Monday, 25 April 2011

Can't beat a bit of daydreaming

It's the last of our 4 day Bank Holiday weekend extravaganza and I was in the middle of finishing an application form but have been scuppered by technology, in that they didn't put the person spec into a conversion file and I only have MS Office 2003 so it won't open. I've emailed them and asked if I can send the application form via email rather than post so just have to wait and see what they say. So instead of doing that I'm sat in the study gazing out of the window at the cars passing by and thinking about what kind of car I would have if I could afford one.

This first one is the kind of car I've always wanted. I know it's totally weird and it looks like an upside down pram, but it's quirky and fun and just the kind of vehicle I could really see myself driving round in:

Well, it would be if I couldn't stop thinking about having one of these:

I know, I know, you couldn't get two much more different cars but just think how useful a pick up truck would be! Dragging stuff to the tip would be so much easier, we could transport some stinky manure for the garden without making the car honk of animal crap, going camping and to festivals would never be an issue cos you could pack loads in the back, hell you could probably even sleep in the back!

So even though buying a car is not even on the cards, I say a bit of harmless daydreaming is just perfect for a lazy Monday afternoon. I'm already thinking that we only have to work 3 days, just 3 teeny tiny days this week before we get another 4 days off! I'm not really a fan of the Royals, but hey, if they wanna get married and give us an extra day holiday, well I ain't arguing with that!

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