Sunday, 21 April 2013

Fizz the Fantastic

Not only is Fizz a rockin' knitter and creator of the funkay-est socks in our fair region:


She is also a sewing dudette and has made me and Wavey the most fabulous cushion for our study/snug/library:

Love it! I know we already said so but thank you once again for all your hard work and time that was given to create something this fabby and unique. Big mwah!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

They go together like a horse and carriage

Yesterday not one but three (three!) people asked me if Wavey and I have plans to get married. I'm used to this question from some people, mainly my sister who I think sees this as a prime opportunity for my niece to be some kind of fluffy bridesmaidy type thing, but she usually only asks me when she's drunk as she knows the answer will always be the same. Three people in one day though? Has to be some kind of record. 

It all started when I was at uni. One of my class mates who I always sit with was making polite conversation that started off about holidays and ended up with the big M question, though quite how she got there still has me puzzled. When I gave my standard reply that starts with a HA and ends with an um I don't think so answer she replied that she would pray for me...later on at theatre the chatter talked to weddings. Long story short there, something is happening at theatre on the 3rd May, I can't be there as we're at a wedding, a wedding on a Friday who does that exclamation later another person informed me that "when" Wavey and I get married we can't do it on a Friday as this person works and therefore wouldn't be able to come...say what and excuse me? Moments later I was asked if I thought we would get married. There must have been something weird in the air to prompt all this as it was not an average Tuesday by any means! 

It's a weird thing all round. I guess some people are really into weddings and marriage, me and Wavey not so much. I've never had any dreams or desires to have a wedding, I would be mortified by all the attention being focused entirely on me and to tell you the truth I'm not that big a fan. I like the cake. And I love a good boogie, but you can have both of those things any old time. Does this make me odd? Have I got some kind of vital gene missing? Did the marriage thing fly up to me one day, shout boo, stick his tongue out and then run away? I  believe you can be with the person you love and be fully committed to your relationship and be together however you both choose, be that through marriage or living together or just being together - the glue that binds relationships is so unique to each one that it's impossible to generalise. 

Me and Wavey? Marriage? I think my sister is going to be disappointed *chuckle* when I was a kid friends of my parents turned up one weekend grinning from ear to ear. They'd been away for the weekend and were just popping in to tell us what a great time they had, oh, and that they had got married...I will always remember the glee and mischief in their faces. Never say never eh? But I do know one thing, if we do change our minds I would be tempted to follow the glee and mischief route...

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Last published March?!

You know it's bad times when even Blogger is tapping you on the shoulder and asking, oi, you, is there anyone there?! Blogland can sometimes be a strange place for me. I'm often all fired up and full of ideas and inspiration of things to put on the blog, and then other times it's all bleugh and nothing I think of seems worthwhile. I even have to admit to being a little bleugh about some of the blogs I read. I subscribe to a couple of style and fashion ones and sometimes I find myself looking at yet another marvellously groomed and well put together young woman who is earning squillions of pounds and thinking, ugh, are they ever caught in their dressing gown with bed hair and zero makeup by the burglar alarm guy cos you totally forgot he was coming? Probably not. So there you go, I'm not making excuses, I'm just telling it like it is. Bleugh. 

That is not to say that life ain't grand cos it certainly is so. Part of the reason for no posting is very little time. Student-ing it turns out is a busy old place to be. Let's face it I can hardly blame the amount of time I spend in lectures as this is laughably small, but the amount of preparation and reading, and the sheer quantity of assignments I have going on is a bit eek-y so I also do quite a lot of avoidance style tactics. If I can't see them then those million assignments are not actually there and don't all need doing by the end of May. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeep!  

Weekends are also zooming on by. Wavey and I have seemingly reached some kind of we're rockin' and rollin' and beastin' our way through all the house and garden tasks. So far this year we have tiled the bathroom and laid new vinyl, painted and glossed the study, pulled up the carpets in the study, built mahhhvellous bookshelves in the study, bought a chair and a standard lamp from cheapish sources for the study, fitted a blind for the study, glossed a fireplace in the spare room a gorgeous black (still so chuffed with it), I am slowly but surely up-cycling all the picture frames in the spare room and glossing them black, we've bought new bedding and a new lampshade to funky the spare room up a bit, we've pulled up the old, rotten, oh my foot fell through it decking (which very nearly did for us I can tell you) and started to lay the new decking, I've planted some of the crops for this year and intend to attempt the rotation thing that I've never quite got the hang of before...and all this doesn't include the daily grind of keeping house and feeding ourselves incredibly yummy food and cakes, nom nom nom. So I guess you could say we've been kinda busy...

On top of this I'm busy promoting theatre groups, and myself in order to get a whole heap of work experience to boost up my CV and make me a job prospect goddess. After 3 months of zero pay I'm on the lookout for a job as I need me some pennies in order to keep up my expensive lotions and potions and shampoo habit. 

Sheesh. I've just read that back and am knackered - no wonder I never have any time to blog anymore! But I promise to do better. I found a really cool photography challenge on Pinterest that I'd like to give a try so I might do some of that. Maybe I'll get me groomed and in a poshy-posh outfit and post some look how fabulous I am photos. Then again I might just put my dressing gown on, embrace the bedhead, and have a lie down. See you soon...