Thursday, 25 October 2007

the essence of decadence

Have you ever heard such a cool phrase? I love it! I do. 'Bob' at work kindly informed me today that I am exactly that: the essence of decadence. He was referring to someone we work with, whose a little on the mousey side (this is polite, trust me). I firmly believe her to be offended by all things Dizz as she simply cannot look me in the eye whenever I ask her a question, or generate a response that doesn't include lots of uh, um, erm, um erm uh all at the same time...well you get the picture. It's really quite disconcerting. I'm an easy going gal, I am, peeps talk to me about anything and everything, so what's up with that? In the summer I thought maybe she was offended by my vest tops and the amount of flesh they show, but seems that even in Autumn fashions I still cause consternation. I feel like Duckie in Pretty In Pink, when he lifts up his arm, sniffs his armpit, and asks: "do I o-ffend?" What do we reckon peeps? Is it me? Or is it her? The jury is out.

In other examples of decadence, I wore my struttin' boots for work yesterday. By the time I actually reached the blessed place of employment they were no longer the struttin' boots, they were the evil as f*** boots. I had to spend the whole day hobbling around like an old woman, in my socks (!) as I had blisters on the balls of my feet. Ohhhhh the pain. Ouch. My boss kindly informed me that it's cos my boots are not leather. I was like, cheers, yep, well we can't all afford to spend many hundreds of pounds on f-m boots, like what she does :o)

Today I have eaten: a hazelnut and orange cookie with a chocolate base, a chocolate and caramel digestive, a packet of peanut M&Ms, and a chunk of G&B Maya Gold; chocolate decadence do we think?

Just watched Marie Antoinette with Kirsten Dunst. Hmmm, not quite sure what I made of it but fitting that I watched it on the decadence day. Boy, those cakes. I was literally drooling over them, hell even the champagne was starting to look good and we all know about the bubbles troubles.

So thanks be to 'Bob' for the post inspiration. Keep 'em coming peeps. And amen to decadence, of any kind. Farewell my lovelies x

Tuesday, 23 October 2007


It's been a long, long time since I blogged. Sorry folks, I just haven't had time.

I have some good excuses though: I was rehearsing and then appearing in a play called Glorious! - I played the stroppy, foul-mouthed Mexican maid. What fun, swearing my head off in the secure knowledge that no one will understand a word I'm saying. Think again. On the Thursday night, someone mentioned that their friend Ricardo was in the audience. Being astute, I asked "Is he a foreigner?" - "Yes", I was told, "He's Spanish." I wasn't too bothered until my informant added "He's a Catholic priest." Ooooooops! Actually, Monseigneur Ricardo was adorable, and didn't mind the bad language and the blasphemy at all.

As well as that, I've started a new job (same company, just a different post) which involves a lot of travelling around, visiting customers and showing them how to use the software they've just bought from us. Travelling is time-consuming, I'm sure we'd all agree about that. But it's particularly time-consuming for me because it takes me about twice as long to get anywhere as a normal person. Just ask Dizz, I'm spectacularly good at getting myself completely lost. My map-reading skills are off the scale (on the below-zero side). Even with a satnav, I manage to go wrong. (To be fair, my satnav is pants. It told me "You have reached your destination" when I was sitting in the middle of a junction.)

Being busy is no excuse to miss out on the retail therapy though. Dizz'n'Fizz will be hitting the shops pretty soon - watch out Teesside!

Sunday, 21 October 2007


It's taken me most of the day but I finally got through my ironing pile, admittedly I did stop and eat lunch and help my ma pull up weeds in my yard, but I can finally say that I am operating on a full throttle wardrobe:
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(they should never have bought me a digital camera, any opportunity...)

Wish I could say the same thing about myself, full throttle that is. Cos I'm knackered! Yep that ironing was exhausting. That's when you can tell you've been ill, when something you would normally do without any hassle becomes this major event. Am hoping that all will be well at work tomorrow but bugger, reckon I'm going to be sooooo tired, what a girlie puff :o(

Any tips for energy boosting? Come on peeps, where's my comments? I've been posting so diligently. Is there anyone out there? Helloooooo...? xx

Saturday, 20 October 2007


I think I should begin my own course of therapy for how to get over sucky viruses. For starters I would recommend lots of sleeping. And then after the lots of sleeping, the taking of the tablets, the drinking of the fluids, get yourself up and at 'em George McFadam, and get thee to the shops. Yep, a good dose of retail therapy is enough to kick you out of any post-virus blues. As I clearly found out today. The only item on my list was a pair of skintight black jeans. Check, found them. Oh and look at those boots...and those too...oh look at Dizz at the checkout paying for those 2 pairs of boots and those jeans...oops :o)) However, being the style-ista that I am, I refuse to feel guilty about the buying of the boots (nice try Fizz) cos they are struttin' boots, yep, I'm currently rockin' one pair of them around my house. Ooh yeah baby. Last year I was all about the Ugg-a-like boots, this year I'm all about the struttin'.

