Tuesday, 18 May 2010


"I'm afraid there is no money...good luck!"

Ha! Hahahahahahaaahaa! Love it!

Sunday, 16 May 2010


It is so typical. If there was one thing that was going to defeat us and cause total and utter frustration, it would be flat packed furniture. Hi ho hi ho it was off to Ikea we go to get a small table and 2 chairs for the kitchen. Herman look like good chairs says I, let's give them a go...

...or let's chuck them across the kitchen floor in total and utter annoyance cos THEY WILL NOT FIT TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!! Arrrrrggggghhhhhhhhh! Truly they don't. We followed the instructions. Which weren't very clear I hasten to add. One tube was clearly bigger than the other yet in the diagram both were exactly the same size. And the screws only want to go in one direction which doesn't match the direction that the tubular section wishes to go. Seriously I could rant for hours. But I won't. I'll take a deep breath. Enter the calm zone. And will instead type some very exciting news.

I have just this very minute clicked the button that has submitted an enquiry form to the very first rental agency. Dum de dum dum duuuuum! I shall await their call with baited breath. You never know, by this time tomorrow I might just have an appointment and then an idea of how much I can let my house for. Yikes!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

For sale, one immune system, could be bottled and sold on

I have the lergy. Like seriously. The most evil cold I've had in a long long time. It started off with a bit of a sore throat. By Monday I'd pretty much lost my voice and had a horrible cough starting. By Tuesday the voice was even worse and the cough wasn't much better. On Wednesday I was reduced to a squeak or two and maybe shouldn't have gone to work but I had dinner plans with D and was unwilling to miss it frankly. By Thursday I admitted defeat. It's Saturday now and I'm still coughing and sneezing and so snotty it defies belief, it's hideous! When is it going to go away!!

There's obviously been concern that Wavey might pick it up, it's truly awful and I don't want to pass it on, but when you're living under the same roof it's nigh on impossible not to share such delights. Well, except for one vital thing, Wavey's immune system is like super human or something. Seriously, it's bonkers. If he's ever ill it usually lasts for about 2 hours, 3 hours if it's really serious and then it's gone.

Today we went to the coffee shop for a quick afternoon snack after our busy day, and he started to sniffle...and complained of a scratchy throat...oh oh thinks I, it's here. Well it was. And it lasted the 20 minutes it took us to eat our sarnie and drink our coffee!! It's not fair! I've had this blummin' thing for a week and he gets it for like a matter of minutes! Bah! By the time we got home, all gone. It's miraculous!

I don't know how we would do it, the procedure for the extraction could prove tricky, but I reckon if we could find a way we'd be millionaires! Imagine if you could buy something that would mean you were only ever ill for 20 minutes. It's a seller for sure.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A new Jerusalem

These are the very words that Jon Snow has just used to describe the political situation as of minutes ago when Gordon Brown resigned as PM, and headed to the Palace to ask the Queen to invite David Cameron to form a government.

The last few days have seemed endless. Waking up on Friday to find that we had a hung Parliament. The nail biting live feed that I had up at work all day, watching with a sinking feeling as the blues forged forward and the reds lagged behind. Then days of nothing. Back and forth, back and forth. Would it be Conservative-Liberal, would it be Lib-Lab? Well I got my answer minutes ago.

It was actually a bit spine-tingling to be just happily watching the news to see the daily back and forth, then for them to suddenly cut off what they were saying, head to the lectern outside no. 10 and watch live as Gordon Brown made his farewell speech. Watching history happen essentially. It was a very moving speech. I've never been a great fan of the man, right from the get-go, but it was a very worthy farewell. I even welled up a bit when he brought out his two little boys who are just such cuties and he looked so proud. I've already stolen Jon Snow's words for the title of the post, so now I'll steal Cat's word, dignified. Sums it up rather well I reckon.

What now I wonder? David Cameron as Prime Minister, a Conservative-Liberal coalition, what is going to happen to old Blighty now?

