Friday, 22 April 2011

Thieving grotbags

One week ago we bought some lovely solar lights to put in the front garden so that people don't fall down the rather large step and break their necks. It only took one week for the grotty scroats to realise that we had said solar lights and decide that they should have them instead of us. One week for something as simple as 3 solar lights to get nicked. Rotten 'orrible lot. This makes me sad that we clearly can't put things in our front garden as we don't have a gate (yet!) and so people think it's some part of the general footpath. We came home one evening to find a man allowing his dog to crap in our garden. Horrible disrespectful folk. What we need is a gate. A very big one. And maybe an even bigger dog to go with the big gate to scare the horrible people away. And maybe some kind of alarm that shrieks everytime someone lets their dog wee on the wall as well. Or maybe I should just get a laser gun and shoot the 'orrible gits with massive volts of electricity. Or maybe I'll just blog about it instead cos I don't know if they have internet in jail...

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