Thursday, 31 March 2011

Poorly sick apple

My laptop has to go away to magic laptop fixing land again. This time my itunes has gone completely weird, first of all it disappeared. It would certainly be fair to say that there was a meltdown at that point, I'd like to say it was minor but actually it was full on major, pouting and sulking and almost in tears properly upset as someone has STOLEN MY ITUNES! Then through some clever little librarian type research I found a possible fix which I attempted, and it kind of worked but then I tried to go to the store to spend my birthday voucher and the whole thing just closed down. Literally. It pretty much felt like the itunes store had just given me the two finger salute and said eff you at the same time. There were no tears, no pouting, no tantrum, just a big resigned sigh. I left it for a couple of days in case it was like its time of the month or something, but I've just tried it again tonight and it's done exactly the same thing. Right-o then, fine, I get the message, you want to go back to T&G's house.

And so that's where my laptop is going. For the whole weekend! Eeep! I won't be able to blog, unless Wavey kindly lets me borrow his brand new shiny work laptop with its big handbag carry thing, but to be honest as I've written the words Wavey and handbag together in the same sentence he probably won't let me borrow anything ever again, even if I ask really really nicely...

I am hoping that it will come back all magically fixed like it did last time. I'm very confident that G will be able to fix it all up as he is clearly brilliant. I'd go on about it more but I've already secured the fixing so I don't have to do any more butt kissing :O)

In other news, our greenhouse is poorly sick too. Galeforce winds of 77mph blew an entire blimmin' pane right out the back! A-fearing for my fledgling seedlings I insisted that we bring each and every seed tray inside and they're now all cosy in the utility room. There's 24 baby sweetcorn plants popping up that may well feed us and an army of 5000 this summer, they cannot be put at risk at this early stage!

There is good news on the horizon though. My most lovely Tizz is returning to the homeland next week and I absolutely can't wait to see her, I already feel the squealy hugs that we'll exchange at first sight of each other, yipppeeeee *jig of happiest joy*

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