Monday, 29 November 2010

Wet of foot

Shoe issues are nothing new to me. In fact, this past year I've chucked out so many pairs of shoes I've lost count. And what's been worse is that I haven't found any to replace them so my number has diminished considerably. This was all perfectly okay until the snow decided to fall in such a BIG way. The beloved purple suede boots are completely shot and really shouldn't be worn at all, much less in snow. The Oliver Twist style ones started leaking last year. My black bikers had to be re-soled and my cobbler man really wasn't confident that they'd be a walking boots are fine when the snow is a certain height but today it would have been falling into them. Which left my wellies. Perfect thought I...until I came home today and there was leakage. Major leakage. Soggy of foot I trudged round town looking for a new pair. Except the shops have all sold out as it's snowed so hard. Bloomin' 'eck! What am I to do? Am I really reduced to having to put bin liners in boots like I had to at the festival last year? Noooooo!

Trust me I've looked for boots. I've looked for boots everywhere. And none that I like are to be found. I am in serious shoe crisis here people!! I've just checked the window and the sky has suddenly got very dark again. Methinks another snow blizzard is on its way. Which means even deeper snow tomorrow. Yikes! I shall simply have to brave my walking boots and let the snow fall down my socks.

On the plus side however, they closed us down at 1pm today so we got to come home early, yay! It was great, I decided that the bus station would be full of people trying to escape so I did a bit more Christmas shopping in the town first, picked up yet another funky pair of tights and one of those ear band things that I'm loving right now. Saw the most wicked hat for my niece that is bright pink and full of sequins, she's gonna love it! Couldn't not buy anything for her bruv so bought him a rather funky peaked stripy affair that he will rock too. All in all, not too bad a shopping trip. And I've just done a bit more online shopping so that my presents shall be both interesting and lovingly handmade by peeps who put their heart and soul into such things. Yet more yay!

Best go and stock up on some binliners too I suppose as I'm sure to need them in my footwear if this snow keeps up...oh goddess of footwear, please let me find some new boots and quick sharpish!

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