Thursday, 2 December 2010

Upstairs downstairs

I have a job interview on 14th December. For one of the proper jobs at work, an actual professional librarian post. As well as enduring the hell that is an interview, I also have to do a 10 minute presentation. To a panel of people. Yikey crikey crapola and a bit of EEEEK for good measure. I've never done a presentation. Actually that's not strictly true, I had to write one for my library school course but as I did it via distance learning I never actually had to stand up and do the talking thing. It's fair to say, that if I think about it for any longer than ooh about 10 seconds, I begin to completely and utterly crap myself!

I'm pretty pleased as I've actually made a start on it, prepared slides and everything. And I kind of know what I'm going to talk about but I need to get it finished and up and running so that I can stand in front of all my nearest and dearest and practice and practice until it becomes like some kind of second skin; this way when I'm in the interview I figure it'll all be plain sailing....HA! I actually kidded myself for a nanosecond there that would be true. I will be soooo nervous, truly madly deeply nervous. Just typing it there makes me get butterflies in my tummy, YIKES! CRIPES! *runs away to hide in the corner and rock back and forth like loony person*

And I have to do interview preparation as well, this is the big time! There's a really big part of me that is very excited at the thought of it. I'm thoroughly bored in my current role and would love the challenge and exciting new times. But there's also a teeny part of me that doesn't really want it. Cos it's like an actual proper job. Not just playing at being a librarian, but an actual real librarian, who would have to stand up in front of groups of people and deliver sessions on information skills and answer real research questions. Again with the cripes, yikes etc.

But that's not the only reason for the uncertainty. I'm a downstairs bod. And without being too braggy, frankly all the cool people live downstairs. This job would mean moving to be upstairs with the "upstairs" people, who have offices and don't freeze their asses off all winter like what we do. And I maybe shouldn't say this but they're not really cool...of course it's safe to say that if I did get this job they would deffo have one cool person in their team!

I'm not entirely sure what sort of chance I stand. I know I stand as good a chance as anybody, and I have got a lot of experience but often nerves can get the better of you in such situations. But you know what, I'm looking on the positive side, if I don't get it at least I can stay downstairs with my coolio peeps! Gotta find the sunny side, every time.

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Librarian Girl said...

GOOD LUCK! You can do it!!

As for going to sit with the not-so-cool people, I think of it this way- you are blazing a trail for cool people! You jump in first and then other cool people will follow you and then you'll once again be surrounded by cool people! Be a cool people pioneer!