Thursday, 7 April 2011


Last night all three of us were together for an evening of scrummy food, gossip and laughs. It doesn't happen often, in fact we think this was the first time we'd all had dinner together, so it was a very special event.

Because we don't get to see Tizz very often there's always a lot to catch up on. I don't think we stopped talking the whole evening. All right, there might have been a short lull when we each took our first bite of crispy duck pancake, but other than that we nattered non-stop. The couple at the next table were clearly much more interested in our conversation than anything they had to say to each other - they weren't even very subtle about it. They eavesdropped rather brazenly actually.

And who can blame them? When the topic of conversation is ping-ponging between the goings on in library-land, my attempts at baking (resulting in deadly chinese fighting scones) and the mental mix of gore and bureaucracy in the land of Tizz.

Thanks ladies, I had a lovely evening. Just wish we could do it more often. But then I suppose it wouldn't be so special...

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