Tuesday, 26 April 2011


...are like totally ace! Why didn't anyone tell me about them before? Until today I was a podcast virgin and now I'm a podcast convert. My bus journey to work today was in the company of Adam and Joe from 6 Music doing their thang which basically had me in near hysterics. Have you ever tried not to snort on public transport? It's near impossible! Everyone join in my podcast love!

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Huw said...

Podcasts are what kept me sane while I was doing the commute from Hell.

Adam & Joe you clearly already know about. Friday Night Comedy from Radio 4 is pretty good if you want a bit of a topical bent. Answer Me This is another good one, too.

Finally, Phill and Phil's Perfect Ten. It's Phill Jupitus and his producer from when he was on 6 Music, answering ten questions about a diverse range of topics; very funny, bit of a shame they don't manage to do more though. But hey... it's free, and iTunes should have a bit of their back catalogue.