Sunday, 30 January 2011

Revision versus non-revision

Last night was party night! "Posh frocks and cocktails" party night to be precise! Totally inspired by our obsession with Mad Men, Wavey and I decided it would be fabulous to have a cocktail party to celebrate our birthdays. So I organised it in a good old fashioned way, sent out invites, asked people to RSVP, it was like a proper party and everything. And people really did go to town. It was fabulous to see how much effort people made, getting all dolled up and glamourous. Let's face it, we're total girlies and we LOVED the excuse to get posh frocked up. Wavey and G even got the black tie out, very fancy!

Wavey was really excited by the whole thing as he was designated barman for the evening. Took it all very seriously, researching which cocktails we were going to make, providing lots of variety of colour and taste. This was our menu:

And of course if you take these things seriously it means you study and practice and revise and research what goes into each cocktail, what the measures are, how they should be mixed or shaken...if only I'd done the class too. It came to one point in the party when Wavey was busy doing the socialising thing and peeps wanted cocktails. I was in the kitchen so had no choice, and really how hard can it be to follow the instructions with regards measures etc...erm all would have been well if I'd been using the correct end for each measure. As it was, the Cosmo I was serving up had ooh about 6 shots wonder people were pulling that urgh face, then whispering, yep it's lovely...brave souls are those who forged ahead and finished them!

All in all a lovely evening was had, very civilised indeedy. I felt really fabulous in my frock and manicured nails. Even if I did manage to smudge one of them before I'd even left the salon. And even if I did have a huge ladder in my very fine tights by the end of the night. Tis all part of the fun! We've got enough booze left over for another party so maybe we shouldn't paint over our jazzy new menu board too soon...

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


I just got told off by my new Nintendo DS (heee I heart it muchly already and it's only 3 days old) as I didn't Brain Train yesterday...

On the same subject, it's not such a great idea to play against someone who did maths at university. All my daily records which I have been so impressed by were basically wiped out once Wavey got his hands on it...

Took a killer pilates class on Monday - yesterday no aches and pains. Today? I feel like I'm 95...ooooohhh my aching muscles...

We turned up with high anticipation for the "Jazz Funk" dance class only to be very disappointed when the instructor didn't turn up. Pah! I so wanted to find out what the funk version of jazz hands was going to be...

I got 40 birthday cards for turning 36 (eeek!) and heaps of brilliant presents. It was like Christmas on my desk, birthdays are ace!

Finally, T and I fought hard against a gang of street urchins and an alligator on a lead in order to get up some stairs, as you do...

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Off colour

So there we were in yoga. It's the last 20 minutes when we lay out in Savasana pose and do this extremely relaxing visualisation. Lynton is telling us in this quiet, soothing, relaxing voice how we have to visualise red, imagine strolling through a field full of poppies. I'm right here:

When all of a sudden my brain does this weird flip and I start thinking about dinner. And these:

That are so not red, they're brown! Off colour! Off colour! And you can't walk through a field of sausages!

And I chuckle to myself quietly and hope that the rest of the class can't actually see what it is that I'm seeing in my head.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Week 2 - a birthday do

This weekend saw the birthday of Wavey. I guess the normal thing for birthdays is that you go out and eat a lovely dinner paid for by the non-birthday person. However it's January, which means it's beans on toast week every day which also means no pennies to go out and buy dinner. So instead I set to cooking up a yummy dinner treat and baking up a yummy cake. First up we hit the Nigella cookbook to find something yummy: jerk chicken with coconutty rice seemed like just the thing. And Wavey had specifically requested a lemon birthday cake and what the birthday boy wants the birthday boy gets, so I baked up a yummy lemon victoria sponge. The candles are kind of a joke as Wavey is definitely not 27, but all week he's been telling me that's how old he is and the candles never lie...

People kept asking me what to buy for him but he's kind of a difficult guy to buy for. He doesn't really ask for much and we tend to buy things that we want as we go along, so a smidge tricky. And so it was that I found myself in Machine Mart asking where I might find a pair of saw horses and some electronic screwdriver bits. And let me tell you, wrapping up saw horses is tough! It took 2 rolls of paper and then as soon as I stood them up the paper ripped, pah! But we had a most lovely birthday day and the meal was yummy and there was heaps of laughter and hugs and love and what more can you ask for on your birthday!