In other news, there's something weird going on out there, in the big wide world. I can't help but feel that I'm at the beginning of a new phase. Don't know where it's going to take me, or even why I have this feeling, but I'm a firm believer in following my gut and that's what it's telling me. Look out world, I'm a-coming...

And finally, I'm ending with a question. What I want to know is who is the inventor of these chain thingies that you get via email/text/Facebook kindly informing you that on the one hand you are "sexy as fuck" (direct quote) but if you don't forward this on to 10 people you will be "ugly" for the next 10 years? Say WHAT? xx

Thursday, 18 October 2007


I thought it was too good to be true that I hadn't picked up some horrible cold or bug from the plane journey. Turns out you don't need to go that far for that joy, you can just jump on a local bus instead. As you might have guessed it, I've been struck down. The official line (as I've now seen the doc it's been made official) is a virus. Surprise surprise. They always say that when they're not quite sure what it is and can't really give you anything to make it better. The recommendations were: fluids, paracetamol, and plenty of rest. Yes sir-ree.

Since we're all about the sharing on this here blog I thought I'd tell you how sucky my virus is. It started on Monday with violent dizzies at work. Being Dizz, I'm used to the dizzies, I mainly just get on with them, but these dizzies were properly evil. Each time I looked down I thought I was going to fall off my chair. And then when I looked up, yep, more falling. Came home on Monday night and started with the most horrible ear-ache in my left ear. Woke up on Tuesday, got on bus to go to work, thought my head was going to explode, or fall off cos my body clearly couldn't support its new weight, got off bus, went home and laid down. And it's pretty much been that way since then. Headache, ear-ache, eye ache, face ache, dizzy, head far too heavy for my body are the general symptoms. And it's making me miserable. My ma will clarify this, as bless her, she's been round every day to make sure I'm still alive, offering to take me back to the parental manor and look after me...I'm like no way! I'm staying in my own bed thanks. I think Wavey got a bit of a shock when he came round to keep me company last night and I hardly uttered 5 words, laid out on the sofa in my duvet looking totally pathetic, is too tragic. Today, it's still bad but the best way to describe it is how a really bad hangover feels but with evil dizzies. Virus my arse. It sucks!

And to further my plight, my pile of ironing is now the same size as a small friend:
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So if any of you kind readers would like to help me, just pop on round, I'll set the ironing board up, no bother.

Oh special message to Cat who is sick too: Get Well Soon chick!
Hopefully next time I'll be all well. And have lots of freshly ironed clothes.
Ta-ta x

Wednesday, 3 October 2007


The first week back at work after a holiday is always a little odd, on the one hand you're on a total high with the buzz of how good your holiday was, your heart leaps everytime someone comes over to ask you about it and you can't hide the grin as you tell yet another story...and then there's the flipside; you're gloomy, the weather's rubbish, you want to be back on holiday to recover from your holiday. And so it goes on. The second week is when everything supposedly returns to normal. Not so for me.

Even though it's only Wednesday, so far my "normal" week has included some very bizarre happenings.

On Monday, I discovered that my beloved black suede boots had a scuff on the tip of the right front pointy bit. And it was like an off white colour. And really stood out. Since I heart these boots so I knew that I had to do something and was inspired by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. I got me a black marker. I made someone stand in front of me. And I coloured the tip of my boot in with said marker. Result! No-one can see the scuff mark now. Really, what would we do without films and television?

Tuesday night theatre is always fun, it's hard to describe what it is that we do there cos people have to see it to believe it. This week however was a little more strange than usual. I got there to find that my task was to create these hideous decorations that are well over 6 feet tall, and consist of a bucket covered in silver foil, a stake covered in flowers made out of paper tissues, silver skylarks with foil wings and tails, and pampas grass. Oh all fixed together with the aid of a glue gun and mucho swearing. Poor R managed to burn herself severely on the glue gun, so much so that I had to get a lift home to pick up as many antiseptic and soothing lotions as I could find to treat them. She has actual holes in her fingers where she thought she was peeling the hot glue away but was actually peeling away her skin. Nice. Let's all wish her a speedy recovery, if only so that she can actually push the truck during the play next week, cher-ching!

Which leads us to today. So what happened today? Well I thought it was all running smoothly until I went for my monthly food shop tonight. I get to the check-out, and have loaded up all my stuff, packed it away and am ready to pay. Is it possible to have a blonde moment with red hair? As I pulled my purse out of my bag, I didn't realise it was open, coins flew everywhere, I bent to pick them up and was greeted by a sight I hope never to see again: a woolly mammoth wearing shorty white baggy shorts. Oh yes, I saw waaaaaaaay more of this woolly mammoth than I wanted to. I might need therapy to recover, or at least a bit of cake to make me feel better.

Finally (I have to end now cos Heroes is starting and I am addicted), I've been watching Life on Mars which was shown on the BBC a while back. And it totally rocks. There are some classic moments and some wonderful lines, my favourite definitely being: (said in gruff Manchester accent) if I come back to this motor and there's a scratch on it I'm coming round yer 'ouse and stamping on all yer that my friends, is a put down that I have to use!

Ta-ta xx