Friday, 29 April 2011

Ghost town/Royal Wedding part 2

11am this morning I walked into my village on my way to the hairdressers. The exact same time as the beginning of the Royal Wedding. And just as yesterday there was no-one around at all! And I felt...really quite unpatriotic that I dared to walk through the village when everyone else was glued to their television - dead woman walking!! Beforehand I hadn't really thought I would be that bothered by the whole ceremony etc but I walked into the hairdressers to this fabulous party atmosphere! There was Bucks Fizz, each of the hairdressers had got tarted up in pretty dresses and corsages and we all sat down and enjoyed the new princess walking down the aisle. I'm sure you can imagine the camaraderie, people ooh-ing and ahhh-ing over how pretty she looked, how nice the dress was, how good her hair looked (of course!) and I have to admit that I welled up a little bit and had a lump in my throat! Who knew?! Not me at all.

I'm at home now and I've put the television on straightaway to watch the infamous balcony moment. Glued like many other millions of people to the strange group of people winding their way down The Mall with the row of policemen in front. It's a bit like when I was watching the tv and Gordon Brown resigned and made his way to the palace, just like then I felt like I was a part of history and I've got that same feeling now! Weird, and totally unexpected.

I'll only say one more thing, she truly did look beautiful. Graceful, poised, elegant, a very simple dress, not flashy not trashy, just stunning. And so calm! Drugs maybe? Hit of valium before you get in the big glass car to make sure you stay calm...

Anyway there's flags waving a-plenty and I have to get back to my tv watching. Happy holidays chaps x

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