Sunday, 24 April 2011

6 weeks....

...actually wasn't that bad. At the beginning, when we came up with the crazy idea that we'd give up cake and biscuits and chocolate for Lent (not for religious reasons, purely for being fat knacker reasons) I thought I would never make it through. But we have, and we did. Yesterday we cracked open some cake, so looking forward to it, and you know what? It really wasn't all that. After 6 weeks where we really weren't that bothered and discovered that the biscuit we would have after our dinner was habit more than need, neither of us were particularly that bothered to find we can eat it again.

I'm pretty chuffed about this. I used to fear I was addicted to cake, and it certainly doesn't help with the chunk. But after 6 weeks I'm feeling better, I'm looking slightly trimmer and with more exercise this will only improve. And we've got biscuits in the house, we've got cakes, and we've got lots of lovely Easter chocolate treats and we chose to have an apple (Wavey) and a banana (me). You think we've ruined ourselves for life? Or was it just that the cake really wasn't that great? Will we ever know? I guess we wait, and if we suddenly get yearnings for cake and treats then we'll have them, but I don't think either of us will be rushing to enjoy them in quite the same way we used to. How about that. I never would have predicted that we'd react like that.

In other news, the non-beige kitchen is looking absolutely marvellous. And the BBQ is lit ready for the pork, ginger and spring onion sausages from the special butcher man. The sun is still shining and we've still got one more day off from work. Happy Easter to you all my lovelies x

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