Saturday, 14 January 2012

Food food glorious food!

I like to set little challenges for myself - keeps life interesting. This year I decided that every single weekend I was going to try something brand new to cook out of my many cook books. It started last weekend and I made this rice dish out of a veggie cookbook which was really nice, but I kind of ate it really quick as we were going out and didn't have time to digest, and by the time we go to Fizz's house I thought I was actually going to hurl every single grain of rice back up. Turns out I didn't which I was grateful for as I really hate hurling for one and secondly that would have been such a waste of good basmati. 

And so tonight we have something totally new. Not out of a cookbook but from the far flung land of Scoooootland. Fizz brought us a Haggis back and so that's what we're having for tea tonight. Haggis, neeps and tatties. I have no idea what to expect from it at all. I've read the ingredients and there's some mention of offal...but also oatmeal (must be good for you then) and it's wrapped in some weird skin that is clipped at the sides. Never let it be said that we are unadventurous in our food. 

Over the next year there could be all manner of foodie treats. You never know I may even post some photos and recipes on the blog to keep you all entertained, and general drooling over the yumness of food will surely happen. But for the moment I'm holding onto the drool (ugh gross) over the Haggis...stay posted for the verdict!

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