Sunday, 12 December 2010


OMG! OMG! Wavey is the bestest boyfriend ever! The postman arrived today (still getting used to Sunday deliveries) with a box from Amazon. Wavey gets this look of glee on his face and then runs into the kitchen telling me "stay in there stay in there". Minutes later he emerges with said Amazon box all wrapped up and presents it to me! Inside is a teeny tiny parcel. At this point he got down on bended knee...and then quickly got back up again because of course he was joking, as if! Inside was one extremely fabulous present...

...inside was one shiny new ipod Nano, the most brandest new of them all that clips on and has a touch screen! In shiny green! And it's 16GB which means I'll never run out of music space ever again! OH MY GOD! Bestest present ever! And it's not even Christmas yet!! Wooooooop!

What a lucky girl I am!

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