Wednesday, 25 January 2012

(S)not a whole lot going on

I have discovered two things: 
1. London town is a big carrier of germs
2. 3 year olds and 4 month olds are also big carriers of germs

As a direct result of both 1 and 2 I have a killer cold. And it's rubbish. I'm all on my lonesome as Wavey is of course, travelling. And! It was my birthday yesterday so on the day I should have been celebrating and eating cake, I was curled up under a duvet sneezing, sniffling, taking drugs every 4 hours, and drinking as much fluid as my body can contain. Rock and chuffin' roll. Nice things did happen - my ma came round with chicken soup (good for the soul or so the book says) and red tulips and she cooked me birthday tea with apple crumble and custard for pud, not too shabby. My friend D turned up unexpectedly and we had a right old laugh and natter. And then Fizz came round with my lovely presents, can't wait to make some SUPERMASH! All in all the day could have been much worse. It could have so been much better too but I don't want to appear ungrateful. 

Throughout my sofa and duvet time I've watched some serious amounts of tv, some good, some bad, some just nyeh. I gotta say that starting your day with a bit of Frasier is actually a kinda good way to start the day. As is watching some of The Food Hospital and feeling inspired to eat fruit and veg and colour colour colour and drink copious amounts of water. A bit of trash with Unforgettable, some baking tips from baldy Heston and the Fabulous Baker Brothers. New Girl for some kookie and hair admiration with Zooey Deschenal. Oh and throw in AdventureLand for some film joy too. I fear I may have square eyes...

To counteract that I did a bit of reading. Finished off Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood, one of my most favourite authors and I'm just about to start in on the Tesco magazine for some food and lifestyle tips. My Gardeners World mag is tempting me for tips on what I should be doing in the garden right now, and I got 3 new books for my birthday (good haul!). 

I'm hoping to go back to work tomorrow, as long as everyone can put up with my ACHOOs and general sniffling. Otherwise I fear not only square eyes but total insanity from being stuck to sofa. I'm so not a patient patient, which is pretty funny as in all other areas of life I'm totally chilled. Forced sofa time makes me grumpy! Humph to colds, humph humph humph! 

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Anonymous said...

aw we missed you on your birthday - but there's a desk full of delights awaiting your return!!!

Happy birthday for Tuesday - see you Monday xxx