In terms of the do, we've consumed some very fine films this weekend both at the cinema and on our sofa. First up was The Hurt Locker. We've had this forever and it's taken us ages to watch but it was a very fine film indeed. Made even finer with the joy of our huge tv! Tis truly amazing. There was one scene where I could see the hairs on an arm stand up, totally awesome! Next up was The Book of Eli. We're not even sure if we added this to our list as I don't think I'd ever read anything about it but it was again, another fine film. And visually stunning - yet again the magic tv was looked upon in awe. Our final cinematic experience took us to the actual cinema along with Fizz, and we saw The Kings Speech. There is a big amount of hype about this film and I'm always hesitant about whether they'll live up to the reputation, but this was really a thoroughly enjoyable film. Colin Firth is truly coming into himself as an actor, she says in chin-stroking pondering pose...

Just weirdly read the above paragraph and thought the most random thought: all the films we watched this weekend began with "The". Not much else to say to that really. There you go :D

I also started reading a Hemingway novel called The Garden of Eden (more The!) This novel was unfinished when he died and wasn't published until 25 years after his death. Oh and is about a threesome. So far it's quite, erm, strange, but I'm curious to see how an unfinished novel will end.

Finally, I've decided that next time I have to do a presentation I am so going to start it off in the interview room by jumping up and down and shouting titfuckbuggerybollocks - well if it works for the King...

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Week 1 - a busy do

We weren't lying when I said it was going to be all about the do. We're only 9 days in to January and already in this week I've booked two lots of gig tickets (KT Tunstall and an acoustic set by The Charlatans) with potential for a third if Tizz can have the jolly hollys (The Feeling).

I've finished 31 Songs and begun another book with possibly the best title ever: The Affair of the Bloodstained Egg Cosy by James Anderson - a proper old fashioned who-dunnit which I am enjoying immensely.

After a hideously hellish week at work, Wavey and I went out for an impromptu dinner on Friday night of most yummy mexican and even yummier cocktails. Date nights are cool but impromptu date nights are even more fabby. Then we went on yet another date night last night and saw The Kids are Alright which was a very funny, clever and touching film starring Julianne Moore, Annette Benning and Mark Ruffalo. Two dates in one weekend - happy times.

The weather has been kind to us this weekend and we've had no snow (yippee!) a few bits of rain which turned the roads to skating rinks (eek!) but we've been able to get out in the garden. It was totally freezing so I had about 7 layers of clothing on but hey, let's face it, gardening ain't about the fashion! The resulting hard work means we've finished glazing the greenhouse which is now fully ready to grow yummy tasty things in it:

And we finally got a chance to put our shed up as well. I've had to include Wavey in both of these photos as he's such a happy guy now he's got these two things done!

Oh and I also found the most perfect dress for our fancy cocktail party that we're having later this month to celebrate both of our birthdays.

And we finished watching Mad Men series 3 - AWESOME! Can't wait for the 21st March when season 4 is released!

I think it's safe to say we've had rather a productive week! Don't know if they'll all be as good as that but it feels good to have made such a solid start to my year of the do.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Can you keep it down, dear

This coldy-cold winter is turning us all into auld bids! After attacking the big ice and snow on the path over the Christmas holidays, I've done something to the general rib area which means I'm in pain! Like rubbish dull aching pain that just sits uncomfortably with you all day long. Bring on the ibuprofen diet! To go along with my aching ribs, my skin is taking a real battering so I've got ugly red patches all over my body, as well as red knuckles from the cold and dry patches in between each finger on both hands. I'm attempting to drink gallons of water each day to detox my body of all the alcohol and sugar consumption from the holidays so pretty much spend most of the day peeing. And my hair has gone barmy in its current growth spurt, although this is more to do with having crazy big hair than it is to do with being an auld bid.

