voice and not one that some people reserve for pets/babies.

And so to tonight's cat tale. I'm walking down the street. She spots me, waits and then runs over as soon as I'm at my doorstep. I do my usual greeting of hello and a quick stroke round the ears. Tonight though she takes this whole friendliness thing too far and literally rubs herself over my front door, my front step and the walls on either side of the door, and my legs! Yep, she's making sure that no other cats are coming near me. I promptly eeeked quite loudly and told her to go away. Her response was to miaow and wait patiently at the door. I tell her that I'm not opening the door until she goes away and then do my stern look. Again the miaow. Cheeky! So my solution was to rush through the front door, carrier bags and all and slam it really quickly all the while hoping that I'm not going to crush her in the door frame. What do I do? I don't want this cat. Me no likey the cats. Why is she doing this to me? She has a lovely home right across the street. I don't understand...

My final point is to say that Fizz is part of this blog and will be writing soon but her broadband is not up and running yet so she is denied access to the internet until then. However, once she has it she'll no doubt be on here correcting all our grammatical errors and frantically editing any split infinitives that might sneak their way in... x

trying to be good...

Let's say a big yah-boo to technology!

So I've spent the best part of the last half hour surfing around the internet looking for organic clothing companies that fulfil the following requirements:
1. stylish
2. cheap
It seems that these are two things that don't go hand in hand with the whole organic fashion ranges. Let's discuss for instance, how anyone could possibly afford to pay 11 quid for one pair of pants! Do these people who wear organic fashion go for the whole eco-friendly thingy and wear them/wash them every single night? I mean come on people, it's just not practical. If that's the only options then I'm sorry but (look away now Fizz) it'd be commando for me all the way. Not that I was looking for organic underwear. I was actually looking for a new bag but the only ones they have on offer are ugly, with a capital UG. I like me a nice bag, we're talking stylish, we're talking funkay, we're talking damn fine. So in this instance, we're not talking organic.

Any funkay bag ideas send them my way please, pictures always welcome x

More Technology Wars...


Thought I'd join in a little on the technology rant as I've just finished a cyber meeting (from hell!) with other people on my degree course. Now I love MSN messenger but as soon as you get 6 people online trying to make 1 simple decision all hell breaks loose! There's bitching and sniping from the most mild mannered people and lots of silent sulking too. The conclusion we came to - old skool face to face cannot be beaten for as well as a lot less misunderstandings there tends to be a lot more cake. Boo to technology!


Sunday, 14 January 2007

Technology wars

Am making a start to this blog and beginning with my technology wars, or should that be woes? I'm currently laptop-happy but not wireless, and am now forced back to my v.old mobile phone as my PEBL turns itself on and off all day long, whenever it feels like it, all the fecking time! It's done it a grand total of 7 times today. Yesterday was 5. And the "helpful" people at that named after a fruit place tell me that there is nothing they can do until the fault is the same 3 times over. I tried upset; I tried frustration; I ended up with downright petulant to the snotty woman on the other end of the phone line. I'm sure if it was her phone she would be kicking up a huge fuss. I have sufficed to grrr, taken a deep breath and hope that this battery replacement fixes the fault. In true Green Wing style I say a very loud PAH!

So. Welcome to the new blog! This here is being authored by not one, not two, but three of us! Don't know how it will work but it'll be interesting to see all the different threads that wind their way on here. We welcome comments but not of the spam variety; interaction makes the world go round after all.

Happy reading x