Thursday, 28 April 2011

Ghost town

I had one of those moments this morning on the way to work, when you suddenly become very aware of your surroundings. And what I realised was that there was no-one around. Like absolutely no-one. There were no other people in the street (and bear in mind this is one of the busiest roads in the town), no cars, no buses. Just me and my ipod. How freakin' weird! I think I actually started to walk a wee bit faster as I have to say, it was creepy.

And work was just the same. The campus was deserted, there were hardly any cars in the car park, and not many foot passengers around either. Then a lightbulb went off - ting! It's the bank holiday bonanza where we had one on Monday and we've got another one tomorrow (thanks Royal Family, you can have a wedding any old time and give me an extra day off - woooooo!) so a lot of people have taken advantage of this only having to give 3 days of your annual leave up malarkey. I would probably have done the exact same thing but my journals colleague had already nabbed the holiday and *yawn* we can't both be off at the same time, yada yada yada...ghost town!

Speaking quickly of the Royal nuptials, there are so many awful and cheesy displays of British-ness around, it just makes me cringe. But my very favourite display is in a charity shop where they've hung a teatowel of the happy couple, which has kinda drooped with the warm weather so one corner of William's face is sagging, and then they've got bunting going in every direction possible and the most AWFUL outfits on display. If anyone turned up to my wedding in one of those outfits I'd immediately banish them out of wherever it would be for having such a crap outfit!

Back to the wedding though, there's people having street parties and there's bunting flying in so many streets. In some ways I think this sense of community should be applauded as it sadly doesn't exist anywhere near as much as it did when I was a kid. But it's also a wee bit sad, and there's a part of me that's wondering about all this nostalgia. I reckon because things are not looking so great at the moment and people are struggling, there's a real sense of wanting to go back in time, to when things were easier, cheaper...better?? Maybe the buying of those 2 million hotdog sausages or however much I read the other day will help boost the economy? Or maybe the sales from the saggy teatowels will be enough to raise it more than half a percent? Who can really know. To be honest, I'm just utterly thrilled that we've got an extra day's holiday for free, yippeee!

Happy 4 day weekend, Happy Royal Wedding weekend. Whatever you may be doing, do it in style. Farewell lovelies...

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