Monday, 3 January 2011

The year of the do

Happy new year lovelies! I truly hope you all had the merriest of merries and the happiest of the happies, cos I know I did! I cannot believe it all has to end tomorrow and I have to go back to work. Nooooooooo! Suckiest of the suck or what?

2011. Wowsers. What's it going to bring? I do know that it's going to bring a trip to France in June (OM-freaking G am I excited!) and that it will no doubt bring many many other things. Wavey and I have decided it must bring adventure. In many shapes and forms. And it must also bring on the do. As in I'm going to do lots of things. I'm going to go and see all the films that I want to see instead of opting to stay in where it's warm. I'm going to go and do art exhibitions and museums and all sorts of other cultural goodie delights that will thrill me no end. Just you know, doing stuff! And who knows, maybe it will even involve meeting people...people from faraway lands...nudge nudge wink wink you know who I'm talking about LG...

So today on the 3rd day of the year, Fizz and I celebrated the end of the holidays by going to the cinema and seeing a totally girlie film, Love and Other Drugs. We may have actually physically drooled over Jake Gyllenhaal and what would be wrong with that I ask you? We may have had hair envy over Anne Hathaway's shiny curly locks, which I hasten to add cannot possibly be real curls as real curly hair just doesn't shine like that, unless it's wearing a whole bottle of anti-freeze (as Wavey has named the anti-frizz serum). We may even (okay okay I may even...) have shed a wee tear at the end at such a lovely happy ending. Oops gave it away there! But you know what, we did the do. We decided we wanted to go and we motivated our asses to get us there, despite having to battle for a parking space.

Thus a good start to the year of the do. I hope 2011 brings everyone whatever/whoever/wherever everyone most wants - happy new year y'all! :O)

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The Maiden Metallurgist said...

I like the year of the do. Good theme!