So reeling off my list of complaints this morning, T joined in with her share of the aches and pains. And then another colleague. And then another until we found ourselves in some round robin of oooh this aches and ooooh isn't this cold awful...I tell you people, OLD BIDDIES! This is not good. None of us are really old. In fact we're all under 40. What's life going to be like when we're 80 if we're like this now? Sheesh!

This first week back at work is killing us all. I think if we were in much more positive frames of mind then we wouldn't be so bothered with our aches and pains. But we're tired and we're grumpy cos we had 11 days off where we got up late, didn't do very much at all, and stayed inside our warm houses. And now the alarm goes off at 6.30. We're having horrible bonkers days at work as deadlines mount up around our ears. And it's freezing at work and we're not wearing enough clothes cos we're still in holiday mode! I mean I could go on but you might all lose the will to live!

What we need is the weekend...what was that you say? One more day. Oh my, one more blessed day to get through before we can sleep late. And not have to do work. And stay inside our warm toasty houses. Ahhhhhh, roll on 5pm tomorrow as I will be banishing all my aches and pains and auld biddie-ness and will do a jig of joy to my beautiful home. Sing it with me folks, here comes the weekend joy joy!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Tales of the 36 continued

Aleesha Aleesha don't talk to me like that...

...cos I'm on the bus and people might hear you...

...Aleesha Aleesha no yes I've had a few beers...

...I don't want to talk about this on the bus Aleesha no Aleesha...

...Debbie...I mean Aleesha...

Totally cracked me up! This was from the guy who came and sat next to me, or should I say fell into the seat in a drunken stupor. A few beers does not even begin to describe his state. However, methinks that when he gets home DebbieIMeanAleesha might have a few more things to say that he won't want anyone to hear.

On a totally different note, I do love to read on my journey home on the number 36 bus. The current read is 31 Songs by Nick Hornby. In this book he has basically chosen 31 songs that he wants to write about, not in a critical way but talking about why he loves these songs so much, what they say to him. So far it's been funny and heartfelt, often moving, but this one bit really touched me and so I'm going to share it with you, because well, it pretty much sums up how I feel about music too:

...why I love the relationship that anyone has with music: because there's something in us that is beyond the reach of words, something that eludes and defies our best attempts to spit it out. It's the best part of us, probably, the richest and strangest part...

And there this evening's tales from the 36 end. Stay tuned for more...

Monday, 3 January 2011

The year of the do

Happy new year lovelies! I truly hope you all had the merriest of merries and the happiest of the happies, cos I know I did! I cannot believe it all has to end tomorrow and I have to go back to work. Nooooooooo! Suckiest of the suck or what?

2011. Wowsers. What's it going to bring? I do know that it's going to bring a trip to France in June (OM-freaking G am I excited!) and that it will no doubt bring many many other things. Wavey and I have decided it must bring adventure. In many shapes and forms. And it must also bring on the do. As in I'm going to do lots of things. I'm going to go and see all the films that I want to see instead of opting to stay in where it's warm. I'm going to go and do art exhibitions and museums and all sorts of other cultural goodie delights that will thrill me no end. Just you know, doing stuff! And who knows, maybe it will even involve meeting people...people from faraway lands...nudge nudge wink wink you know who I'm talking about LG...

So today on the 3rd day of the year, Fizz and I celebrated the end of the holidays by going to the cinema and seeing a totally girlie film, Love and Other Drugs. We may have actually physically drooled over Jake Gyllenhaal and what would be wrong with that I ask you? We may have had hair envy over Anne Hathaway's shiny curly locks, which I hasten to add cannot possibly be real curls as real curly hair just doesn't shine like that, unless it's wearing a whole bottle of anti-freeze (as Wavey has named the anti-frizz serum). We may even (okay okay I may even...) have shed a wee tear at the end at such a lovely happy ending. Oops gave it away there! But you know what, we did the do. We decided we wanted to go and we motivated our asses to get us there, despite having to battle for a parking space.

Thus a good start to the year of the do. I hope 2011 brings everyone whatever/whoever/wherever everyone most wants - happy new year y'all! :O)