Monday, 30 July 2007

celebration dinner

I am a very smiley Dizz. Today I had an interview for a promotion at work and I got it. Yep, the Dizz you knew has taken on the new persona of professional librarian! Yup, I finally got me a job that actually needs that Masters. So what am I doing I hear you ask? I'm an E-I-O, the totally confused this means I am the Electronic Information Officer. Not that I'm electronic...oooh this is hard to explain. Basically, all them electronic journals and databases that the student peeps use? I'm the person that makes them available with a few magical clicks. Woohoo!

So in celebration (as well as dancing around my living room like a mad person) I'm cooking up a bootiful dinner! Oh yes, in the oven as I type is an all new Dizz recipe consisting of sweet potato, leeks, red onion and pine nuts, with olive oil drizzled over the top, generous sprinklings of rosemary and black pepper, and some chopped up fresh basil. To go on top of this tasty dish is a chicken fillet which is merrily griddling. YUMNESS! Totally healthy and totally deelish. Well here's hoping anyhoo!

I am also enjoying my new Amy MacDonald cd. She rocks. You must all borrow from me so that you can just listen of course and not do any of that dodgy illegal copying...but oooh she's good. And she's only 19. So of course we have to hate her whilst loving her at the same time.

I am now officially a Librarian. Wow. Gosh. Do I need me some pearls and a twin set do we think?

I have to go and do more inane smiling now.
Ta-ta x

Monday, 23 July 2007

playing out/playing in

6 days off work. How heavenly has that been? I can't even begin to describe it without using gushing words like bliss, luxurious, delightful...I could go on but I'll probably make you jelly so I'll stop.

Anyhoo, 6 days off has meant lots of playing out. And the playing in refers to my new digital camera and finding my feet with it, so here, in no particular order of importance is my week so far, in pictures and words:

Day 1
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Sun was shining, hence the need for vest tops and cheeky bunches

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Task for the 6 days off was to completely revamp this chest of drawers that I got from my ma and pa. Colour: Coffee Liquer (think Baileys and you'd be very close, they look good enough to eat!). So this above is the before

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Ah my pretty as a postcard village, always looks so much nicer in the sunshine

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Close-up of the spurting fountain there, whooo there it goes

Day 1 was busy!

Day 2 I went a-visiting and couldn't really take photos, cos it was on an exclusive estate and they'd no doubt have had the police on to anyone taking photos, thinking that their joints were being cased. I'm sure they called out the estate security as I got lost in 5 different cul-de-sacs trying to get out. The sight of a crazy woman gesturing from a mustard coloured Fiat Punto will surely have had the locals worrying.

Day 3 was mainly spent with Fizz. I was so chilled out and v.sleepy from my late night that I fell asleep on the sofa! I never do that at people's houses, ever! How very rude.

Day 4 met Cat and J from work for our oh-so-cultural day of visiting the local art gallery, drinking Latte, munching nice biccies, followed by a HUGE Sunday roast:
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And that was without my Yorkshire Pudding which they'd forgotten to put on there. I soon sorted that out, never you fear!

Today has been more painting (will take a photo of the finished product) and shopping for pretty summer dresses for my San Fran hol with Tizz. I now have my hands on the new Harry Potter book so will be buried in that for the rest of the evening.

And for my very last day off tomorrow I'm off to Saltburn to meet the latest addition to Dizz's world: Baby 1. How exciting! I'll be taking photos but don't think that Baby 1 should have world fame (!) at just 5 days old, so maybe save them for a while. I will take more photos though, just cos I can, with my new camera. Oh how I love new toys.

Bye-bye x

Monday, 16 July 2007


As Fizz is well known for having a brain the size of a planet, I asked her tonight how there can be so much rain falling from the sky. In response, she said that God has a cold. And the rain is snot. So can someone pass God a hankie and some Olbas oil so that he can get rid of it and we can have some sunshine. PLEASE!

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Happy Days!

Good Morning!
Hope everyone is very well because I'm in a very happy place right now!

I have just handed in my last piece of work for university - what a relief, I had a job interview on Friday and have recieved a letter to say I got the job, and finally it was my housemate L's birtday yesterday, we went to the only place to have lunch on your birthday - the waffle mill - soooooo tasty (prawn and avacado in a lemon and dill mayonaise on wholemeal waffle and a large malted chocolate milkshake made with italian ice cream mmmm!), went shopping where I bought lots of pretty things and went to see Die Hard 4.0 which was action packed and just a little bit silly which is exactly how I like my action films! Definitely recommeded.

What a fantastic few days! Hope you'ra all having a fun time too!

T xx

Saturday, 7 July 2007

weather report

The summer so far is a wash-out. And I mean literally. All we have is rain. Rain rain rain. The following have now become everyday essentials:

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And this is the view from every window:
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I'm looking for someone to blame. So I'm blaming Rhianna, cos her song Umbrella has been at the number 1 slot in the Top 40 for 7 weeks now. 7! Count 'em! She should have written a song called Sunshine. Then we'd all have been happy :o(

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Transformers... Robots in Disguise!

One of my friends is mad about transformers at the moment. You know who you are. She keeps singing the song and doing a daft little dance that she thinks looks like a transformer transforming.

So here it is, the ultimate transformer/Dr. Who geek's outfit...

Sunday, 1 July 2007

move over Meg

How cool is Fizz? Last night saw the end of our theatre group's current show, also ending our season. This last show was a musical thingy with 13 lovely ladies singing lots of songs, 43 songs. And with songs comes a band (I'm getting to my point, honest). So the band had a pianist, a bassist and a drummer. With his own drum kit. And something I have always wanted to do is play the drums. So without telling me, Fizz approached the drummer and told him that I want to play the drums. So last night I'm tidying up in the bar, and drummer boy comes up to me and says, "I heard you want to play the drums, come and have a go". I think I might have squealed a bit!

First things first, sit down, he says, most important. At this point I'm thinking that my swirly girly jaunty angle party dress and 3 inch black stilettos are not going to be the best drumming outfit. Shoes came off. My very first drum lesson began. 1-2-3-4. On the 1 press the pedal for the bass drum. On the 3 hit that other drum (whose name I've forgotten). So off I went, 1 (press foot down, bass drum was hit, wow!)-2-3 (hit that other drum with the other stick)-4. And keep going! OHMYGOD I was playing the drums! Drummer boy said I did very well (I'm sure he was just being nice) but god was it cool! After 5 minutes of that he says, "just hit any of them" so I did, and went a bit mad just hitting all the drums and seeing what they sounded like. I was very smiley Dizz.

Now that I've actually had a go I'm more determined than ever that I'm going to learn how to play the drums properly. Cos I wanna be just like Meg from the White Stripes cos she rocks! So after San Fran (cos that's where all my pennies are going at the moment) I'm going to phone some of those numbers I already got and get me some lessons. My poor neighbours...

So I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to Fizz for doing that for me. Cos it was so incredibly amazing.