Saturday, 7 January 2012

Old school shopping

Wavey and I went mattress shopping this morning. We hadn't realised quite how totally and utterly knackered our current one is until we went in a shop and started lying down on shiny new ones. No wonder we always roll into that hole in the middle of the bed when we get in! 

Anyhoo, there we are wandering around this shop, looking at details like memory foam, open coil, pocket sprung, when this old guy in a red v-neck jumper arrives to help us. And right at that point it was like I didn't exist anymore. All comments were addressed to "Sir", all information about each mattress were made to Sir, and any question that I asked, the answer was directed to Sir. Erm hello Mr Shop Sir but do you not realise that this is the 21st Century?! Both parties can be addressed in the shopping! 

What this guy clearly didn't realise was that the more he addressed Wavey and simpered Sir at him, the more put off I was by this shop. And even though there was one mattress in there that we're hoping to buy, there was no effing way it was going to happen in that shop. How can people like that still exist? A mattress is a big purchase, if someone is spending hundreds of pounds on something then make sure you talk to both parties. It's an equal world in our partnership!

I started to think then about other shopping experiences when we've bought big stuff and I think it's the other way round, the sales guy talks to the laydeez! To be honest we haven't really bought anything that huge in an actual shop as we are very 21st century and look around online to get the best deals, as we will be doing for the dream mattress. 

Old school Saturday shopping. I wish that guy luck as I wonder quite how many laydeez take the same stance as me. Maybe not that many? Maybe I'm the weird one here? Maybe...but I doubt it somehow. I open it to the floor, comment freely.  

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