I have to go back to the news now. I'm completely hooked, last time I was this gripped by the news was during the Gulf War. But it's kind of awesome, to be around and watch history unfurl itself. Laters

Monday, 10 May 2010

You live and learn

Turns out that Sherbert Yellow nail varnish is not at all the funky that I imagined. In fact, it looks like old men's manky toenails. Or aliens like on Dr Who, as Wavey kindly pointed out this morning. Where's that nail varnish remover...??

Sunday, 9 May 2010


Okay so quick catch up for those of you lagging behind. Christmas Eve, Dizz moved into Wavey's house, with the plan of doing mine up all pretty like and renting it out to some lovely professional person or couple who will take care of it lovingly...since then, in the (ahem) 5 months it's taken us to get it sorted, it's been a hard slog. But it's been worth all the effort. Now the end is actually upon me. It feels kind of odd.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to go back there. I LOVE living with Wavey, it's soooo much fun and very lovely, but it's actually real now. I will make appointments with rental agencies, they will come round and evaluate the (now very beige and neutral coloured) house, they will say that yes, of course they can rent it and we can make you lots of money while we're at it Miss Dizz, and then someone will move in. I'm not sure what I thought I would feel, probably a combination of relief and excitement and happy about someone else paying my mortgage...but in actual fact I feel odd.

I think today a lot of it was about feeling a bit like a spare part. I cleaned all the kitchen cupboards inside and out and Wavey was doing other bits and pieces, and then I was done. And I consulted the big list and there was lots of crossings out and not many things left, and what was left I didn't have the right equipment for, like a yard broom for example. So I wandered around. And looked around. And actually came to realise the real as it were.

And now I just feel...odd. I felt much better after a big hug from Wavey. And actually writing it down now makes me feel a bit silly to be honest. What a doofus. It's hard to describe really but I'll give it a try. Because we've been doing it up for the past few months, in my head it's been another job almost (there was a lot to do) that just had to be gotten on with and I didn't really think about how I would feel at the end of it. Slog slog slog, hi ho hi ho it's off to work we go type thing. Then today, wandering around, it was a bit like saying one word and then finding the positive opposite. So I was sad, but then incredibly proud because we've done a bloody good job and it looks amazing. Then I was a bit apprehensive, what if someone trashes it - I'll be heartbroken, then I remembered that I'm going to be doing it via agencies, and I'm going to put strict tenant demands out there cos I don't want just any old dick in there who will think nothing of trashing someone else's property and therefore felt reassured.

So at the end of this rather reflective post, I shall sum up by saying that I think what really happened today was the final goodbye to my very first house. I have so many happy memories of my years in there, so many good times with my most favourite people, but they'll come with me no matter where I live. I'd choose to blame this thick feeling in my throat on my brewing cold, but being entirely honest, the mixed emotions are probably more to blame. What a doofus eh...?

Saturday, 8 May 2010

If you ever get a chance...

...you should definitely check these guys out. Very very funny. Like your face hurts at the end of the night funny. Where's Wally will never be seen in the same light again. A fine night indeedy. Thanks be to Cat for the recommendation.

Monday, 3 May 2010


One of the plans for the big garden was to move the greenhouse as it's currently residing under shade of a very large tree. Wavey decided yesterday was the day to start. He removed one pane of glass, started on the second and happened to glance down...good job he did too as a bird has decided to build a nest in there! Yesterday there were 2 eggs and we were really worried that we'd disturbed the nest, but we've just been down there showing off our garden to visiting parents, and another egg has been laid! So exciting! Baby birds!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Blame it on the boogie

One of my most favouritest things to do is go out and have a great boogie. Last night we were at a wedding evening do that had an 80s disco and oh it was good! Tizz was there too and we danced our little socks off. But who knew that Wavey was a closet boogie fan too...

Look at him go! Loving it! And I love that the photo captures someone pointing at his face too, heee! Good times, happy days.