Sunday, 1 May 2011

Pimp my plants/green of thumb

Safe to say the greenhouse has been a resounding success! Everything that I've put in there has gone completely bonkers and is now huge. The whole thing is just full of green sprouting things! And speaking of which, it's not a plant but here is my latest purchase - a wind up/solar powered radio. It's awesome! I started off listening to a bit of Terry Wogan but wasn't sure if the plants would like the easy listening smoooooooth that he was playing, so I switched to Sara Cox for some funkay choons. What with that and my deckchair I'm all ready to move in there.


Russian Giant sunflowers. Just a small selection of the 7 that have taken...

And the sweetcorn farm. Perhaps planting all 50 of the seeds wasn't such a great idea...

And still the sun shines down on us. Yipppeee-dooo-dah!

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